Hypnosis Secrets Revealed


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If you have thought of trying hypnosis, either by yourself or going to a hypnotist, then you need to be well informed. Here are some important facts about modern hypnosis. You will find your questions answered and some secrets revealed. For using self-hypnosis visit http://link-shrink.com/12317 to find current hypnosis scripts and MP3s.

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Hypnosis Secrets Revealed

  1. 1. Hypnosis Secrets Revealed==== ====Here is important information you need to know about hypnosis.Hypnosis Scripts and MP3s to Download==== ====
  2. 2. Hypnosis Secrets RevealedHypnosis has been around ever since the dawn of man. This powerful tool is accessible to allhuman beings. Unfortunately, in the past, hypnosis has gained a bad reputation from all themisconceptions carried by the film and book industry.Hence, hypnosis is often perceived as scary or dangerous by people who do not fully understandits functioning. Truth of the matter is that hypnosis is a natural and normal state of the human mindwhere a higher level of focus can be reached.Hence, by simply pushing aside the conscious mind (the arguing part of our selves), hypnosisopens access to the subconscious mind where positive and powerful changes can take placeeasily. You will be amazed to discover the following top ten secrets you should know aboutmodern hypnosis:1) Learning self-hypnosis is within everyone=s reach. You dont need a skilled hypnotherapist byyour side every time you want to go into hypnosis. Hypnosis is a learned skill and is attainable byeveryone.I am a strong believer in the saying : "Give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day. Teach a manhow to fish, you will feed him for life." Most of my patients who have learned self-hypnosis inpreparation for a natural childbirth told me they kept on using the techniques they learned evenafter their baby was born.2) What we think will happen, happens. We program ourselves for our future. Therefore, peoplewho think like winners - become winners. People who think like losers - become losers. The goodnews is that YOU can control how you think and program yourself positively with the help ofhypnosis.3) You can remember or hear everything while in hypnosis. The depth of your hypnosis willvary from a light trance (like daydreaming) to spacing-out and having the impression that youhave been sleeping. Hypnosis is nothing more than a nice feeling of letting go.Many of my patients after listening to one of my self-hypnosis recordings are concerned that theymight have fallen asleep because they do not remember anything that was said. I re-assure themby telling them that if they were asleep, they would not have emerged on the count of three. Itmakes sense.4) Everyone can use hypnosis to gain better mental and physical health. The average human usesonly about 10% of its mental power. Hypnosis might be one way to find the keys that open thegateway to the hidden treasure our powerful minds contain.
  3. 3. My personal experience as a hypnotherapist shows me that the old belief that a certain percent ofthe population cannot be hypnotized is a misconception. We drift in and out of hypnosis manytimes during any given day. Examples of this are when you miss out your exit while driving on thehighway or lose track of time while watching television.5) The hypnotherapist has no power and cannot control you in any way. The hypnotherapist ismerely your guide that guides you up a mountain. You are the one doing the climbing.Many stage hypnotists want the public to believe that they hold great power. You do have toremember that stage shows are done with VOLUNTEERS.Bottom-line: No hypnotist, no matter how great, can make another person do anything that isimmoral, illegal or fattening in hypnosis.6) Hypnosis is not a truth serum. A liar is a better liar in hypnosis. This is the reason why hypnosisis NEVER accepted in court as verifiable proof.On the other hand though, the human mind registers every piece of data presented to it and canrecall it in hypnosis. For example, a person can be brought into hypnosis (voluntarily) and recall alicense plate number - and then use this evidence as a starting point for a police investigation.7) The power of hypnosis is limitless. It is as vast as the human imagination. Most very successfulpeople have succeeded because they imagined and saw themselves as being successful.Successful athletes call " being in the zone " that very focused and powerful state they go intowhen achieving top performances. This state is nothing else than hypnosis of course!8) You can change your internal programming in hypnosis because it addresses yoursubconscious mind (your hard disk). Therefore, if your childhood has been tinted with negativeprogramming such as: "You are a burden, you are not loved, you are not wanted, etc", you mighthave acted accordingly to that belief from the beginning. You now have the power to turn thisaround and become the successful, accomplished, loved and loving person you deserve and wantto be.9) A willing person can achieve a perfect, natural anesthesia of his/her body with the help ofhypnosis. There are numerous films of people going through major surgeries and natural childbirthwith minimal or no discomfort at all - with only hypnosis as the sole anesthesia.The comfortable level of anesthesia learned and achieved by my patients in self-hypnosisprograms happen too often to be considered pure luck.10) You cannot lose hypnosis. It is a natural and easy way of life. With the help of hypnosis,you can achieve almost anything you want.I often compare hypnosis with love: a pleasant, natural state of mind that helps us become theperson we aspire to be. Not unlike love, one cannot lose hypnosis. It is always present for us tograb and use.In Conclusion: I have opened a gateway for you today. It is normal that some fear and skepticismremains. For example, Franz Anton Mesmer was brought before a committee who wascommissioned to determine if hypnosis was an existing phenomenon. Their conclusion woulddecide if Mesmer was really having an impact in all those people who claimed they weretransformed by his hypnotic interventions.
  4. 4. The committee, which included Benjamin Franklin, concluded that hypnosis was not arecognizable phenomenon because it could neither be measured nor seen at the time. From thatday on, Mesmer suffered a decline and gradually ceased helping people with hypnosis.The irony of this story is that Benjamin Franklin later discovered electricity that changed our livesgreatly. Just like hypnosis, electricity was a phenomenon that could neither be seen normeasured, yet it undeniably existed and was very powerful...Now, imagine what can happen if hypnosis has the power to open your subconscious mind as fastas a light switch!Napoleon Hill said it best when he said: "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it canachieve".Dr Nathalie Fiset is a family doctor and a certified hypnotherapist. For more information go to:www.aperfectharmony.comor www.a-1hypnosis.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nathalie_Fiset==== ====Here is important information you need to know about hypnosis.Hypnosis Scripts and MP3s to Download==== ====