OWBC Ch. 5: Toddlers, Triplets, and Tears


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OWBC Ch. 5: Toddlers, Triplets, and Tears

  1. 1. Toddlers, Triplets, and Tears…oh my! It must be an Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge!Last chapter Ori and Phillip came home from college and started a family. First they had Lulu and then Phillip gotabducted and Tegenaria joined the family. At the very end of the chapter Ori found out that she was expecting again.Sound familiar? Good, then let’s continue!
  2. 2. Phillip snuggled sleepily against his wife, Ori.“Honey?” Ori said quietly.“Mmm?” Came Phillip’s response.“I have some good news. We’re expecting again!”
  3. 3. That woke Phillip up, “What? Really?”“Yep, I popped into the second trimester last night. We’ve been so busy with Lulu and Teg that I hadn’t even noticedthe signs.”“Wow! Another baby, huh?” Phillip was grinning as he turned to give Ori a kiss. “I already can’t wait to meet him orher.”“I’m excited too,” Ori replied with a smile.
  4. 4. The rest of the family was just as thrilled to find out at breakfast later that morning.“Well we’re always excited about more grandbabies,” Pao said as he and Wacky smiled.“It will be crazy to have two toddlers and a baby in the house but I think I’m up for the challenge,” Benjamin chimed in.“Yes, at least the number of adults will still be higher than the number of children,” Wacky said.
  5. 5. Now that she knew she was pregnant Ori had become aware of how tired and hungry she often felt, but as heiress anda mother of two there were plenty of things that needed to be done around the house. One of those things was toteach Lulu how to talk, a task that Ori was enjoying but also finding very frustrating.“Come on Lulu, I know you can do this. Say Mama!”
  6. 6. “NO!” Lulu replied quite forcefully.
  7. 7. Then suddenly her face lit up and she cried, “Puppy!” Missy the wolf had just walked into the room.
  8. 8. Ori sighed. “Your daughter is being very stubborn,” she said to Phillip who was studying behind her.“She gets it from you,” Phillip replied as he tried not to laugh. “And at least she is talking, even if her first word is ‘no’and not ‘mama’.”“Very true,” Ori replied. “Alright Lulu, that’s enough for the day.”
  9. 9. Lulu giggled happily and crawled over to where Missy had laid down to snuggle the wolf and surprisingly Missytolerated it.
  10. 10. It seemed that Lulu had everyone in the house wrapped around her little finger. She was very good at charmingpeople when she wanted to but she became cranky quickly when things weren’t going her way. She had a particularlyclose bond with her grandfather, however, and they could often be found playing together.
  11. 11. Pao also took it upon himself to teach Lulu how to smutsle, which she seemed to really enjoy.(Okay, flip through the next few slides quickly and note how Lulu’s arm motions actually seem to match Pao’s! Andyes, this was autonomous!)
  12. 12. “And that’s how it’s done, Lulu! Good job!” he said as the song ended.
  13. 13. Even though Lulu demanded a lot of attention, Tegenaria was rarely without someone to play with him or feed him aswell.
  14. 14. And when Lulu was asleep Pao always took the time to get in a few snuggles.
  15. 15. With her parents frequently taking over child care, Ori was able to spend some time studying neutral magic. Sheknew, somehow, that once this baby arrived she would have a lot less time on her hands and she wanted to at leastknow some household chore spells that might make things like cleaning easier with three babies underfoot.
  16. 16. Phillip spent his free time either studying or working on Ori’s heiress portrait.
  17. 17. And when it was finished he hung it in their bedroom alongside the picture that Ori had painted of him.
  18. 18. To Benjamin it frequently seemed like he wasn’t needed to help with the children so he turned to other pursuits. Paoand Wacky had been trying to join the garden club for ages but each time their application was denied. He knew thatas a plant sim he had new gardening abilities that could produce wondrous results and so he was often found in thefreshly planted garden talking quietly to the plants, encouraging them to grow. Pao and Wacky would occasionally joinhim to help with weeding.
  19. 19. Benjamin had also decided to comply with Wacky’s request that he stay young to watch over the family and while heno longer needed to eat, his diet now consisted largely of elixir.
  20. 20. With so much going on time seemed to pass quickly and soon Ori found herself near the end of her third trimester.She had to admit that she couldn’t wait for this baby to arrive. For whatever reason she was having a very hard timegetting comfortable and she was now almost constantly starving and tired. She had given up studying magic and wasmerely concentrating on keeping her food cravings satisfied in between naps.
  21. 21. “I just don’t understand it, baby,” she said to her round belly as she sat down to eat. “Lulu never made me thisuncomfortable and restless. I sure hope that means you are ready to arrive soon and not that something is wrong.”
  22. 22. After eating Ori went back to bed, but try as she might, she could not get comfortable.
  23. 23. Finally, she got back up because she needed to use the bathroom.
  24. 24. She was on her way back to bed when the pain hit her.“Phillip?” she called. “I think the baby is coming!” She added quietly to herself, “finally…”
  25. 25. Phillip rushed into the room, remembering just what it had felt like to have Tegenaria.“Come on honey! You can do this!” he said, trying to give Ori as much support as he could.
  26. 26. And soon Ori was holding a little girl with her blue eyes and Phillip’s blond hair.“Welcome my little trouble maker,” Ori said with a smile. “It’s good to finally meet you.”
  27. 27. “She’s gorgeous! Just like her mother,” Phillip said as he began to walk over to them. “What do you want to nameher?”“I was thinking Pixie…” Ori began and then suddenly stopped, a strange look crossing her face.“Ori? What’s wrong?” Phillip asked, a hint of worry in his voice.
  28. 28. “I’m not sure,” Ori said. She carefully set Pixie down the floor before she doubled over in pain again.“Oh geez! I think we’re having twins!” she cried.
  29. 29. Afraid of hurting the first baby Ori attempted to move to the other side of the room, but she didn’t get very far.“What? Really? Are you sure?” Phillip asked as he hurried to her side.“Yes I’m sure!” Ori cried. “The labor pains say there is definitely another baby coming!”
  30. 30. And sure enough, a few moments later Ori was holding a boy with brown hair and his mother’s eyes.“Wow! Twins!” Phillip smiled as he walked over to take the baby from Ori. “What should we name him?”
  31. 31. “How about….” but again Ori stopped. “Oh no…” she moaned.Phillip’s smile turned to a look of panic, “Now what’s wrong?”
  32. 32. “I don’t think he was the last baby,” Ori panted as she doubled over in pain again.“What?” Phillip hurried to put the second baby down in case Ori needed more help.
  33. 33. “Triplets? Or more?” Phillip was visibly panicking now“At least one more,” Ori cried as the labor pains took over for a third time.
  34. 34. Soon Ori was holding another little girl, this time with her brown hair and Phillip’s dark blue eyes.Phillip looked at his wife and asked, “How are you feeling now?” He was smiling but he couldn’t keep the worry out ofhis voice.
  35. 35. Ori smiled faintly, “Much better, but very tired.”“Do you think that’s the last one?”“Yeah, I do,” Ori replied.“Thank goodness,” Phillip said softly.“Tell me about it,” Ori replied. “I do not want to have to go through that a fourth time!”“So what do we want to name them?” Phillip asked.“I’m thinking Palmer for the boy and Polly for the girl. What do you think?” Ori asked.“Perfect,” Phillip replied.
  36. 36. “Now how about you rest and I’ll get Benjamin and your parents to help me set up extra cribs and feed these three,” headded.“Thank you,” Ori replied as she handed Polly over and headed to bed.
  37. 37. In the other room Lulu was playing with her toy bunny head again, “New grandbabies!”“Yes it did sound like your mother was having your newest sibling,” Pao replied. He had chosen to remain with Luluthroughout the screaming, knowing that Phillip would call for help if needed.“Siblings,” Lulu answered with a giggle. “Three!”“Well maybe twins,” Pao said, thinking that the labor had seemed to last longer than any he had ever experiencedbefore. “But not triplets.”“NO! Three!” Lulu said forcefully.
  38. 38. Just then Phillip emerged from the bedroom, carrying Polly, “Pao? Can I get your help? Ori had triplets and I can’tfeed them and set up the extra cribs by myself.”“Triplets? Really?” Pao said jumping to his feet. “I’ve never heard of that happening!”“Me neither,” Phillip replied. “But I certainly just saw it happen.”“Of course I’ll help. Let me go get Benjamin and Wacky as well.”“Thank you!” Phillip said, he sounded strained.“Three!” Lulu giggled again and Pao briefly wondered why she seemed to have an uncanny knowledge of events thatshe hadn’t witnessed before he was distracted in helping with the babies.
  39. 39. It took all four of the adults but eventually the babies were fed, changed, and put to bed.
  40. 40. And an additional 9 flamingos were added to the army on the front lawn.
  41. 41. Then Phillip turned his attention to his other son. In all of the excitement and panic the fact that it was Tegenaria’sbirthday had been temporarily forgotten so Phillip helped him with his toddler transition without any sort of ceremony.“I promise we’ll have a nice party for your next birthday,” Phillip said as the now toddler Tegenaria landed in his arms.“Now let’s at least get you something nice to wear.”
  42. 42. A short time later and Phillip had changed Tegenaria’s clothes and brushed out his hair.The little guy was a Gemini with a 1/10/10/6/7 personality or very sloppy, a future naked hot tubber, active, playful, andnice.
  43. 43. Phillip was now just as exhausted as his wife so he left all the children in the very capable hands of their grandparentsand went to bed.
  44. 44. Ori didn’t even wake up when he joined her and as he snuggled close he whispered, “I’m glad you and the babies areokay. It’s going to be crazy but I know we’ll make it.”Then he too quickly fell asleep.
  45. 45. The next morning Phillip woke up feeling refreshed. The house may have contained two toddlers and three babies butthe good news was that Lulu would become a child later that day. Having a slightly more self-sufficient child would bea blessing at the moment.Lulu was thrilled to be woken up by her Daddy and she giggled as he tickled her, “Who’s Daddy’s little princess?”“Me!”
  46. 46. But before they had a party later that evening it was time to get in a few more skills. Phillip took on teaching Tegenariato talk while Pao taught Lulu to sing a nursery rhyme.
  47. 47. Teg appeared to be an eager learner and was soon babbling away even if he wasn’t forming full words yet. Phillip wasthrilled when his son quickly caught on to the word “Dad” and began repeating, “DaDaDaDaDaDa,” over and over.
  48. 48. Pao was also having success with Lulu, who was always happy to do something her beloved grandfather wanted herto do.
  49. 49. When she was able to sing the chorus without much prompting from Pao he picked her up and gave her a snuggle asa reward.“I’m going to miss being able to do this,” he said quietly. “They certainly do grow up too fast.”
  50. 50. “Gonna be a big girl!” Lulu replied with a huge smile.Pao couldn’t help but smile back, “Yes you are! And your party guests should be arriving at any moment.”
  51. 51. Lulu’s party was largely a family affair and her Uncle Windling, Aunt Ivy, and cousins Mint and Cedar were among thefirst to arrive.Mint quickly monopolized her grandfather’s attention.“Wheeee!!!” she cried as he swung her around in circles. Pao smiled, Lulu may be growing up but he’d soon be ableto play more games with her.
  52. 52. Ori soon managed to get everyone inside so that Lulu could blow out her candles and join in on the fun.
  53. 53. Lulu was particularly enamored with the candles and Ori thought it best to blow them out as soon as possible beforeLulu burned herself.
  54. 54. Lulu was eager to become a big girl and did not wait long once her mother had put her down to begin the transition.
  55. 55. “This is so cool!” she said a few moments later as she surveyed everything from a much higher height.
  56. 56. Before she even grabbed some cake, however, she ran off to the bathroom to fix her hair. And while she didn’t mindher purple dress she decided that she would want to get something with a bit more pink in it as soon as possible. Butfor now she wanted to meet her guests.
  57. 57. While Lulu was fixing her hair in the bathroom the adults were settling themselves around the house to catch up and itseemed that there was only one topic of conversation…“Triplets? How on earth did you not know?” Omar asked Ori.
  58. 58. “I cannot believe that Ori had triplets,” Windling said as he sat with his parents and wife. “I mean I thought havingtwins was stressful.”“And we have a toddler and a brand new child running around to watch as well,” Wacky replied.“At least Ori and Phillip have you both and Benjamin to help with the babies though,” Ivy chimed in.
  59. 59. Downstairs the rest of the men were shooting a game of pool.“Dang man. Triplets” Ricky said, feeling very glad they weren’t his.“Yeah…” Phillip kicked at his pool stick. “Ori and I haven’t gotten a whole lot of sleep in the past 24 hours and that’seven with all the help we’ve been getting.”“Yeah but triplets!” Ben Boolpropia cut into the conversation. “Shows all the ladies just how manly and fertile you are!”
  60. 60. This just earned Ben a look from everyone.“Really glad it hasn’t happened to me though,” he added.
  61. 61. As the adults discussed the new additions to the house Lulu hurried to meet her cousins.“Hi!” she said brightly. “I’m Lulu! Who are you?”“I’m Mint and this is my twin Cedar,” Mint replied.“Are you called Mint cause your skin is green?” Lulu asked.
  62. 62. But before Mint could answer they were all distracted by Teg crawling into their midst and demanding attention.“Pway!” he cried.“Is this your brother?” Mint asked.“Yeah. Half brother actually. Dad got abducticated or something like that and came back with him. He’s kind ofstinky.”“That’s how our Dad got here too,” Cedar chimed in.“I think he’s cute and he isn’t stinky right now,” Mint added.“He will be soon though,” Lulu replied. “Want to play?”
  63. 63. “I do!” Cedar said and Lulu immediately turned her hand into an imaginary gun and cried “BANG! I shot you!”“Nuh-uh!” Cedar said giggling. “You missed!”
  64. 64. The two quickly had a rowdy game going and after Lulu kicked her in the head Cedar insisted that Lulu had to be theone to get shot and die.
  65. 65. Mint meanwhile sat down to play with Tegenaria.“It’s cool that you have green skin like me,” she said. “And I don’t think you’re stinky.”
  66. 66. Eventually Lulu and Cedar tired of their game of Cops and Robbers and returned to visit with Mint. Omar and Ori,seeing that the kids were going to be calmer for a bit had headed into the kitchen to join the conversation there.
  67. 67. “This is the bestest birthday ever,” Lulu said matter-of-factly. “I know we’re going to be good friends.”And Mint and Cedar agreed.
  68. 68. The party broke up a little while later but Lulu was up bright and early the next morning. She couldn’t wait to get toschool to see her cousins and she happily hurried out to catch the bus when it arrived.
  69. 69. She was greeted by Wacky when she returned home later that day.“How was school honey?” Wacky asked.“It was awesome!” Lulu replied. “Mint and Cedar and I hung out at lunch and then this boy chased me around theplayground at recess but I didn’t mind cause I got to kick sand in his face. But Grandma? Can we go get a new outfit?This one isn’t pink enough.”Wacky laughed. Lulu certainly was outgoing like her. “Of course we can sweetie.”
  70. 70. “So here’s the local H&M store,” Wacky said as they arrived. “Best place in town to pick up a new outfit.”“This is awesome!” Lulu grinned.They went inside and browsed the shelves and it didn’t take Lulu long to find exactly what she was looking for.
  71. 71. “What do you think Grandma?” she asked when she emerged from the dressing room.“That looks great dear! I like the green trim.”“Me too! But I like the fact that it’s mostly pink better. Can I get this one?”Wacky smiled, “Sure! Do you want to see if you can find some pink pajamas and a pink coat as well?”
  72. 72. “Oooh! Can I? You are the bestest Grandma ever!” Lulu replied.
  73. 73. Now that Lulu’s birthday was past things settled into a bit of a routine as the four adults attempted to handle threebabies, a toddler, and a child.Just like when she was a toddler Lulu loved spending time with her grandfather. So it was frequently Pao that sheasked to help her with her homework.
  74. 74. Or to read her a story.
  75. 75. And when Lulu was at school Pao was the one who was in charge of repairing broken appliances around the house.
  76. 76. As everyone else was busy with the babies.
  77. 77. Or, in Ori’s case, running the family business.
  78. 78. And with so many children underfoot, Phillip thought it best to spend some of his (very limited) spare time readingabout parenting skills.
  79. 79. And he found that his studying proved to be useful, especially when it came to teaching Tegenaria.“Come on Teg! Come to DaDa! I know you can do it!” Phillip said as he encouraged Teg.
  80. 80. And he was again thrilled when his little boy came wobbled toward him uncertainly and reached for a hug when hefinally arrived.
  81. 81. Yes everyone was busy, and Wacky was tired.
  82. 82. It had been coming on gradually for awhile and at first she had thought that watching over the triplets, Lulu, and Tegalong with helping Ori at the business was just wearing her out.
  83. 83. But eventually, she came to the realization that perhaps her time was starting to run out.
  84. 84. And that worried her. She had to tell Pao, even though she really did not want to. It wouldn’t be fair for him to nothave any warning at all on the day that Grim arrived for her. After all, he was quite a bit younger than her and wouldhave to be able to carry on without her for awhile.
  85. 85. Over the next few days she looked for a time when she could talk with Pao alone but with such a full house it seemedlike everyone was always around.
  86. 86. It wasn’t until late one night when, for once, all of their grandchildren and children were asleep and Benjamin had goneout with the pack that Wacky found the time to sit down and talk to Pao alone.She decided to cut straight to the point, “Pao, love, there is something I need to tell you.”“Oh?” Pao asked.“I’ve been feeling for a few days now that my time is close to running out. I wanted to tell you so that it wouldn’t be asmuch of a shock when I go.”
  87. 87. “I…but…you aren’t that old,” Pao said. “I’m not ready for you to leave.”
  88. 88. “And I don’t want to leave you behind but I’m afraid we aren’t going to get much of a choice in the matter,” Wackyreplied gently.“But what am I supposed to do without you?” Pao asked.
  89. 89. In response Wacky climbed into his lap. “You’ll be strong for the rest of the family. You’ll help Ori and Phillip with thegrandkids and you’ll take good notes so you can tell me about everything I missed when you finally follow me.”
  90. 90. Pao didn’t know how to respond to that so he simply kissed Wacky. “I love you, you know,” he said.
  91. 91. “And I love you,” Wacky replied pulling Pao close. “It will be hard but I know you’ll manage.”
  92. 92. Getting up from the couch Wacky led Pao back to their bedroom. She might have been running out of time…
  93. 93. …but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to enjoy the time she had left.
  94. 94. It was a good thing they had had the discussion when they did because only a few mornings later Wacky awokeknowing that it was her last day.
  95. 95. And she was determined to spend all of it with her family. So the first thing she did was convince Ori to move the timeof the triplet’s birthday party up to noon instead of the usual evening party and she insisted on being able to help withthe birthday cakes.
  96. 96. Only family was invited and the residents of the main house were both excited to no longer have three babies in thehouse and terrified about the prospect of dealing with four toddlers! They all still cheered as Wacky, Phillip, and Oribrought the babies to the cakes, though.
  97. 97. “Here goes nothing,” Ori said as she tickled Pixie. “I just hope we can keep up with you all once you start crawling!”
  98. 98. Phillip smiled, “That’s why we turned the basement into a temporary nursery. We’ll be able to watch them all at once.Although I am going to miss the pool table while it’s in storage…”
  99. 99. Wacky just laughed, “It will be worth it Phillip.”
  100. 100. And with that all three adults blew out the candles for the triplets.
  101. 101. And then tossed them up for their transitions.
  102. 102. And suddenly there were three more toddlers in the house.
  103. 103. None of whom had faired all that well in terms of outfits and hairstyles.
  104. 104. So Ori and Phillip wasted no time in getting their triplets appropriately dressed. Ori combed out Pixie’s hair and foundher a cute little dress.And she was as sweet as she looked: a 5/3/7/3/7 Pisces or a fairly neat, shy, active, serious, and nice little girl.
  105. 105. Palmer got to keep his hairstyle but was dressed in less formal attire.He was a bit ornerier than his slightly older sister with a 5/9/3/3/5 Leo personality. In other words he was a fairly neat,outgoing, lazy, serious, and fairly nice sim.
  106. 106. Polly got a complete makeover as Ori cut her hair short and dressed her in a cute sundress.Polly had the most extreme personality of the three as a 10/2/7/2/6 Virgo or a neat, shy, active, serious, and nice sim.
  107. 107. Wacky made sure to spend time with all three of them, hoping that perhaps they would be able to remember her.
  108. 108. Of course she also played with Tegenaria.
  109. 109. And gave Lulu a tight hug.Displaying again her uncanny ability to know exactly what was going on Lulu whispered, “I’ll miss you Grandma!Come say hi when you are a ghost okay?”“Oh honey. I’ll miss you too but I promise I’ll always be nearby. Don’t forget that I love you okay?”“I love you too, Grandma!”
  110. 110. Ori was less perceptive than her oldest daughter but she couldn’t miss the fact that Wacky was giving out more hugsthan usual.“Is there something wrong, Mom?” she asked when Wacky hugged her.“Not at all,” Wacky replied. “You know I think you’re doing a great job as heiress right?”“Yes,” Ori answered.“Good.”
  111. 111. As the birthday party wound down and the guests began to leave Wacky made sure to say goodbye to all of herchildren that no longer lived at home.
  112. 112. Next she went and gave a hug to Benjamin.“What’s this for?” he asked in surprise. Wacky had never hugged him before.“Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me and my family,” she said.
  113. 113. “You’re welcome of course,” Benjamin replied.
  114. 114. The very last person Wacky sought out was Pao.“I’m afraid it’s time,” she whispered quietly.
  115. 115. Pao pulled her close and gave her a passionate kiss.“I’m not ready for you to go,” he replied.
  116. 116. “I know,” she answered with a sad smile. “I’m sorry.”“Don’t apologize,” he said. “I’ll follow you when I can.”“I love you,” she said.
  117. 117. “And I love you,” Pao replied before dipping her for another kiss.
  118. 118. Wacky took an involuntary step backwards when Pao brought her up out of the dip as the world around her seemed togo silent.
  119. 119. Then Grim was standing before her as hula girls danced.“WACKY BOOLPROPIA. YOUR TIME HAS COME,” the reaper said.“Do I have to leave Pao behind?” Wacky asked. She could see him crying even if she couldn’t hear him anymore andit was breaking her heart.
  121. 121. “A drink? Really? Cool! Well if you promise that Pao will be along soon…”“I DO, WACKY BOOLPROPIA,” Grim replied. “NOW IT IS TIME TO GO.”
  122. 122. As Grim and Wacky were talking more of her family had hurried outside. Ori ran to her father, wanting to say a propergoodbye to her mother, while little Teg toddled out of the house and was frustrated that he could not get down thesteps to reach his grandparents.
  123. 123. Across the yard Benjamin had been in the process of bathing the wolves when grim arrived.“NO!” he cried when he saw what was happening across the yard.
  124. 124. “It’s not possible…She can’t be gone…”
  125. 125. But Wacky was fading away.“I love you!” she called one more time as Grim ushered her to the beyond, even though she knew Pao couldn’t hearher.
  126. 126. And then she was gone and Pao was left alone as Ori noticed Teg crying out on the front porch and hurried to comfortthe toddler.
  127. 127. In the wolf yard Benjamin was staring in disbelief at the spot where his beloved Wacky had just been standing as thewolves beside him howled their grief.
  128. 128. Downstairs the triplets were aware that something was wrong and Ori and Phillip hurried to tend to them as well.
  129. 129. Without saying anything to anyone Pao slowly headed back inside and climbed into his and Wacky’s bed, choosing tosleep on her side rather than his. The pillow still smelled like her hair and it comforted him.
  130. 130. Preoccupied with their own grief, no one noticed that Benjamin had not yet moved from the dog yard.“She’s…gone…just…gone…” he kept repeating to himself, trying to believe it but not wanting to.
  131. 131. And then finally the tears came as he realized he would never get to talk with her again and that he was stuck herewatching her family without the possibility of moving on and getting a family of his own for at least another twogenerations.
  132. 132. “What am I going to do?” he wailed as he sobbed into his hands.**********
  133. 133. Farewell Wacky Boolpropia! You made my OWBC silly and lots of fun to play. Thanks for being an awesome founder!I’d say that I’ll miss seeing her around but she haunts constantly so you’ll be seeing her again as well! ------->
  134. 134. And to try and end on a slightly lighter note: here’s a picture of Fuzzy attempting to hug Benjamin Long…Fuzzy: “Awww….Benjamin! You need a hug!”Benjamin: “No touchy!”Fuzzy: *pouts*Happy simming!