social media marketing presentation part II


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frameworks for thinking about social media marketing

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  • -when people say “social media is a fad”, I think of the top 2 triangles here.
    -social media might change platforms, but the shift to digital communications is unquestionable and undiminishing
  • social media is a subset of how the exchange of information is changing
  • Old Media
  • -before social media, we had one to one and one to many communications
    -we didn’t necessarily have all the communications we wanted, we had the communications we could afford
    -social media dramatically reduces the transaction costs for communicating (think of the newspaper clip example)
    -with many to many communication, we’re able to communicate more information to mroe people than we ever have before, and it will only change every institution that deals with information
    -before, there were clear distinctions between conversation and broadcasting, now the lines are much more blurry
  • Getting found means more ways for your customers to enter your sales funnel
  • -A note about integrating marketing campaigns
    -put your websites, usernames, etc. on your traditional media (including your business cards)
    BTW- it’s about, it’s becoming acceptable to put your blog or twitter username on your mail signatures and business cards (MAKE IT EASY TO FIND YOU ON THE WEB)
  • -Everyone participates in social media at a different level, from the inactives to the content creators
    -groundswell authors describe 6 overlapping levels
    -INTERACTIVE: do a poll straw to see where people in the class are, compare in to groundswell statistics
  • -forrester research has a profile tool online that you can use to get a sense about how your customers participate online
    -INTERACTIVE: do a poll straw to see where people in the class are, compare in to groundswell statistics
  • Profile your customers a level deeper, the forrester tool is a good place to start, but only gives you rudimentary demographic information, your customers are a smaller group
  • -objectives, should be SMART objectives:
    Specific - Be precise about what you are going to achieve.
    Measurable - Quantify your objectives.
    Achievable - Are you attempting too much?
    Realistic - Do you have the resources to make the objective happen (men, money, machines, materials, minutes)?
    Timed - State when you will achieve the objective (within a month? By February 2018?)
  • There are 5 general types of social media objectives: listening, talking, energizing, supporting, and embracing
  • -also try searching [product name] sucks or [product name] fail
  • -good for something complex, anything that requires education or resources, especially useful for B2B, customer groups with a lot of spectators
  • Costs:
    gift giveaway= 30 x $150 = $4500 (plus shipping)
    website design = $1k? $2k?
    social media person (who they were employing anyway) = $0
    legal $1k? $5k?

    There were 50,655 wishes made in 30 days. That’s over 50 thousand mentions of sephora, each to an average number of twitter followers (say 100). That’s 5,000,000 mini advertisements. Say 10% of people actually saw them (because of how Twitter works). That’s half a million WoM endorsements right to Sephora’s target market.
  • This blender retails for $400.
    Can you create a 1 minute video and upload it to youtube?
    This video has almost 8M views. (Plus views from their other videos).
    Search for “best blender” on google
    It’s all about WoM kids.
  • -aka crowd sourcing
    -some companies have taken it to the extreme, but others have used crowd sourcing to generate advertising ideas, new products, product names, product features, etc.
  • -the tools we talked about at the beginning can be combined with an objective to create a strategy.
  • -the net sees censorship as an attack and will move to defend itself through sharing
  • The basic business metrics you should measure are:
    Number of transactions
    Number of customers
    Number of new customers
    But you can’t measure that through social media, you get these metrics:
    Website visitors
    Brand awareness
    Newsletter sign-ups
    Facebook fans
    Blog comments
    Social mentions
    Visitor satisfaction index
    The key is finding the links between the two. Start with small budgets. Find winning strategies, and dump the losers. Barrow best practices. Be creative.
  • social media marketing presentation part II

    1. 1. Shi! Happens
    2. 2. the Shift is Fundamental
    3. 3. one to one = conversation one to many = broadcasting many to many = coordinated communication?
    4. 4. Traditional Media Social Media Timing Filter then Publish Publish then Filter Supervision Planning Coordination Content Professionals Ametuers Creators Broadcast AND Style Broadcast OR Conversation Conversation Costs High Low Ordered Chaos (like Process Ordered (like making a car) making a coral reef) Small and Medium Size Large Groups Groups With and Between Conversation To Customers Customers
    6. 6. Visitors to Leads Leads to Prospects Prospects to Customers
    7. 7. Visitors to Leads Leads to Prospects Prospects to Customers
    8. 8.
    9. 9. Objectives People Strategy Tactics
    10. 10. Where are you on the technographic profile? http:// Groundswell/ ladder.html
    11. 11. Where are you on the technographic profile?
    12. 12. Where are you on the technographic profile? profile_tool.html
    13. 13. People = Audience People = Audience Pyschographic Behavioral Demographic
    14. 14. Objectives
    15. 15. Listening
    16. 16. Listening = Research
    17. 17. Listening Tools
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Talking
    20. 20. Talking = Marketing
    21. 21. Sephora’s Sephora Claus
    22. 22.
    23. 23. Energizing
    24. 24. Energizing = Sales
    25. 25. Blendtec’s Will it Blend?
    26. 26. Supporting
    27. 27. Supporting = Support
    28. 28. irobotcreate/
    29. 29. Embracing
    30. 30. Embracing = Development
    31. 31.
    32. 32. From the Trenches “The Streisand Effect” #pepsifail
    33. 33. What about ROI
    34. 34. Hiring for the DARC Ages D = Digital Citizens A = Analytical Chops R = Reach on the Web C = Content Creators DARC-Ages-HubSpot-eBook
    35. 35. Some Social Media To-Dos 1. Dedicated a Social Media Email 2. Inter-connect Platforms 3. Lead from the Top, but Have 1 Leader 3. Create Social Media Guidelines 4. List Your Influencers - (w/ Social Media Info) 5. Create a Social Media Action Plan and Calendar 6. Develop an Internal Social Media Policy
    36. 36. Q&A