How To Identify The Genuine Agate Jewelry


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How To Identify The Genuine Agate Jewelry

  1. 1. teach you how to identify the genuine Agate jewelry Discount Agate jewelry is commonly used in jewelry and sculpture, mosaic crafts a gem. True and false Kam-election is as follows: (1) Color: True color and distinctive bright agate, fake onyx color and light are less, more obvious contrast between the two. Natural red agate color distinct bands is obvious, careful observation, can be seen in the red band at a small red spots closely aligned. Using a false imitation stone agate, the majority was in the bottom of the petal-shaped pattern, network as a "daisy at the end of"; and dyed blue agate color bright, uniform, giving a false feeling. Discount jewelry made of agate is attractive for the bright color of agate. (2) Material: sham mostly agate stone imitation, contests agate soft texture, with the fake jade agate traces can be set aside, while the real thing is not zoned. On the surface, real agate has few flaws, poor quality, then more. (3) Process Quality: High quality agate strict and advanced production technology, so the surface brightness is good, inlaid firm,
  2. 2. no scratches, cracks. (4) Level: Water gall agate is the most precious agate varieties, characterized by cheap jewelry has closed hollow containing water. Agate stone at different levels, all with red, blue, purple, pink for the best, and require transparency, no impurities, no sand heart, no cracks; which block more than 4.5 kilograms of weight for the super, 1.5 kg more than the a 0.5-1.5 kilograms for secondary treatment. Agate, a natural color, but also post-processing stained. Natural colors are mainly red, amber and white. Among them, red is for the best. Sale of the blue, purple agate jewelry is not a color, is processed through the infected, and using fade after a few years will appear. The dyeing of natural variegated agate is mostly not easy to directly process into wholesale jewelry. How to identify genuine and fake agate jewelry? It can be divided into three areas to identify. (1) Transparency: Transparency not as good as synthetic onyx really good, a little chaotic, and some can see the natural water line or the "clouds" and the transparency of synthetic agate well as transparent as glass beads. The transparency is also like the jade jewelry. (2)Weight: true agate jewelry agate jewelry than synthetic heavier. (3)Temperature: real agate is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while the manual together with the external temperature changes agate, it is also hot, hot, cool days it cools. How to choose agate jewelry as engagement ring? First is to the election according to their own favorite colors. Red agate jewelry the most expensive, like the election agate beads necklace should be noted that each should be the same as the depth of color, there is no mottled, with the size of the beads should be appropriate, but also attention to finish better. Then, to bring to see if the vertical necklace, each bead whether it is hanging on a line, if the necklace appears bent, indicating some beads Yaner side, and rough machining process. See more information about discount costume jewelry on
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