Pen interact capturx product overview
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Pen interact capturx product overview



Pen interact the distributor of Adapx Capturx Solutions in the Middle East.

Pen interact the distributor of Adapx Capturx Solutions in the Middle East.



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Pen interact capturx product overview Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Capturx Data Capture Solutions from Adapx: Streamlining Mobile Data Capture
  • 2. Adapx OverviewHelping teams streamline data capture since 1999Capturx solutions for tablets, digital pens, and paperDelivering results to a range of industries, agencies and military teams “Adapx…immediate, tangible results.”
  • 3. Field Teams Struggle with Data CaptureMillions of mobile workers collecting and sharing data• Soldiers gathering intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR)• Field service and inspection teams keeping pipelines, substations, equipment running• Healthcare teams tracking patient care, documenting researchCumbersome paper processes and devices get in the way…• Soldiers struggle with complex menus, keyboard data entry on ISR systems• Field teams struggle with fragile devices, keyhole views, paper needed for compliance• Computers are awkward with patients, paper needed for research compliance, auditsAnd create significant risk• Battlefield data goes uncollected, situational awareness limited• Identification and resolution of field asset issues delayed: physical, legal, financial risk• Patient care suffers, data entry costs persist, compliance risk to research projects
  • 4. Capturx Products Streamline Data Capture Capturx Speech & Sketch Capturx for Digital Pens and Tablets Handwritten data on forms, maps, and plans Sketched symbols and spoken jargon instantly instantly integrated into Office, CRM, ERP, become digital C2 and ISR data using tablets, SCM using tablets or paper and digital pens handhelds, wall & vehicle displays
  • 5. Capturx for Digital Pens and Tablets Write on paper with Data instantly digitized, Instant access to rich PDF digital pens or enter formatted, aggregated in image files with original data into tablets data tables on servers handwriting
  • 6. Capturx Uniquely Delivers for Mobile Data Capture Only Capturx offers: So mobile teams can: Digital pens and tablets Speed up field workflows • Pick the right tool for the job • Get paid faster • Single solution for paper and all devices • Identify and resolve issues faster • Tablet and pen data available on SharePoint • Make decisions faster Easy form design with Excel Lower admin and paper handling costs • No custom coding to create & update forms • No more shipping paper • Forms work with paper, tablets, PCs • No more data entry • No new training, or proprietary apps • No more scanning Instant access to rich, standards-based data Reduce Compliance Risk • Converted data and image files • No more missing documents • Real-time user-defined workflows • No more inaccessible data • Easy integration with other apps
  • 7. Capturx Commercial Products and ServicesField and Lab Note Taking Mobile FormsCapturx for Microsoft Office OneNote • Data written on paper forms instantly digitized • Character recognition, data tables, rich image files • Data capture with tablets using forms designed in Excel Capturx Forms for Excel Data integrated into Excel for desktops and workgroups Capturx Forms Service Data sent to cloud service for reporting, workflow, routingGIS Data Capture for MappingCapturx for ArcGIS, ArcMap, GeoPDF, Google Earth Capturx for SharePoint Server Data sent to on-premise server for reporting, workflow, routing Blueprint, CAD, PDF Markups Capturx Markup for PDF
  • 8. Mobile Forms: Rich Data AccessCapturx Forms for Excel and SharePoint Data accessible in original• Anyone can design forms using Excel handwriting and as• Write data on ordinary paper converted, formatted text• Data integrated into Excel or SharePoint Faster workflows Reduce paper handling costs No more missing documents • Easy review, editing Data aggregated in structured • Record of date, time, author data tables / lists accessible:  by other software apps  for user-defined workflows  as PDF image files w/keywords Network World “Awesome” "best-in-show product” Fortune “Very Cool!” Content Management Systems “How Cool is that?” SharePoint Tech “Cool thing at the show”
  • 9. Mobile Forms: Create Rich PDF Files Each individual file contains layers: • Original handwriting • Date, time author stamp for each entry • Searchable converted text
  • 10. Capturx Mobile Forms: How It Works1. Simple Setup 2. Flexible Data Capture 3. Instant, Rich Data AccessDesign Forms in Excel PCs, Laptops, Tablets Data Aggregated on Servers• Existing or new spreadsheets • Log-in to server • Capturx Forms Service • Write in form or table view • Capturx for SharePointPublish & Print Plain Paper and Digital Pens Data Instantly Accessible• Existing or new spreadsheets • Print, write, send data • Structured data & Handwriting • User-defined Workflows • Integration into CRM, ERP, SCM, ECM
  • 11. Mobile Forms and Windows TabletsThe Benefits of Capturx How It Works• Design Excel form once for data • Create, complete, and review collection on both paper & tablets forms via online browser• Support tablets with • Type or handwrite with tool provided no custom development by Windows• Automate workflows • Capture signatures or sketches with with actionable data finger or stylus Write on screen & convert Type into the to text using Windows on-screen keyboard handwriting recognition
  • 12. Mobile Forms for iPads and Android TabletsThe Benefits of Capturx How It Works• Design Excel form once for data • Create, complete, and review collection on both paper & tablets forms via online browser• Support tablets with • Use on-screen keyboard no custom development and date wheels • Capture signatures or sketches• Automate workflows with finger or stylus with actionable data Data entry through Capture signatures Pick from date wheels on-screen keyboard and sketches by writing on screen
  • 13. Flexible Workflows: Alerts & NotificationsData Capture Triggers Alert Instant Capturx Processing Automated, Real-Time AlertsCould be based on: • Data instantly sent to CFS • Alerts via email, text messages• Checkbox • Aggregated and processed • Customizable subjects, messages• Data values • Can include extracted data, image• Data collector files• Date, time, location ATTN: New Medicare Enrollment ATTN: New Lab Report ATTN: New Medical Record ATTN: Survey Complete ATTN: Overtime Alert
  • 14. Sample Workflow: Approvals & Back-End Integration1. Mobile workflow starts 2. Email sent to manager 3. Instant Data Integration• New time card submitted for review & approval • Payroll / timekeeping• New order submitted • Mail with link to form • Order entry system ATTN: Review timecard • Hit approve button Integration into a range of CRM, ERP, SCM, ECM systems including: • Microsoft Dynamics • • EMC Documentum • IBM Maximo • Oracle • Kronos • …and many others
  • 15. Capturx Forms Deployment OptionsCapturx Forms for Excel – Print forms and aggregate data on desktops, file folders using ExcelCapturx for SharePoint Server – Print forms and aggregate data in SharePoint deployed on premiseCapturx Forms Service – Print forms and aggregate data on the hosted Capturx Forms Service
  • 16. Getting Data from the Capturx Server andForms ServiceCapturx for SharePoint and the Capturx Service provide options for:• Managing data and workflows within SharePoint• Using Capturx to route data to other apps (with or without simple data review)• Using Capturx and SharePoint notifications and workflows to trigger data transfers Capturx Service Rich Data Access Capturx for SharePoint Automated Workflows • Structured data in SharePoint Lists, SQL • Standard SharePoint workflows • PDF files with ink, text layers • Capturx Notifications Workflow • Date, time, author, GPS validation (REST-based change notification) <?xml version="1.0"?> <catalog> <record id="bk101"> <aut>Schneider</aut> <title>XMLGuide</title>Export SharePoint SQL queries to SharePoint Import or link data Web Services access List data to Excel List / SQL Server from SharePoint List to send XML to Access
  • 17. Broad Range of CustomersDoD & Intelligence Oil, Gas, & UtilitiesHealthcare and Life Science Agencies 30+ Case Studies:
  • 18. Broad Range of Scenarios  Inspections  Service Requests  Emergency Response  Maintenance  Surveys Legal Services  Healthcare  Inspections Clinical Trials
  • 19. General Web LinksSolutions for Digital Pens Speech & Sketch for C2 & C4ISR• • Demos C2 Video Demos• • Case Studies C2 Customers and Programs• • programsData Sheets and White Papers Data Sheets and White Papers• •
  • 20. Media and Partner Videos"Microsofts Perspective on Future of Risk & Compliance” – MSDN Blog - Feb 16, 2010 –"The Office Show: Storytelling with Office 2010" – Channel 9 MSDN - Sep 21, 2010 –"Publish digital notes to OneNote books on the Intranet, Extranet..." – Coffee Talk Preview - Dec 20, 2010 –"Adapx Digital Pen is a Breakthrough- Video Demo" – PC World - Jul 23, 2009 – DPS Solutions Powered by Capturx – for ArcGIS – ESRI User Conference Keynote –
  • 21. Press: 150+ Articles – Oil & Gas Product News "Business Management w/ Digital Pens” - Oct 19, 2011 – Network World "Software digitizes handwritten text, data; integrates w/ SharePoint Oct 11, 2011 – Healthcare IT News "The pen is mightier“ Sep 29, 2011 – Inc. Magazine "10 Tech Innovations to Help Your Business"- Aug 18, 2011 – Fire Engineering "Data Capture during Joplin Tornado“ - Aug 8, 2011 – American Surveyor "Military Surveying: Then and Now“ Jul 5, 2011 – Mobile Enterprise - "Digital Pens Streamline U.S. Courts Processes“ Jun 28, 2011 – Utility Products News - "Field Safety Inspection Reporting“ Mar 21, 2011 – Oil & Gas Product News "Bringing well services into the digital age."- Nov 5, 2010 – Law and Order - Police Equipment News "Capturx Digital Pen and Paper Software“ - Dec 13, 2010 – GPS World "NGA Deploys Capturx Geospatial Software, ENFIRE 5.0 POR"- Nov 2, 2010 – TechFlash "Get a maple bar Mr. President: Barack Obama visits Adapx“ - Oct 21, 2010 – Top Ten Reviews Capturx for OneNote Award "Excellent Choice...Tried and Tested“-Aug 9 – Civil Engineering News "Automating Paperwork for Civil and Environmental Engineering...“- Jun 1 – Field Technologies Online "City of Seattle Automates Paper Forms, Decreasing Processing Time“ Sep 30 – IDG - Computer World "For top-notch writing-to-text capabilities, we recommend Adapx...“ Sep 17 – National Defense: NDIAs Business and Technology Magazine "Turning Pens Into Digital Combat Tools“ Sep 13 – Fortune Small Business "Pen 2.0: Your Scribblings Going Digital“ - Nov 20, 2009 – Government Tech "Digital Pens Aid Infrastructure Threat Assessments in AZ“ - Aug 5, 2009 – Business Week "Favorite Tech: Mapping Fire Lines Digitally” - Feb 18, 2009 – Gartner Group “Cool Emerging Technology Vendor” April 2008 – Computer World "Use digital ink on real-world documents" - May 29, 2008 – The Washington Post "Adapx Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote“ - Jul 16, 2009 – PC World "Adapx Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote“ - Jul 16, 2009