New Hope for Kids Facebook workshop March 7 2013


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Learn the tips to understanding Facebook’s new features and master the tricks to integrate a Facebook fan page into your company’s marketing strategy.

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New Hope for Kids Facebook workshop March 7 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Workshop Expand Your Company’s Presence
  2. 2. Getting Started in Social Media
  3. 3. Jump Start Your Social Media• What is this thing called Facebook?• Break down the Facebook Timeline• How to use Facebook for your organization• How to create your Facebook Marketing Message
  4. 4. "Social media is good news to small business. It levels theplaying field." -- Karen Mills, administrator of the SmallBusiness Administration
  5. 5. Facebook Facts and Figures• Monthly active users now over 1 BILLION• 20% of all page views on the web are on Facebook• 425 million mobile users• 2.7 billion “likes” per day• 57% of users are femaleSource:
  6. 6. Facebook Definitions• Timeline is your page: your stories, photos and videos, friends, favoriteactivities/interests• The News Feed: continuous stream of updates about your friends’activities; appears on your Home page• A Friend: someone you are connected to on Facebook. Friending is theact of sending someone a friend request; all friendships have to beconfirmed by both people• Like: clicking Like gives positive feedback• Activity Log: tool that lets you review and manage everything you shareon Facebook• Admin: people who create and manage activity
  7. 7. Personal Profile Page
  8. 8. Facebook Branded
  9. 9. Facebook Images• Cover image replaces landing page• Cover Art Guidelines: Do Not put contact info, calls to action,or arrows pointing to the Like or Share button• Brand the heck out of your company! Include brand images,logos and visually appealing graphicsCover photo: 851 x 315Profile picture: 180 x 180Thumbnail image for apps: 111 x 74Highlighted & milestone images: 843 x 403
  10. 10. Facebook Fan Page Posts• Four filters: Highlights, Posts by Page, Posts by Others, andFriend Activity; default is always Highlights• Pin posts: Posts pinned to the top of the wall for up to 7 days• Highlighted Posts: Will take up both sides of the page to bringspecial attention to a specific post
  11. 11. Facebook Admin Panel• Notifications• New Likes• Messages• Insights• Manage your page
  12. 12. Facebook Promoted Posts • Works with all posts: status updates, photos, offers, videos and questions • Shown in the news feed of fans • Friends of fans who interact with your page will see it
  13. 13. Facebook Promoted Posts vs Facebook Ads
  14. 14. Facebook Promoted PostsPromoted posts can also be targeted by language or location byclicking on the public button when creating the post and adjustingthe options.
  15. 15. Facebook Promoted Posts Promotions can be paused or budgets adjusted by clicking on the gear menu in the bottom-left-hand corner and selecting “stop promotion” or the pencil icon “budget.”
  16. 16. Facebook Promoted Posts Once the promoted post goes live, admins can access data on the number of Facebook users who have seen the posts, as well as the percentage of users who like their page who have also seen the posts.
  17. 17. Facebook Tools: InsightsPeople Talking About This (PTAT): help brands track engagement ontheir page and measure the ‘word of mouth’  Total number of people who have interacted with your page  Available on a post-specific level  Determine which type of content connects with your fans Facebook insights also provides: • demographic data - including gender, age, location and language • Clearly define brand’s target audience • Content for future posts
  18. 18. Facebook Tools: Schedule Posts
  19. 19. Facebook Graph SearchLive search bar that allows users to find what their friendshave liked or recommended as well as photos of friends.
  20. 20. Facebook Graph SearchHow to get the most out of Graph Search:• Make sure your Facebook page is as complete as possibleIf you haven’t categorizing your page, Facebook will make decisionsfor you, or you won’t be featured at all
  21. 21. Facebook Graph Search• Use key words in your About Section
  22. 22. Facebook Graph Search• Only directly shared photos and videos will show in photo andvideo searches
  23. 23. Facebook Graph Search• Make sure you tag each photo with your Page name and anylocation associated with the photo
  24. 24. Tips and Tricks for Facebook• Tagging your organization or your fans using the @ sign• Using Facebook asyour organization• View your Insights:time of day, types of posts
  25. 25. Facebook Marketing• Post events, promotions, photos and videos• Ask & answer questions• Share your stories• Inform, Educate and Entertain
  26. 26. Facebook Marketing Message
  27. 27. How to Inspire Fans• Sharing your stories with picturegalleries and videos• Link to your site for volunteer anddonation information• Ask sponsors to match your efforts ontheir fan page
  28. 28. Facebook Marketing MessageWhat’s it all about ….• Facebook is about relationships• Being personal is everything• Successful Facebook marketingcampaigns revolve around personality• People like Facebook for entertaining stuff
  29. 29. Fans like to be entertained
  30. 30. Facebook Marketing Message • Extend reach of your organization – updates on new services, programs, volunteer opportunities • Make it sharable – offer value and they will return the favor by sharing with their network • Make stuff exclusive – offer whats just out of reach and make them "Like" your Page to get it! They win. You win. Everyone wins.
  31. 31. Social isn’t the place for the hard sell Social media is all about building relationships and growing trust. • answering questions • providing helpful information • trusted resource Sometimes it’s better to talk less and listen more Doing social media well doesn’t mean you need to be anywhere and everywhere. Social media isn’t free
  32. 32. What did we learn?• How to use Facebook fan pages – remember to checkyour insights and develop a posting schedule• Tips and tricks of using the Facebook Timeline• How to create a marketing message
  33. 33. Questions??Connect with Penney FoxFacebook: FoxInteractiveFBTwitter: @foxinteractivePinterest: penneyfoxEmail: Web: