Ash wednesay 2013


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Ash wednesay 2013

  1. 1. ChangingWater… ..into Wine
  2. 2. Conferences will be…. • Interactive • Challenging
  3. 3. New Evangelization & Year of Faith  What the Church does.  What the Church needs to do“They have no wine” (John 2:3)  Disciples, Martyrs and Witnesses  Mary and faith applied What’s missing? Reading the “Signs of the Times” Implementation The Church – then & now Personal discernment – gifts and charisms Sources: Observation • Benedict XVI, PortaFidei • Bible
  4. 4. Reading the “Signs of the Times”
  5. 5. “Faith impels us to read and discernthe signs of the times in the present history.” PortaFidei, Pope Benedict XVI, 2012
  6. 6. “The council yearns to explain to everyone how it conceives of the presence and activity of the Church in the world of today….
  7. 7. How does the Church do this ? (Scrutinize, interpret & explain?)…To carry out such a task, the Church has always had the duty of scrutinizing the signs of the timesand of interpreting them in the light of the Gospel.” (Vatican II, Gaudium et Spes – “The Church in the Modern World,” Para 2, 1965 )
  8. 8. “(The current times) should prove a stimulus to the Church:  To increase its vitality,  To take stock of itself,  To give careful consideration to the signs of the times,Always and everywhere „proving all things and holding fast that which is good.‟" (EcclesiamSuam, Encyclical by Paul VI “On The Church,” 1964)
  9. 9. And….how do we discern this? (next slide) Where were we? ……..  (Past) Where are we? ………  (Present) Where are we going? ..  (Future) What‟s good? ………..  (Keep or make better) What‟s not? ………….  (Change or discard)
  10. 10. An Interactive Exercise
  11. 11.  As a Church, where do we see:  An increase in vitality?  The Church taking stock of itself?  The Church giving careful consideration to the signs of the times?  “Holding fast that which is good"
  12. 12.  As a Church, where do we NOT see:  An increase in vitality?  The Church taking stock of itself?  The Church giving careful consideration to the signs of the times?  “Holding fast that which is good"
  13. 13.  As a believer:  Where do you see an increase in vitality in you life?  How are your taking stock of yourself?  Who helps you give careful consideration to the signs of the times?  What is good in your life to which you are, and should be, “holding fast?” (“Wine from water”)
  14. 14.  Asa believer, where does there need to be conversion/redemption:  What areas of your life are lacking vitality ?  What areas of your life have not been examined? (“Taking stock of yourself”)  Whom do you still need to consult to give “careful consideration to the signs of the times?”  What is NOT good in your life onto which you are still “holding fast?”
  15. 15. What is this that we’re doing? Why is this important? Extra Credit: What saint is famous for this process? What religious order did he found? What book did he write?
  16. 16. Kate, Andy (not their real names) and the “New Year’s Eve Party”
  17. 17. … Lent and you
  18. 18. Faith, Mary and theWedding Feast of CanaChanging Water… ..into Wine
  19. 19. Malvern Retreat HouseThe New Evangelizationand The Year of Faith
  20. 20. Roadmap: New Evangelization & The Year of Faith“They have no wine” (John 2:3) • What the Church does • What the Church needs to do• What’s missing?• Reading the “Signs of the Times” • Disciples, Martyrs and• The Church – then & now Witnesses• Personal discernment – gifts and charisms • Mary and faith applied• Sources: ▫ Benedict XVI, PortaFidei ▫ Bible Implementation Observation
  21. 21. The “New Evangelization”(vs. the “old evangelization”)Definition and Context
  22. 22. What the Church Does(Benedict XVI, Deus Caritas Est)• Kerygma – Proclaim the Word• Leitourgia – Sacraments• Diakonia - Charity
  23. 23. In the past – A Church of Disciples• From Latin discipulus ▫ Pupil ▫ Learner “Pray, pay and obey” ▫ Apprentice ▫ Might have a mission (though smaller) (Example: Luke 10:1-24 and the “70 disciples”)
  24. 24. Today’s Calling – Martyrs?• From Greek, “Martus” Types: Examples:• Blood • Poverty (simple life)• Public witness • Chastity • Obedience • Action for Justice • Charity
  25. 25. Calling and Faith• What the world – needs now: Why mind as well as heart? ▫ Credible witnesses ▫ People able to open the hearts of others (“Charity”) ▫ But also people “enlightened” in mind and heart.
  26. 26. A Time For Witnesses• 1 Peter 1:6-7 “Now for a little while you may have to suffer grief in all kinds of trials …• These have come so that your faith - of greater worth than gold - which perishes even though refined by fire …• …may be proved genuine …• …and result in praise, glory and honor• …when Jesus Christ is revealed.”
  27. 27. A Time For Witnesses• Is our current suffering a prelude to joy ?• “That is why, for Christs sake, I delight in weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, difficultie s. ..• For when I am weak, then I am strong.”• (1 Corinthians 12:10)
  28. 28. What the Church Still Needs To Do “At some point…• Benedict XVI …………………………….…... needs to lead to social responsibility.”• Practical activity insufficient unless: ▫ Expands love for man (“Heart) ▫ Informed by the “Word” (“Mind”) ▫ Nourished by encounter with Christ• “Charitable activities at all levels must avoid risk of becoming just another form of organized social assistance.” (Benedict XVI, Deus caritas est)• Caution: pelagianism
  29. 29. Faith in ActionMary as the Model
  30. 30. Faith Applied in Action:• Discern for yourself what the Lord is telling you during your retreat this year.• Discuss this three times with at least one person over the course of the next year.
  31. 31. Faith Applied in Action:• There are 18 Marian celebrations and feast days…• Celebrate just oneof these days that honor Mary this year.
  32. 32. Faith Applied in Action:• Commit to saying the Rosary (or Divine Chaplet) daily during October, the month dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary.
  33. 33. Faith Applied in Action:• Mary is mentioned close to 50 times in the New Testament. …• Over the next year, chose and read just one Marian story or passage.• Sit with and pray with this passage for one week from one Saturday to the next.
  34. 34. Mary as the ModelWhat to do:• Treasuring Memories ▫ “Pondering” What you might experience: • Joy• Meditation • Trepidation ▫ “Reflecting” • Trust • Confusion• Tasting ▫ The fruits • Wonder
  35. 35. End Presentation…The New Evangelizationand The Year of Faith