QuickBooks Now Online Mkt Case Study


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QuickBooks Now Online Mkt Case Study

  1. 1. Creating and Marketing a Business Website Penny Lane info@quickbooksnow.com www.quickbooksnow.com Presented by: Penny Lane Crull
  2. 2. QuickBooks is #1 • QuickBooks is the #1 Small Business Accounting software, used by millions around the world. • Through my bookkeeping business, Business Matters, I noticed that small businesses needed more information from their accounting system, but their lack of ability, or their bookkeeper’s lack of ability, to use QuickBooks was getting in the way. • I started providing one-on-one training and consulting – which is effective, but costly, especially for learning the basics. I envisioned a better way….3
  3. 3. QuickBooks Now! is Born • Live classes to learn QuickBooks are a popular idea, but in today’s world, not very convenient and vary greatly in quality. • Learning to use software from a book doesn’t make much sense, very awkward. • Video tutorials are the most effective, but I envisioned something better than what was available on the market…..and created QuickBooks Now! Interactive Online Tutorial4
  4. 4. Penny Lane’s QuickBooks Now!Online QuickBooks Tutorial• Practical Instruction• Immediate Online Access• Completely InteractiveI created QuickBooks Now! so that people could access thetutorial immediately - anytime, from anywhere, online.Unlike other tutorial products, it’s completely interactive,students use the program while learning. 5
  5. 5. Getting Started in SEO “Being an online product with a wide audience, it was clear from the start that I would need potential customers to find my product on the web. I have no expertise in this area. I read a couple of books that were helpful, but the information was overwhelming. Enter Coryon. Together, we were able to outline and implement the SEO plan that I’m going to share with you today.”6
  6. 6. Keyword Example Keyword Local Monthly Searches (United States) [how to use QuickBooks] 1900Recent keyword researchindicated that “how to” was a [how to learn QuickBooks] 390searched for term that I hadn’t [QuickBooks how to] 210noticed before in relation tolearning QuickBooks. [how does QuickBooks work] 110 [how much is QuickBooks] 110Further research and filteringof this term resulted in a list of [how much does QuickBooks cost] 91keyword phrases I might use in [how to do payroll in QuickBooks] 73my content, or as a Google Adwords phrase to attract these [learn how to use QuickBooks] 58searchers. [how to do QuickBooks] 46 [how to use QuickBooks 2010] 36 7
  7. 7. Using Keywords - Keyword Rich Pages8
  8. 8. Using Keywords - Keyword Rich Pages • Keywords are used in the content on my site so that Google will identify that my site is about the keywords people are searching for. • I use my top keywords in my content as much as possible. Additionally, I create pages that are rich in one keyword phrase. On this page, for instance, I’ve chosen QuickBooks training and used it as many times as possible in my content.9
  9. 9. Using Keywords – SEO Plug In I’ve installed an SEO plug in on my WordPress website, which allows me to customize my page title, meta description and add meta tags to my pages – notice I’ve used my focus keywords for this page “QuickBooks training” here as well.10
  10. 10. Link BuildingGoogle likes incoming, outgoing and internal links11
  11. 11. Incoming Links – Directories • I started out by researching where my competitors were getting their incoming links using yahoo site explorer (no longer available), try: blekko.com linkbuilder.wordtracker.com or opensiteexplorer.org • I then went to the directories and other sites they got their links from and got listed on them as well whenever possible. • I also searched out online directories – general, small businesses, as well as education and created listings on these sites, mostly free and sometimes really detailed. Examples: manta.com, hotfrog.com, syracusedeals.com.12
  12. 12. Incoming Links + Online Presence via Social Online Marketing • The MOST effective online marketing tool I use is posting answers to people’s QuickBooks questions on community.intuit.com and quickbooksusers.com forums, as well as LinkedIn groups. Every time I post an answer – I get at least 1 link to my site from these sites, which have a lot of “link juice”. These are my best links, plus my answers stay on the forum indefinitely, sometimes viewed by hundreds over time.13
  13. 13. Posting on Intuit Community• Here’s an example of aquestion I answered onCommunity.intuit.com, that todate has been viewed 1026times• For some search terms, myanswers appear in the top 3on Google14
  14. 14. Other Social Online Marketing • I also post my blog articles on several sites, including: ezinearticles.com, usbusinesforums.com, work.com, ehow.com and blogger.com • I have a Facebook page and linked in profile that I update frequently • I have a YouTube channel, where I post demo videos • I answer questions on Yahoo! Answers • I have a Google blog alert and post comments on related articles15
  15. 15. Tracking Results • Google Analytics –for tracking keyword traffic and site usage • Google Webmaster Tools – tracking search query trends and incoming links16
  16. 16. Google Analytics17
  17. 17. Traffic to my site18
  18. 18. Google Webmaster Tools19
  19. 19. Links to my Site20
  20. 20. THANK YOU