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Best companies to work for slide share

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  2. 2. www.peoplematters.inQuick Facts about the Study600 organizations registered for this year’s Study, about a hundred more than last year514 companies met the eligibility requirements and were considered for ranking50 finally made it to the coveted Top 50 in the Study- roughly one in ten who participated, makingthis perhaps the most exclusive list of best employers globallyOver 80,000 employees represent the 2012 StudyCompanies represent a mix of Indian and multinational companies in the private sector, as wellas public sector and not-for profit organizations
  3. 3. Key trends in the 2012 Study 1.Overall employee perception of their workplace culture has not changed significantly from 2011! 2.Positive perceptions about their workplace culture continues to be high for senior management category compared to supervisory staff, with 7% less supervisory staff giving positive feedback about their workplace culture 3.The Study reveals that 75 percent of employees are below 35 years of age. While they are the majority in most organizations, their views about the workplace culture are significantly less positive than employees over 45 years in age 4.Only 20 percent of employees, on an average, have worked in the same organization for more than 5 years, and there is a slow but gradual improvement in employee perception as one stays longer in an 5.Organization 6.Only 7 of the Top 50 Best Workplaces saw employee strength increase by more than 30 percent as compared to previous year, and 6 actually reduced its workforce 7.Only 3 of the Top 50 have more than 30 percent of their senior management as womenClick for full story Prasenjit Bhattacharya
  4. 4. Hiring right matters www.peoplematters.inDespite the economic challenges in the industry, Google revenue, share price, profits and hiring were allup last year. The reason seems quite clear – Googlers live and breathe Google’s mission and cannot stopraving about the great worklife.Googlers enjoy exceptional benefits and facilities along with the freedom to innovate, grow, and develop. #1 Google India Pvt. Ltd. Online search, advertising and online applications 2011 Rank: 1 India HQ: Bangalore Founded in India (year): 1998 Employee Strength: 1,535 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:1.15 Click for full story
  5. 5. www.peoplematters.inOne of the differentiators that make Intel an enviable organization is its technology leadership. The keyto this technology leadership is its investment in innovation.‘Ideas to reality’ (I2R) have been initiated by India Site Management which is looking at exploring theunique market opportunities India offers and tailoring solutions that leverage these needs. #2 Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd. Microprocessors, chipsets, motherboards, adaptors for desktops, smartphones, laptops, servers & workstation, embedded & communications 2011 Rank: 2 India HQ: Bangalore Founded in India (year): 1988 Employee Strength: 3,500 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:3.89 Click for full story
  6. 6. www.peoplematters.inPeople FirstCompetence building, commitment building, culture building and systems building, are the four buildingblocks on which NTPC has based its robust HR systems.In addition to providing a beautiful and safe workplace, NTPC encourages a culture of mutual respectand trust amongst peers, superiors and subordinates. #3 NTPC Ltd. Thermal, gas and hydro power generation, power trading, power distribution, coal mining, power consultancy services 2011 Rank: 19 India HQ: Delhi Founded in India (Year): 1975 Employee Strength: 25,345 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:15.78 Click for full story
  7. 7. www.peoplematters.inAs a guiding philosophy, MakeMyTrip welcomes people with new ideas and a desire to make adifference.Apart from running programs and processes, HR’s KRA is to design events, communication, andstories to keep the culture vibrant.The organization has institutionalized initiatives that have proven to be effective in attracting andretaining talent. #4 MakeMyTrip India Pvt. Ltd. Air, train & bus tickets, holiday packages 2011 Rank: 3 India HQ: Gurgaon Founded in India (Year): 2000 Employee Strength: 1,039 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:2.41 Click for full story
  8. 8. www.peoplematters.inThe organization believes that seamless integration takes place only when families are involved andknow what the employees do at work.Members feel a sense of pride in their work, team and company; there is a great sense of camaraderieat the workplace – all these and many more make Forbes Marshall a great workplace. #5 Forbes Marshall Steam engineering and control instrumentation 2011 Rank: 11 India HQ: Pune Founded in India (Year): 1928 Employee Strength: 1,175 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:5.79 Click for full story
  9. 9. www.peoplematters.inA distinct employerThe ER team, although a part of HR, acts independently and stresses on enforcing policies andpractices through transparent communication.The organization believes that the pace and depth of work is changing externally as well as internally. #6 American Express India Pvt. Ltd. Financial services, credit cards, charge cards, prepaid gifts & travellers checks 2011 Rank: 4 India HQ: Gurgaon Founded in India (year): 1921 Employee Strength: 6,158 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:1.31 Jyoti Rai, VP - HR, Amerian Express India Click for full story
  10. 10. www.peoplematters.inCaring for associatesStrong commitment to training and development, policy on profit sharing, approachable managementand ample opportunities to learn and be recognized, is what makes Marriott a great place to work.The focus of training is on gaining and maintaining rapport, handling challenging guests, feedbackmodels, and listening skills. #7 Marriott Hotels India Pvt. Ltd. Hotel, food and beverage service 2011 Rank: 5 India HQ: Mumbai Founded in India (Year): 1927 Employee Strength: 4,600 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:3.65 Click for full story
  11. 11. www.peoplematters.inReaching out toemployeesAn entrepreneurial and innovative culture, a fun and collaborative workplace environment where peoplelearn from failure and celebrate success, and the employee engagement initiatives, are a few facetsvalued highly by the employees.In order to reach out to employees, business leaders use Intuit TV, thereby encouraging a two-waycommunication. #8 Intuit Technologies Services Pvt. Ltd. Business & financial management solutions provider 2011 Rank: 26 India HQ: Bangalore Founded in India (Year): 2005 Employee Strength: 648 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:5.96 Click for full story
  12. 12. www.peoplematters.inQuality work & quality fun Qualcomm’s core belief is that employees are the foundation of both, a positive culture and a successful business model. Its comprehensive work/life balance program called Qlife offers a blend of activities & services, helping employees achieve balance between their lives at work, at home and in the community. #9 Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd. Global wireless industry with breakthrough technologies enabling the convergence of mobile communication and consumer electronics 2011 Rank: 22 India HQ: Mumbai Founded in India (year): 1996 Employee Strength: 1,683 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:5.76 Click for full story
  13. 13. Creating www.peoplematters.inexcitement at workA performance-driven culture, with a well-defined awards program, wherein achievers andachievementsare constantly spotlighted, differentiates NIIT from others.The organization has ensured ample opportunity to perform, to do different things and do thingsdifferently on a regular basis. #10 NIIT Ltd. Learning solutions for individuals, corporate, government, schools & colleges 2011 Rank: 23 India HQ: Gurgaon Founded in India (Year): 1981 Employee Strength: 3,308 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:1.67 Vijay Thadani, CEO, NIIT Click for full story
  14. 14. www.peoplematters.inCommitted to empowerThis is a great workplace especially for women employees because it allows them to balance theirprofessional and personal life, as well as provides a safe environment to work.There is also an emphasis on providing people an exposure to new jobs and skill-sets through variousinternal job postings to allow a learning experience. #11 Agilent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Electronic measurement & bio-analytical measurement 2011 Rank: 8 India HQ: Gurgaon Founded in India (year): 1999 Employee Strength: 1,508 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:2.57 Click for full story
  15. 15. Service above self www.peoplematters.inThe service culture based on the philosophy of contribution to other people’s lives, has translated intothe DNA of the organization.As the workplace is a diverse one, the company focuses on creating a culture where employees wantto be self motivated. #12 Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces Hospitality 2011 Rank: NA India HQ: Mumbai Founded in India (year): 1903 Employee Strength: 13,892 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1: 6.47 H.N. Shrinivas, Senior Vice President, HR, Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces Click for full story
  16. 16. Indomitable people force www.peoplematters.inThe focus is on creating an enabling environment that provides for the all-round development of theindividual. The workplace environment is such that it instills a sense of pride and camaraderie.The line and HR managers engage with the team through regular interactive sessions like team briefand town halls. #13 Blue Dart Express Ltd. Courier services 2011 Rank: 43 India HQ: Mumbai Founded in India (Year): 1983 Employee strength: 7,726 Gender Ratio (Fto M): 1:16.8 Anil Khanna, MD, Blue Dart Express Click for full story
  17. 17. Trust & empowerment www.peoplematters.inHR has a key role in institutionalizing systems, processes and offering tools that facilitate value creationboth for the organization as well as for the employees.GPL believes that ‘an informed employee is an engaged employee’. Its structured communicationplatform ensures flow of information across the organization and encourages employees to offersuggestions and candid feedbackwhich adds to organizational effectiveness. #14 Godrej Properties Ltd. Construction, infrastructure and real estate 2011 Rank: NA India HQ: Mumbai Founded in India (year): 1990 Employee Strength: 400+ Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:3.94 Pirojsha Godrej, Managing Director & CEO, Godrej Properties Click for full story
  18. 18. www.peoplematters.inConducive work cultureHRM plays the role of a culture-shaping catalyst where the informal celebrations increase theconnection between company and members, which ultimately enhances organizational productivity.From learning sessions by seniors, to safety workshops for blue collared employees, to value-addcourses for the spouse - Claris focuses on people at all levels. #15 Claris Lifesciences Ltd. Sterile injectables, products delivered in glass ampoules & vials, glass & plastic bottles, PVC & non PVC bags 2011 Rank: 9 India HQ: Ahmedabad Founded in India (Year): 1999 Employee Strength: 1,226 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:15.35 Arjun Handa, Managing Director & CEO, Claris Lifesciences Click for full story
  19. 19. www.peoplematters.inPeople work for peopleHT Media’s HR processes are defined by the specific requirements of each of the people groups andfunctions that enhance productivity and retain talent.The robust induction and on-boarding, rewards and recognition processes, talent pool managementand career progression plans, play a critical role in managing expectations of the diverse skill base. #16 HT Media Ltd. Newspaper (print and online), radio, education 2011 Rank: NA India HQ: Delhi Founded in India (Year): 1924 Employee Strength: 2,503 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:3.43 Click for full story
  20. 20.‘Boundaryless’ experience‘MadLabs’ is a designated physical space within the office to house latest gadgets and gizmos foremployees to use and experience.To encourage the spirit of innovation, ‘Hackathon’ and ‘Labrats’ are competitions that PayPal hosts tofilter cutting edge and ‘sponsorable’ ideas. #17 PayPal India Pvt. Ltd. eCommerce 2011 Rank: 17 India HQ: Chennai Founded in India (year): 2006 Employee Strength: 843 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:3.76 Click for full story
  21. 21. www.peoplematters.inFarmers’ progress. India’s pride The team’s passion for farmers and agriculture enabled by a collaborative, entrepreneurial, grassroots culture, and matrix structure, creates a Great Place to Work® at Monsanto. The ‘Ambassadors Team’ across Monsanto India is the employees-in-action group, responsible for creating a fun and safe workspace environment. #18 Monsanto India Ltd. Cutting-edge seeds & technologies to enable cotton, corn, & vegetables farmers to produce more using less, and improve farmers’ lives 2011 Rank: NA India HQ: Mumbai Founded in India (Year): 1949 Employee Strength: 813 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:5.36 Click for full story
  22. 22. www.peoplematters.inSmart engagementProspective employees who complete summer internships with the company are given the opportunity tointeract with senior leadership through the special intern orientation called ‘Meet and Greet Session’.Being a global company, NetApp attempts to create the same experience for all employees across theglobe irrespective of the geographies in which its offices are located. #19 NetApp India Pvt. Ltd. Storage devices 2011 Rank: 10 India HQ: Bangalore Founded in India (Year): 1992 Employee Strength: 1,909 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:4.36 Anil Valluri, President - India and SAARC operations, NetApp Click for full story
  23. 23. www.peoplematters.inCulturally happy!With a diverse and dynamic workforce, each ‘Cactizen’ works hard to ensure that everyone comestogether as one family, which in turn creates a culture unique to the organization.The company believes in keeping their people engaged at work constantly. For this, they have in placedifferent programs that cater to the needs of different sets of individuals—from foodies to sports-fans. #20 Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd Scientiffic & academic editing, medical communication, English transcription & translation, training & education 2011 Rank: 13 India HQ: Mumbai Founded in India (year): 2002 Employee Strength: 231 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:0.82 Anurag Goel, CEO, Cactus Communications Click for full story
  24. 24. www.peoplematters.inFinancial InclusionUjjivan believes in team work, it focuses on upholding the dignity of fellow employees, and respectseach other’s view and work, thus fostering a relationship based on mutual cooperation.Transparency, a friendly work atmosphere and above all, the opportunity to work towards uplifting thelives of the have-nots is what attracts people to Ujjivan. #21 Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Family loans, business loans, combo loans, individual business loans, education loan, housing loans, livestock loans, emergency loans 2011 Rank: 14 India HQ: Bangalore Founded in India (Year): 2005 Employee Strength: 3,652 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:3.46 Click for full story
  25. 25. www.peoplematters.inDiversity@workplaceDAWN (Development Action for Women Now) ensures presence of women focused initiatives likesafety sessions, well-being sessions, inviting families to office and special care for expectant/justdelivered mothers are taken – all of which contribute to providing a conducive workplace for womenduring thedifferent stages of life. #22 InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. Air transport management, low cost aviation - domestic & international, travel technology, global distribution system, software services, travel distribution services, hotel development & management services 2011 Rank: 27 India HQ: Gurgaon Founded in India (year): 1989 Employee Strength: 6,150 Gender Ratio: 1:2 Click for full story
  26. 26. www.peoplematters.inRespect for all‘Sparsh’ is an employee communication program at HDFC Life which is a town hall activity conductedannually companywide in the month of November and December.The culture at HDFC Life provides every individual equal respect and recognition irrespective of theirdesignation. #23 HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. Protection plans, childrens plan, retirement plans, savings and investment plans, health plans 2011 Rank: 40 India HQ: Mumbai Founded in India (year): 2000 Employee Strength: 13,834 Gender Ratio: 1:4.88 Click for full story
  27. 27. By the people, for the www.peoplematters.inpeopleA recently launched program called ‘In the Spotlight’ provides opportunity for managers to become theHR head for a day.SAP Labs’ management ‘un’conference allows a bottom up approach to management. Employeesare also the chief designers of every major policy and subsequently, they present it to the managementforum for a decision. #24 SAP Labs India Business solutions 2011 Rank: NA India HQ: Bangalore Founded in India (year): 1998 Employee Strength: 4,132 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:2.13 Click for full story
  28. 28. Managing through ‘tough www.peoplematters.inlove’‘Bedhadak Bolo’ is an initiative which salutes the spirit of expression and innovation.A unique ‘profit sharing’ program built around the principle of EVA forms a unifying glue whichstimulates performance through razor like focus on goals.‘Just Like That’ is an informal platform for employees to celebrate occasions, while ‘Monday Mania’ is acampaign against Monday morning blues - an initiative aimed towards making the organization a funplace to work. #25 Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. Soaps, household insecticides, fabric care, haircare 2011 Rank: 46 India HQ: Mumbai Founded in India (Year): 2001 Employee Strength: 1,915 Gender Ratio (F to M): 1:16.9 Rahul Gama, VP-HR, GCPL Click for full story
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