Wtm 2013 responsible volunteering people and places


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volunteer abroad travel good news and bad news Sallie Grayson from award winners people and places presents examples of the steps fwd in best practice and the continuing bad practice.

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Wtm 2013 responsible volunteering people and places

  1. 1. Finalists 2013 World Responsible Tourism Awards Best for Child Protection and Best for Responsible Tourism Campaigning
  2. 2. responsible volunteering SIMPLE priorities Safety Informed Consent Marketing Purpose Legacy Economics
  3. 3. responsible volunteering “ It’s a time for change – absolutely it’s a time for change – we have to start questioning how and what we are selling as volunteer experiences.......... This is not about selling a beach package – it creates a shared humanity or it destroys the more vulnerable. The understanding of the needs for strong local partners with good community and ethics is something that seems to be missed by a lot of the sending organisations” Paul Miedema – Calabash Tours, South Africa – speaker at WTM 2012
  4. 4. responsible volunteering Have we seen any change in the last 12 months?
  5. 5. responsible volunteering Good news
  6. 6. responsible volunteering Good news
  7. 7. responsible volunteering Bad news you can still buy a “deal” for a few hours engaging one to one with children highlights: “One-on-one reading time with children in the Hope schoolhouse”
  8. 8. responsible volunteering https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1477 60068756904&set=a.147760065423571.10737418 28.113177318881846&type=1&theater the poster
  9. 9. responsible volunteering
  10. 10. responsible volunteering Good news More volunteer organisations with published child protection policies
  11. 11. responsible volunteering
  12. 12. responsible volunteering Bad news Do you have child protection policies in place?* 90 volunteer organisations asked 26 responded - 29% 15 declared they have them - 17% 5 make them publicly available or sent proof - 6% *Question asked of organisations offering opportunities to volunteer in orphanages and childcare centres on twitter – by @bettrvolunteer
  13. 13. responsible volunteering Good news volunteers are starting to report bad experiences “I went to Uganda. The orphanage where I was volunteering was ultimately closed while I was there. The shit hit the fan. I was unsafe. The children were unsafe ... I travelled to Uganda in June and was shocked by our placement. Not vetted, not legal, corrupt and a pitiful state in which to keep children.” letter to a provider – if provider doesn't take action it will be made public “The most vivid memory of my first staff meeting as a volunteer coordinator is the knot in my throat. The problem being discussed that day was the lack of projects/placements to place everyone that had been accepted to come. The main office had decided to accept all the requests and was demanding that we find projects.” a volunteer turned volunteer coordinator – published on a blog “Orphanages are not places to visit or volunteer, nor do they help children. Evidently the message was not clear enough to you when CUCO orphanage in Cambodia was closed down. Now, the director of AOEO orphanage, where you also send young volunteers fresh out of high school, has been charged with the sexual assault of young girls. When will you learn?” on facebook
  14. 14. responsible volunteering a series of posts on facebook by a volunteer publicly calling the sending agency to account
  15. 15. responsible volunteering Bad news leading organisations are still “getting away with it” “I had called the office ... while in country to ask for help, regarding the orphanage, and **(local partner) but was not returned. I received an e-mail from YY but it did not offer any help and merely pointed me back to **. Our lives were in danger and this did not matter to the organization. The greatest complaint I have is with the placement I was given. It is policy that the organization carefully examines and assesses the project site for a minimum time frame of six months to one year before volunteers are placed. This was not the case for us. ** had discovered XXXXX Orphanage the Friday before I arrived ... and placed us there the following Monday. The orphanage, located in the slums, was a sham. We learned that the orphanage was in fact illegal. I have never been so stressed and upset regarding my time overseas. There is no way I can ever escape the torment of my six weeks in ?? because I know these innocent children are still at risk. I know that the man and organization who says they are trying to help them are only furthering their suffering” written very recently to a leading organisation that claims to send “well over 4000 volunteers a year”
  16. 16. responsible volunteering Good news young volunteers can find good advice
  17. 17. responsible volunteering Bad news young unskilled people are still being led to believe they can change the world HIGH SCHOOL VOLUNTEER ABROAD CCS teen summer service trips are for high school students ages 15-17. “Join the adventure of a lifetime for a chance to effect some real social change”
  18. 18. responsible volunteering Good News there is lots and lots of advice on what is responsible volunteering Responsible Volunteering facebook page Better Volunteering facebook page
  19. 19. responsible volunteering Bad news lots of help to know WHAT to look for but still little help on HOW to find it
  20. 20. responsible volunteering Good news that’s about to change! honest and fair information about responsible and ethical volunteer travel opportunities http://bettervolunteering.wordpress.com/
  21. 21. Taking Responsibility Good News we can still do this let’s mend it - not end it! Thank you