Low cost and no cost strategies for publicity for nonprofits. 7.24.12 [public]


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Shrita Sterlin of Penn Strategies shows nonprofits how to develop and implement public relations strategies that capture media attention, raise their profiles, generate support and improve their social media performance during Maryland Nonprofit’s summer workshop series. The session, entitled “Low-Cost and No-Cost Strategies for Generating Publicity and Press for Your Nonprofit.”

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Low cost and no cost strategies for publicity for nonprofits. 7.24.12 [public]

  1. 1. “Low-Cost and No-Cost Strategies forGenerating Publicity for Your Nonprofit” Maryland Nonprofits Workshop Series Shrita D. Sterlin of Penn Strategies July 24, 2012 2:00 pm — 4:00 pm © Penn Strategies 2012. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Learning Objectives 1.Create a compelling narrative 2.Use mainstream media to boost credibility 3.Hone social media marketing to give your story legs 4.Get recognized as an industry expert 5.Stage dynamic events to engage supporters
  3. 3. Buzz Building Basics What is buzz, and how do you know when you have built it? Why is building buzz for your nonprofit important? How can you use publicity to show your unique value?
  4. 4. Buzz Building Basics Publicity helps to communicate the difference your nonprofit makes
  5. 5. Buzz Building Basics Integrate and align public Regularly update internal relations and marketing and external stakeholders: plans with your volunteers, board nonprofit’s strategic plan members, donors, staff and clients (e.g., media, social networking, direct mail)
  6. 6. Buzz Building Basics Lack of publicity can mean a lack of: • Awareness • Fundraising • Volunteer support • Popular enthusiasm
  7. 7. Buzz Building BasicsPublicity success will: Raise public awareness Inspire supporters to support Translate enthusiasm into action Build fundraising support Brand your nonprofit and its leaders as industry experts
  8. 8. Storytelling:Create a Compelling Narrative
  9. 9. Create a Compelling Narrative The FIRST step for public relations success is to create a compelling story
  10. 10. Create a Compelling NarrativeSuccessful Storytelling: Attracts media interest and publicity Inspires an emotional connection Encourages people to take action
  11. 11. Create a Compelling NarrativeCommon challenges: Not providing relevant context Getting bogged down in statistics and studies No human face Great pictures no backstory You have limited window to connect. Make it count.
  12. 12. Create a Compelling NarrativeA compelling story does four things:1. Summarizes your core objectives2. Conveys your message with passion, humanity, genuineness and/or humor3. Puts a human face on abstract concepts, statistics and ideas4. Ends with clear call to action
  13. 13. How cannonprofitsbuild buzz?
  14. 14. Mainstream Media Outreach: Boost Your Credibility
  15. 15. Mainstream Media Outreach Social media, email and blogs are a great way to connect with supporters, generate awareness and raise your profile. But mainstream media coverage remains the golden standard for building credibility.
  16. 16. Mainstream Media OutreachMake connections: Establish media contacts Ask colleagues to make media introductions Schedule a series of “pad and pen” sessions
  17. 17. Mainstream Media Outreach Create a media kit: Overview, 400 words or less Thumbnail biographies List of key facts/statistics Testimonials Recent press clippings High res photos High res logo Collateral
  18. 18. Mainstream Media OutreachCraft powerful press releases: Current, newsworthy angle Did your organization publish a new report? Are you kicking off a big capital giving drive? Did your CEO or founder receive an award?
  19. 19. Mainstream Media OutreachBuild your media target list: Start by targeting local newspapers, TV and radio Use Google Alerts to monitor key words, subjects, reporters and trends Take advantage of free trials from Vocus, Cision, Meltwater and MyMediaInfo.com
  20. 20. Mainstream Media OutreachPitch your story: Tailor your pitch to match the media Know the journalist beat, story trends and audience Make sure your story is a good match
  21. 21. Mainstream Media OutreachPitch your story: Tie your pitch to current news trends or the reporter’s recent work Offer sound bites for local radio stations and visuals for local TV stations Give the reporter a list of other sources (and their contact info) for interviews
  22. 22. Social Media Marketing: Giving Your Story Legs
  23. 23. Social Media Marketing:Giving Your Story Legs Why social media is important to your publicity strategy:• The world is becoming more social• People share and learn online• You can kick start conversations about your nonprofit
  24. 24. Social Media Marketing:Giving Your Story LegsGet visual: Pictures and video draw and spark interest Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, and/or Tumblr  thrive on visual sharing Show your difference
  25. 25. Thought Leadership:Recognized as an Industry Expert
  26. 26. Thought Leadership:Recognized as Industry ExpertBenefits: Builds credibility Expands your nonprofit’s brand Helps with media source-filing
  27. 27. Thought Leadership:Recognized as Industry ExpertMarket your leader to local media: Pitch your ideas to your local nightly news, local NPR or radio Modify your nonprofit’s press kit to include your CEO’s qualifications, a brief biography, headshot and recent press clippings Expand outreach to regional and national organizations over time
  28. 28. Staging Events Be different; do something out of the ordinary that sparks media interest Place, timing and practicality are important Do not let the stunt overwhelm, contradict or confuse your message
  29. 29. Staging EventsVirtual events: Reach a diverse group of supporters with minimal time, energy and overhead. Record, repurpose and reproduce to share with media, supporters and on social media sites
  30. 30. Get Full Presentation Package43 slides, complete with handouts: Join our mailing list for your FREE copy today. eBook coming soon!
  31. 31. How will your nonprofit use these strategies to BUILD BUZZ? Share with us. For more tips: nonprofits@pennstrategies.com www.nonprofitpr.com www.nonprofittipsandtools.com © Penn Strategies 2012. All Rights Reserved.