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2011 sequoyah powerpoint
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2011 sequoyah powerpoint


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  • 1. Introducing the 2011Children’s Sequoyah Masterlist
  • 2. VotingIn order to vote, children must have read voteor listened to at least three titles.Voting is in March March.Online voting is available andrecommended. d dVisit to gain access topromotional materials and vote reporting.
  • 3.
  • 4. The 100 Year Old Secret by T b Tracy Barrett B Upon arriving in London with their th i parents, 12-year-old t 12-year- ld Xena and her younger brother Xander discover that they are related to Sherlock Holmes and are heirs to his unsolved cases. They set out to solve a case of a missing portrait with the help of Watson’s great-great-great great-great- grandson. grandson
  • 5. The Trouble with Rules by Leslie BulionWith the help of her best h h h l fh bfriend, Nick, and the newgirl,girl Summer Crawford, Crawfordfourth grader NadineRostraver learns there aresome “rules” that need tobe broken, especially onethat says girls and boyscan’t be best friends.
  • 6. Women Daredevils: Thrills, Chills and Frills by Julia Cummins Short chapters and bright, lively illustrations tell of ten amazingly courageous and daring women at the turn of the 20th century who did stunts on airplanes, were shot from cannons, tamed tigers, and leaped from amazing heights.
  • 7. Obi, Gerbil on the Loose by Michael DelaneyAdventures begin when Obi d b h bWan Kenobi, a gerbil namedafter the Jedi knight in StarWars, has to break out of her"apartment" cage to find food apartmentafter her owner Rachel and herfamily leave on vacation andTad, the pet sitter, does notknow shes there in the housewith three cats a snake a cats, snake,tarantula, a dog and a parrot.
  • 8. Kenny and the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizzi Kenny, an oddball in his town, finds a best friend in a Dragon. When news Dragon reaches townspeople that a dragon is loose, they g , y want him killed. Kenny must find a way to save the Dragon while making the townspeople believe he has been killed.
  • 9. The Gollywhopper Games by Jody FeldmanLife has been hard since GilGoodson’s father lost his jobat the Golly Toy and GameCompany after being falselyaccused of embezzlement, soGil trains for the Gollywhoppergames, a multi-task contest oftrivia, puzzles and physical ,p p ychallenges, in hopes ofwinning enough money for thefamily tf il to get a new start. t t t
  • 10. Elevenby Patricia Giff Eleven-year- Eleven-year-old, dyslexic Sam, who often suffers f ff from fl hb k flashbacks and the fear of the number 11, enlists 11 Caroline, a good reader, to help him obtain and p read an old newspaper clipping to discover his mysterious past.
  • 11. All the Lovely Bad Ones: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing HahnBanned from their summercamp, twelve year old Travisand his younger sister Coreyspend their summer at theirggrandmother’s bed andbreakfast. After Corey readsan article about the inn thatsays it i haunted, the two of is h t d th t fthem set out to scare upmore business for theirgrandmother.
  • 12. Swindleby Gordon Korman Eleven year old Griffin Bing is “The Man with the Plan” and when he is cheated out of a Babe Ruth baseball card it will take Griffin’s greatest plan ever and a specially chosen team of kids to get it back.
  • 13. Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School and Other Scary Things d Oth S Thi by Lisa SchlitzAlvin Ho, who has notrouble talking athome, is unable tosay a single word atschool and mustfigure out how tomake friends, surviveschool, and act like agentleman. tl
  • 14. Too Much Flapdoodle p by Amy MacDonald Parker, twelve-year- Parker a twelve-year-old city kid who lives for his cell phone, internet and video games, fi d himself fly- finds hi lf fly- fl fishing, splitting wood, feeding animals, dealing with bullies and all the other “flapdoodle” at his eccentric Great G t-aunt M tti ’ and Great- t Mattie’s d Great- Great-uncle Philbert’s funny farm while his o e - a e s over over- protective parents are on vacation.
  • 15. Boys Are Dogs by b Leslie Ma golis MargolisAnnabelle is starting sixth- sixth-grade at a new co-ed school co-because her mother hasmoved them in with herboyfriend. F hb f i d For her cooperation iwith the move, Annabelle isgiven an unruly puppy, whichshe now has to train. Notknowing how to deal with theteasing ft i from b boys, AAnnabelle b llstarts using a firm voice andsimple commands on boys atschool-school- and it works!
  • 16. When the Wolves Returned: Restoring Nature s Nature’s Balance in Yellowstone by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent The wolves have returned to Yellowstone and with their return have brought a restored g ecosystem which was severely damaged when, beginning in 1872, 1872 hunters were allowed to kill off the wolf population. Color photos highlight the natural splendor and healthy wildlife that has reemerged in our first national park with the reintroduction of the wolves.
  • 17. The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy by Diane StanleyEighth-Eighth-grader Frannyand her friends probe dh fi d bwhy most of thestudents at their eliteboarding school areb a t, beaut u ,brilliant, beautiful,and perfectlybehaved.
  • 18. Nurk:Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew by Ursula Vernon A letter addressed to his adventuresome grandmother brings out the curiosity and bravery of Nurk, a quiet little y Nurk, q shrew, and sends him on a quest to rescue the dragonfly prince from the terrible Grizzlemole. Grizzlemole.
  • 19. The Floating Circus g by Tracie ZimmerTwelve-year-Twelve-year-old Owen declinesan orphan train that’s headedwest only to find himself fallingin with a completely surprisinggroup of eccentrics—circus eccentrics—performers on th River Palace. f the Ri P lAs this floating circus makes itsway down the Mississippi Mississippi,Owen slowly discovers that hisfellow workers aren’t freaks, ,but loners, like he is.