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Pinterest for Nonprofits


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Shrita Sterlin participates in a roundtable session at the Maryland Nonprofits Social Media Bootcamp to help nonprofit organizations leverage Pinterest as a marketing tool. …

Shrita Sterlin participates in a roundtable session at the Maryland Nonprofits Social Media Bootcamp to help nonprofit organizations leverage Pinterest as a marketing tool.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Maryland Nonprofits Social Media Bootcamp Pinterest for Nonprofits July 11, 2012Presented by: Shrita D. Sterlin
    • 2. WelcomeMajor Topics What is Pinterest? Rules for Pin-Etiquette Is Your Nonprofit Pinnable? From Online Engagement to Offline Action Start Pinning!
    • 3. What is Pinterest?Pinterest is a content-sharing sitethat works as a virtual pin board
    • 4. Who uses Pinterest? Majority female • US: 83 % females • UK: 55 % males • Globally: 68.2% females Gender divide is shrinking as Pinterestexpands to other countries
    • 5. Who uses Pinterest?Female Worldwide United Kingdom United States Male 0 20 40 60 80 100
    • 6. Who uses Pinterest? whomake most of household spendingdecisionsWomen, 25-44 with disposable incomeNOTE: Women contribute most to nonprofits
    • 7. Why is Pinterest so popular? The simplicity of design Pinterest capitalizes on our love for stunning visuals, with the image taking Buzz © peter_waters - center stage
    • 8. Why is Pinterest so popular? Clean design, bold visuals and integration with Facebook and Twitter 24th most popular website in the United States, growing from 10 million visitors in January to 17 million visitors in April 1+ million users visit the site daily
    • 9. Why is Pinterest so popular? More referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined Users spend an average of 15.8 minutes daily Image credit: <a href=>logos / 123RF Stock Photo</a>111
    • 10. Pinterest fornonprofits
    • 11. Can Pinterest Help Nonprofits Numerous benefits: • Raise awareness • Connect with people based on social passions Makes sharing easy and effective © michaeljung -
    • 12. Can Pinterest Help Nonprofits Pins can raise awareness: • Pin something once or twice, and the likelihood of repin skyrockets • 80 % of Pinterest pins are repins vs.1.4 % of tweets are retweets
    • 13. 5 Rules ofPin-Etiquette
    • 14. Five Rules for Pin-Etiquette Don’t over pin Don’t sellWatermark images Be respectful Source images
    • 15. Can Pinterest really helpMy Nonprofit?
    • 16. Maximizing PinterestConnect with supportersLink Pinterest account to social mediaBuild your network Network © olly -
    • 17. Maximizing Pinterest Follow nonprofits with similar missions Include link to Pinterest boards on websites, blogs, emails and more
    • 18. 10 Best Practices forNonprofit Pinning
    • 19. Top 10 Best Practices1) Be a visual storyteller Show why your nonprofit matters and how it impacts the world
    • 20. Top 10 Best Practices 2) Add value to your supporters’ lives Give supporters a reason to follow you with meaningful content; use catchy board names Example: AARP’s recipes
    • 21. Top 10 Best Practices3) Create a contributor board Engage supporters by allowing them to pin their images to a special board Example: UNICEF
    • 22. Top 10 Best Practices4) Turn numbers into visuals Harness power for visual storytelling by transforming statistics and facts into visuals like infographics
    • 23. fromOnline Engagement to Offline Action
    • 24. Spurring Offline Action Online engagement alone doesn’t deliver action Strike balance between generating online engagement and inspiring offline action (e.g., donations or volunteers)
    • 25. 5 Ways to Spur Offline Action1) Brainstorm fundraising ideas Create a fundraising board andinvite donors and volunteers to pin their ideas for fundraising
    • 26. 5 Ways to Spur Offline Action2) Lend support through shopping Nonprofits can encourage supporters to lend support through daily shopping with a “gifts” board.
    • 27. 5 Ways to Spur Offline Action3) Change daily habits Inspire supporters to make small changes in their daily lives Example:’ includes a “Green Your Home” board with simple changes for a greener, daily living
    • 28. More Pinterest ResourcesJoin our mailing list to receive a FREEcopy of the FULL PowerPoint training andEBook “Pinterest for Nonprofits”[Available 7/11/12 – 7/18/12]
    • 29. Start Pinning! Share Your Pins: We post our favorites on the Penn Strategies Pinterest page