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Social OS for Enterprise


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Social OS for Enterprise

Social OS for Enterprise

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. PeopleBrowsr 1   Social Networks for the Online Enterprise   Social OS  TM  
  • 2. 2  2   Social OS Next Gen PaaS " " Power Customer databases" with Social Network capabilities and technology " " "
  • 3. 3  3   Turn your customer database into a Viral Social Network Create rich Business Intelligence Own the conversation Create the " Enterprise experience online Add value with Influencers Connect Customers Communities Monetize the community
  • 4. 4  4   Invite Your Customers to Your Own Network Own your Customers Bring in Customers from across social network" Add applications to increase interactions" Access the power of deep analytics" Offer influencers special Rewards
  • 5. 5  5   Deep Social Analytics about your Community 1500 Days of Data Find the intelligence in fuzzy Social Data Create compelling offers and campaigns
  • 6. 6  6   Social OS powers tight Customer and Enterprise integration the Customer the Data the App Store and the APIs the Business Intelligence " Own  
  • 7. 7  7   Identify community leaders Turn Influencers into Your Community Team
  • 8. 8  8   Access 6M Optin Influencers Influencers invite friends to yourNetwork Viral Brand Network Influencers and Customers Invite Friends Make your customers your Viral Champions
  • 9. 9  9   Reach 500M Community members with your Network Leaders become Brand Advocates and Multiply Revenue" 120,000,000 People in Over 200 Different Communities Advertising Your Brand Your Market Segment Parents Fitness Software Developers Education Reporters Tech CEO Politics Gaming Students Family Shopping LGBT Travel Biking Photo- graphy Food Sports Extreme Sports Sailing Investors Tennis Doctors Radio Surfing Fashion Social Media Lawyers Yoga
  • 10. 10   Turn your Customers into Active Social Networks Grow social Mentions and Referrals JeffreyHayzlett.BIKE Show Me
  • 11. 11   Consumers join a Trusted Interest based Cross Platform Network   JeffreyHayzlett.GOLF Show Me
  • 12. Learn about existing and potential Customers Access1500 Days of Social Data
  • 13. Customer Preferences Customer Interests Brand prospects likes Conversation analytics Kred Influencers Top Locations Know your Brand Community Interests Own deep Social Analytics about your customers
  • 14. 14   Social " Data One Trillion Conversations Social" Profiles with Insights 500 Million Advanced Network building Platform Social OS ™ " Power a tight Customer and Enterprise integration Access the full PeopleBrowsr Datamine "  
  • 15. 15   Social OS is an open Platform for Developers "   Multiple APIs Built-in Monetization Smart and Modular  Federated Authentications"   Agile online toolkits Scalable and Real time
  • 16. PB Social Commerce API Hub Twitter Tumblr Facebook Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Your Developers Your Partners Data, UI and dotTLD social conversation Social OS is the PaaS to build your viral community PeopleBrowsr " Social OS™ Application Store dotTLD Developer platform dotTLD Identity APIs dotTLD Analytics APIs dotTLD Revenue APIs Other dotTLD APIs dotTLD Content APIs Your Internal Networks
  • 17. Create rich Business Intelligence Own the conversation Create the " Neighborhood experience online Add value with local Influencers Connect New Yorkers on NYC Domains Monetize the community Use Case: dotNYC with Social OS"  
  • 18. 18   Find new Leads from the PeopleBrowsr One Trillion Conversation Datamine   6.1m Mentions 34% Retweets 99k Followers
  • 19. 19   Garyvee.NYC OfficialALT.NYC simonvankempen.NYC wendywilliams.NYC chriscuomo.NYC antderosa.NYC join Kred Influencers
  • 20. 20 262k Profiles 62k Domains 869k Mentions   dotCEO Social OS Use Case "  
  • 21. 21  
  • 22. 22  
  • 23. 23  
  • 24. 24  
  • 25. 25  
  • 26. 26  
  • 27.     27   Social OS Apps Store "  
  • 28. CEOs can reserve their spot in the exclusive CEO Network Invite CEOs from across platforms Get support from the most powerful CEO community" dotCEO with Social OS A collaborative community of Influential CEOs  
  • 29. 29   Developer’s Platform with Insights and Analytics
  • 30. 30   Rapidly create Social Apps with dynamic Documentation
  • 31. Agencies, Automotive, Beverage, Cosmetics, Entertainment, Government, Retail and Tech Clients
  • 32. Jodee Rich PeopleBrowsr CEO and Founder Tech, Marketing , Management, Telco, IPOs. Andrew Grill – Kred CEO Six start-ups, Tech, Marketing Andrew Maizels – Chief Systems Architect 25 years experience Real time, scalable large systems, Telco High Growth and 200+ years of Experience Scott Milener – SVP Business Development Social Media, Online Advertising, Mobile, Big Data and Cloud Computing. Chris Murphy Financial Controller Priscilla Scala VP, Marketing. Web marketing, Social Branding Thousands and Thousands of Influencers 32  
  • 33. Our Rising Stars Meagan Todd Senior Sysadmin and Operations Digital Strategy, Business Development Christian Bourke Financial Analyst Cameron Bale Jnr UX Designer Web Design, User Interface Design Alberto Perego Senior Software Engineer Mariusz Stankiewicz Senior Sysadmin Andrew Horn Senior Software Engineer Adam Hudson Senior Software Engineer Khoi Bui Linux System Engineer Graham Jones Senior Software Engineer David Billington Digital Marketing Manager