SME's and Mindset for Collaboration


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24th June 2014 I represented PERA Training, Scredible professional Services and Digital Youth Academy at the Institute of Collaborative Working's Conference focusing of SME's

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SME's and Mindset for Collaboration

  1. 1. Digital Linkages at The Institute of Collaborative Working Warwick Business School 24th June 2104 Penny Power OBE
  2. 2. How can Digital Channels support Collaboration, communication and connectivity My story
  3. 3. Who am I? • I am not academic • I am a small business, striving, adapting, growing • I need to collaborate • I need to understand what my skills are • I need to understand (and not fear) my weaknesses • I need to be able to find the skills my clients need • I need to have a wide, diverse and supportive network
  4. 4. I need to be someone that others are happy to be associated with • I need to have a brand • I need to have a VERY clear brand • I need to attract people • I need to show my values as a person • I need to be – Known – Liked – Followed
  5. 5. My background “I Built an online community” • 1998 – Ecademy – 4 years before LinkedIn – 6 years before FaceBook – 8 years before twitter • Pioneering is not easy • You have to be instinctive and true to your values • Culture was critical – Ethics – Shared Values – Allowed vulnerabilities – Allowed social and business – Encouraged reciprocity
  6. 6. Help others build their 3-way brand Personal Brand – who I am Service Brand Why we do it Business Brand - What we do
  7. 7. How can Digital Channels support and encourage Collaboration • Rewarding people –shares, likes and Klout • Appreciating value of Social Capital • The good rise to the top • Mindset and Culture • Tool and How to come second • Too much money spent on building infrastructure • No money spent on engagement and LOVE
  8. 8. How do you find new opportunities together You seek to find the issues that need healing and those that care about those people
  9. 9. Mindset and motivation • If people are NOT motivated they will never move to this new “country” • Then….. they need to learn how those people share, chat, discuss, support and love one another • They need to get on the plane and fly to the country and sit in the Café’s