Wtm 2012 responsible volunteering

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Presentation for World Responsible Tourism day by Sallie of people and places

Presentation for World Responsible Tourism day by Sallie of people and places

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  • 1. responsible volunteering it’s SIMPLE!
  • 2. responsible volunteering SIMPLE priorities Safety Informed Consent Marketing Purpose Legacy Economics
  • 3. responsible volunteering Safety protection of the community •preparation •volunteer Code of Conduct protection of the volunteers •preparation • programme Code of Practice __________ Due DiligenceChallenge: – realistic but robust processes
  • 4. responsible volunteering Informed Consent •community and •volunteerChallenge:-bums on seats-v-need for consent
  • 5. ??? responsible volunteering ??? Taken from the web on Friday 1st November “Although its difficult to give you an exact figure, “our record time for arranging somewhere between 30% and 100% of your a project contribution is a mere 24 hours! ” will be applied directly to supporting your overseas project through financial support. ” This from a leading “responsible” travel company “Volunteering with children in Uganda Grab one of the last remaining places on 2012 intake dates: October 30th, November 13th and 27th and December 11th” “Projects that are easiest “The children who have made it to these homes and to set up on short noticecenters crave the love and affection that volunteers have are care and {sports and conservation}” the time and energy to give.”
  • 6. responsible volunteering Marketing smoke and mirrorsChallenge: -how to tell it as it is-but not create barriers to booking
  • 7. responsible volunteering Purposeneeds of the community are paramount BUT must recognise volunteer expectationsChallenge:– these don’t always match!
  • 8. responsible volunteering Legacy is the project appropriate and of value to proposed beneficiaries ? Challenge:- the easiest projects to sell don’t always leave a legacy
  • 9. responsible volunteering Economics who gets-what-where is it fair? replacing local employment Challenges: • transparency v confidentiality •the easiest projects to manage often replace local employment
  • 10. Taking Responsibility
  • 11. Taking Responsibility Want to learn more?• Key questions to be asked and answered - http://travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk/About.aspx?category=20h• Better Volunteering - http://www.responsibletourismpartnership.org/BetterVolunteering.html• Better Volunteering Code of Practice -http://www.responsibletourismpartnership.org/ResponsibleVolunteering1.html• Better Chid Protection -http://www.responsibletourismpartnership.org/ChildProtection.html• Examples of good and bad practice -http://blog.travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk/?cat=5&submit=Go• people and places responsible tourism policy -http://travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk/userfiles/RT%20policy%202012.pdf• people and places child protection policy -http://travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk/userfiles/pandp%20Child%20Protection%20Policy%20generic.pdf• people and places on facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Responsible-volunteering-people-and-places/109179132471692?• people and places on twitter @pandpvolunteer• Better volunteering on facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Better-Volunteering/426800777357861• Better child protection on facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Better-Child-Protection/109301995889469 More Resources• South African Code of Practice - http://www.fairtourismsa.org.za/pdffiles/VoluntourismCodeofGoodPractice.pdf• TIES code of practice - http://www.ecotourism.org/voluntourism-guidelines• Volunteering Standards Group -http://www.fairtourismsa.org.za/pdffiles/VoluntourismCodeofGoodPractice.pdf• Year Out Group Code of Practice - http://www.yearoutgroup.org/why-year-out-group/code-of-practice/• Volunteer wikispace - http://planeta.wikispaces.com/volunteer• ChildSafe Network - http://www.childsafe-international.org/• Child Protection in Tourism - http://www.thecode.org/• Discuss Irresponsible Practices - http://www.irresponsibletourism.info/forum/default.asp?C=6