PeopleBrowsr Kred ad:tech Influence13SF

PeopleBrowsr Kred ad:tech Influence13SF



Slides presented by Jodee Rich at the AdTech Influencer event in San Francisco

Slides presented by Jodee Rich at the AdTech Influencer event in San Francisco



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PeopleBrowsr Kred ad:tech Influence13SF PeopleBrowsr Kred ad:tech Influence13SF Presentation Transcript

  • the Platform of Social Intelligence 1
  • our Dream…Find the Gold in Vast amounts of real time Data… 2
  • We turn Fuzzy Data into measurable increases in ROI 3 View slide
  • PeopleBrowsr has a unique cloud of 4 View slide
  • a 500M+ Dataminevery high speed Analyticsreal time Influence ScoringMessage Graph for Intelligent Networks 5
  • + Robyn Peterson, CTO, Mashable We made a Facebook“When Mashableneeded real time application acquisition …social analytics,we chose for more dataPeopleBrowsrbecause theyhave a deeprepository ofcurrent socialdata that’sindexed, filteredand ready to go”
  • The Story of Influence
  • The Story of InfluenceThen
  • Who (or what) is Influential…The Person or the Message? @jkrums Jan 15, 2009 - Theres a plane inthe Hudson. Im on the ferry going to pick upthe people. Crazy. 9
  • Now
  • Over a Billion people are creatingdata on social networks every day...and it is just the Beginning 11
  • Our Market – asseen by theconsumer Search Share Contact Story Open See Small
  • Vast amounts of Data…Withwe Build Influence Influence Twitter Volume 2008 - 2012 400,000,000 386,065,528 350,000,000 329,157,852 300,000,000Posts / Day 250,000,000 223,972,684 200,000,000 147,026,911 150,000,000 100,000,000 67,183,259 43,116,858 50,000,000 21,746,917 758,418 9,715,607 0 2/1/09 4/1/09 6/1/09 8/1/09 2/1/10 4/1/10 6/1/10 2/1/11 4/1/11 6/1/11 8/1/11 2/1/12 4/1/12 8/1/12 8/1/10 6/1/12 12/1/08 10/1/09 12/1/09 10/1/10 12/1/10 10/1/11 12/1/11 10/1/12 12/1/12 Date 13
  • Kred is the leader Transparent Two Scores Community Based Shery Alwakel @sherehaan “Thanks a lot kred its Peter Shankman @petershankman one of the best sites that I use and its worth“Just saw a media preview of the new following #TheBest@kred 959/8. Holy. Crap. HOLY. CRAP.” @kred” Kathyrn Armstrong Dr. Andy Baldwin @DrAndyBaldwin “While researching the sites, I used both Klout and Kred frequently and I “Proud to be a leader in the influential @Kred have to say that the platform I like best #socialmedia crew. Check out the new #KredStory is Kred”” 14
  • Kred is different with Pictures and Videos and Links“Beyond just anumber”
  • Kred creates Revenuewith Influencer Lists for Brands Andrew Blair, Manager, Traffic Strategy, NBC Universal“PeopleBrowsrwas instrumental in building socialmedia buzz fornew influencerscritical tolaunching hits”
  • Kred increases ROIEmail Marketing for Enterprise 6.4m Emails matched Roger K. Beaty @RogerKBeaty“Just got my ‘top 5%’Influencer badgefrom #Kred. Verynice touch;I think I like that. =))#Influence
  • Kred Influences the Influencers ...over 3,000 mentions a day, and growing… Top 100 Brands on Twitter Steve Goldner @socialsteve “The future of @kred looks strong ... Nice roadmap ahead.” John Bell, Global Managing Director, Social@Ogilvy“We love working with innovativetechnologies like Kred” 18
  • What could be
  • Our Market – asseen by theconsumer Search Share Contact Story Message Open See See Intelligenc e
  • Next Gennetworks Who are the people I can rely on?
  • Next Gennetworks What have they done for me?
  • Influence baked into your Network with Message Graph Intelligence Message Analytics in Real time Messages carry their provenance Message Memory
  • Your Network is your Kred
  • A Visual Analysis of your Brand Social Media Presence
  • Kred for Brands allowsBrand Managers and Strategiststo Identify, Prioritize, and Engage their most valuable Influencers
  • Facebook Analytics and InsightsInterests of your Brand’s Fans by CategoryPages your Brand’s Fans are most likely to also likeFacebook Demographics as Geography, Age, andGender
  • Twitter Campaign Targeting Find key Influencers Activate with Campaigns Maximize ROI
  • Deep Analytics about any FacebookPage FansSee the Facebook Brand pages that your Fans likeand are most likely to Engage with Music Band TV Show Movies Communities
  • Most loved Bands by Facebook Fans
  • Most loved TV Shows by Facebook Fans
  • Age Distribution of Facebook FansPercentage 8% 6% 4% 2% 12 18 23 28 33 38 … 83 Age
  • Geo Distribution of Facebook Fans New York Houston Los Angeles San Paolo
  • Find out how Facebook InfluencersengageFans of CocaCola in the top 1% of Influenceengage an average of 749 times per month Percentile Engagement/mo 80 90 100
  • Find out how Facebook InfluencersengageFans of CocaCola in the top 1% of Influencehave an average score of 80.5Percentile Avg Influence 0 10 20 40 60 80 100
  • Twitter Mentions over timeJun 2011 Jan 2012 Jul 2012 Jan 2013 Apr 2013
  • Target your Key Influencers for TwitterCampaigns
  • Key Twitter Influencers for the Brand
  • the Platform of Social Intelligence 39