December Cover Story - CEO as the Chief Talent Officer


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Never before have the lines between people and business blurred as much for a CEO as it did this year, reveals the third People Matters and ‘CEO as Chief Talent Officer Survey 2013’

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December Cover Story - CEO as the Chief Talent Officer

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  3. 3. It is no secret that companies have reduced hiring. While companies have been trying cost rationalization for a few years now, CEOs never faced so much pressure to rationalize costs as they did this year. Thus, there is an added pressure on the people residing within organizations to do more with less. While this survey has shown across the three years that people continue to remain the central focus of the agenda, never before were concepts of motivation and discretionary effort as important for a CEO as they are now. Click for full story
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  6. 6. The need of the hour for any business leader in this age and economic conditions is the element of leadership. There is no agenda as big as the agenda of finding, developing, and deploying the right leaders for a CEO or any business leader. Organizations need great leaders who have the vision and the direction to lead change and strategy. Click for full story
  7. 7. Talent has to be the single most important agenda for a CEO in these times when every business opportunity is linked to talent. If an organization does not have the right talent, it cannot possibly hope to achieve any of its business objectives, especially at a time when there is a heavy reliance on people. Talent is the absolute foundation of any business function, whether it is sales and marketing, or operations. Click for full story
  8. 8. For an organization like ours, having a high degree of customer-orientation is extremely essential. The reason for such a high emphasis on customer orientation is the diversity of our customer base. We have three sets of customers who are diverse in shape and character — corporate and highnet worth clients, medium net-worth individuals, and individuals from the lower economic strata of the society. With such a diverse set of customers, having the right talent becomes extremely important because we have to serve a diverse set of expectations under the same brand. Click for full story
  9. 9. Talent management is the foremost in my priorities because anything I do as part of business growth is based on it. The primary challenge for us as an organization is to uphold the credibility that we’ve built both as a product as well as a people brand in the Indian food service business. Among all the business priorities, managing talent and ensuring adequate quality talent available at any point in time to manage growth is the singular biggest challenge for me as a CEO. Click for full story
  10. 10. There are three things that dictate my day as a CEO, not in any particular order of priority. First, I have to ensure that the company is operating in sync with its strategy. Secondly, I need to keep an eye on whether it is meeting its financial numbers and generates enough cash to support the business. The third thing on my agenda for the day is the attraction, grooming and retention of talent. Click for full story
  11. 11. For a company like ours, which is growing with over 13,500 employees, talent has always been the number 1 agenda for the CEO. No matter what kind of growth trajectory an organization is seeing, talent always stands at the centre. My top talent agenda as a CEO is to inculcate the values of the organization within its employees. While this might sound as too aspirational, the reality is that a CEO cannot hope for a business plan to be successful unless the people involved in it stand for a common “purpose”. If done right, all the other elements of a talent agenda are taken care of, including attrition, retention, engagement and development. The organisation becomes self-governing. It takes time. Click for full story
  12. 12. Disruptions in the Indian industry are happening very fast. Unfortunately, talent here has a very unconventional approach towards employment. The talent challenge stops not just at the point of hiring. Without the CEO making concerted efforts to ensure that his team is aware of the changing business environment, s/he cannot be confident of the organization’s readiness to take on the new challenges of the market. Click for full story
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