Earth As A System   Introduction
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  • 1. Earth as a System
    Honors Earth Science
    Mr. Pennington
    2009 - 2010
  • 2. SpaceshipEarth
    It is a well-provisioned ship, this on which we sail through space. If the bread and beef above decks seem to grow scarce, we but open a hatch and there is a new supply, of which before we never dreamed. And very great command over the services of others comes to those who as the hatches are opened are permitted to say, "This is mine!“
    Henry George
    Progress and Poverty(1879).
  • 3. Earth’s Spheres
  • Resources & Energy cycle through systems effectively & efficiently
    Hydrologic Cycle, Rock Cycle, CO2 to name a few….
    The Earth is Dynamic
  • 8. People & the Environment
  • 9. Resources
    People & the Environment
  • 10. Population
    People & the Environment
  • 11. Population
    People & the Environment
  • 12. Scientific Inquiry
    Models of Scientific Inquiry have two functions:
    provide a descriptive account of how scientific inquiry is carried out in practice
    provide an explanatory account of why scientific inquiry succeeds as well as it appears to do in arriving at genuine knowledge of its objects.
    Scientific Inquiry is pursued through a systematic and progressive protocol referred to as the Scientific Method
    Theory is an explanation of a set of related observations or events based upon proven hypotheses and verified multiple times by detached groups of researchers. One scientist cannot create a theory; he can only create a hypothesis.