Penny Ryder’s Blogging Tips<br />3251835188595I started blogging in August 2008. I realised that I have been taking, takin...
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Handout for ATESOL ACT Workshop


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This handout was given to participants at the ATESOL ACT Innovations in Technology in ESL Teaching Workshop on Saturday 1 August 2009.

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Handout for ATESOL ACT Workshop

  1. 1. Penny Ryder’s Blogging Tips<br />3251835188595I started blogging in August 2008. I realised that I have been taking, taking, taking from the internet for years and never giving anything back in return. My blog is my attempt to contribute my own ideas and experiences. I’ve found it really useful for helping me to reflect on the things that I am learning and trying in the classroom. <br />I write a weekly “Tech Tips Tuesday” post to share things that teachers can try with technology, and “Friday Fun” to outline the fun things we’ve done during the week. I also write additional posts when motivation strikes and maintain the “Teaching K-6 Blog Carnival”. <br />You can see my blog at<br />Why Blog?<br />Share your ideas and resources with the world<br />Communicate with parents, students, other teachers<br />Reflect upon your teaching<br />Become engaged in professional dialogue<br />Learn with technology, and keep up with new technology trends<br />Places you can blog:<br />Blogger –<br />EduBlogs – <br />WordPress - <br />Getting Started:<br />Check out a few other blogs to help you get an idea of what they are like.<br />Think about your purpose and your audience – who are you writing for?<br />Sign up for a blog on a site you like (I am most familiar with Blogger). Think of a good name for your blog.<br />Begin writing posts (Keep in mind privacy issues – don’t mention students by name or use photos that are identifiable. Remember that anything you post is on display for the whole world. Also be aware of copyright issues with the pictures that you post).<br />After a while you might want to publicize your blog to reach a wider audience, or track who is visiting and what they are interested in through a site meter.<br />Useful Links from Presentation<br />Blogs<br />Australian Edublogger Directory at: International Edubloggers Directory at: <br />Google Blogsearch at: <br />ESL/EFL/ELLBlog Carnival at<br />Podcasts<br />K12 Online Conference at:<br />Ed Tech Talk at:<br />TED Talks at:<br />Recording Video <br />Tech Tips Tuesday on Video:<br />Thirty Nine Interesting Ways to Use Video in the Classroom:<br />I will take home...<br /><ul><li>To try in the next week...
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