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This is a presentation made by secondary students

This is a presentation made by secondary students

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  • 1. The city of dreams
  • 2. •General Details (Amsterdam flag) •Population •History (Amsterdam at night) •The Queen’s Day •Places •Monuments •Transport •A trip round Amsterdam •Conclusion
  • 3. It is in Netherlands, in the northwest of Europe It is known as North Venecia
  • 4. FLAG THIS IS THE AMSTERDAM The colours of the Amsterdam flag are black, red and white The three “x’’ symbolizes the three threats to the CITY: Water, Fire and Pestilence.
  • 5. Amsterdam is popular for its canals, museums, shops, art and the city form.
  • 6. The oldest information of Amsterdam dates from the Romans’ period. The meaning of The first settlers were the word fishermen and farmers. “Amsterdam” is Amsterdam has been the reservoir of the capital of the Amstel river. Netherlands since the The Amstel war of the crosses all the independence between city of Ámterdam Spain and Netherlands
  • 7. Amsterdam is considered one of best cities to meet at night. It Is famous for its clubs. There are clubs in all the city
  • 8. An important event of Amsterdam is the Queen’s day. In this day, all the people make a street market an then, they sell the things that they don’t use Amsterdam people get dressed with orange clothes
  • 9. It Is a big park in Lisse, Netherlands It Is a fantastic place It Is known as the European Park There is an impresionant collection of flowers and different types of plants
  • 10. There are coffee shops, it is a typical local where we can buy some different types of drugs It Is a liberal neighborhood In Netherlands, the drug and the located in the town centre prostitution are legalized
  • 11. This garden has got 6000 plants and 4000 cultivations The Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world
  • 12. There are a lot of famous museums: Moderm art Stedelijk Museum Museum het rembrandthuis
  • 13. There are transports private and public Private: The bike The cars PUBLIC: Amsterdam is famous for its The train bikes and is the world center of Busses the bike culture Ferrys
  • 14. All of those photos were taken by our parents and we can say that Amsterdam is very impresionant
  • 15. Are there any Spanish in Amsterdam? Fantastic Beautiful BIG
  • 16. In the museum
  • 17. Amsterdam is a fantastic place. Amsterdam has got a lot of places of interest . It Is very beautiful. Amsterdam is the city of dreams.
  • 18. •http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archi vo:Flag_of_Amsterdam.svg •http://www.amsterdam.info/es/ev entos/ •www.wordreference.com