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Steps to Finding a job is a Power Point presentation brought to you by Learn how to research an employer and how to answer interview questions.

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Find a Job

  1. 1. Steps to Finding a Job Simple and Easy Job Search Tips
  2. 2. College or Not?If I get a degree will there be a better job waiting atthe end for me?No one can guarantee you employment at the end ofyour training course.The way to decide is to access your goals. What doesyour chosen career require?If you haven’t decided on a career, try internships orpart time work to see what you like to do.
  3. 3. Getting Ready to SearchPrepare your resumeSet up an email addressGather referencesEdit your social profilesSet up an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of jobs towhich you applied
  4. 4. Where to LookNewspapersCollege Career CenterCounty Job Center http://bestcareers.jobamatic.comJob AgenciesJob FairsOnline Job BoardsCorporate WebsitesSocial Networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedInTemp Jobs
  5. 5. Preparing for the Job Interview Research the Company: The information that you should be looking for includes: Company history Shareholders Recent mergers or acquisitions Company size Key people within the company Type of products and services offered Who their target market is Mission statement, policies and values
  6. 6. Where to Learn About Employers Company Website LinkedIn Press Releases Google Places Local Business Directories and Chambers Google Alerts
  7. 7. Employment TestingPersonality Test covers Emotionalstability, Extroversion, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness,OpennessSkill Tests – such as typing, lifting, and writing.Aptitude Test – include numerical problems, reasoningproblems and your written skillsIntegrity Test - An integrity test shows how honest you areand what type of ethics you believe in.Drug Test – Sampling to determine drugs in your system
  8. 8. Interview Success TipsPractice -- before going on an interview you should take the time to practice with afriend or family member. Get them to ask you all kinds of questions.Check out the Company -- research the company before hand. Make notes of anyawards and achievements that have happened recently. Be sure you know the nameand position of the person interviewing you.Be prepared – make sure you are dressed appropriately. Take extra copies of yourresume. It doesn’t hurt to take a notepad and pen with you too. This helps to create aprofessional appearance.Be on time – you want to arrive at least five or ten minutes before your scheduledinterview time. It may be worthwhile to visit the company the day before so youknow exactly how to get there and where to park if necessary.Relax – being anxious at a job interview is normal but try to remain as relaxed aspossible. Look your interviewer in the eye and concentrate on what they are saying.Make sure you understand the question before answering.Show Your Skills – when answering questions try to include ways that your currentexperience and skills can be used in the answer.
  9. 9. Interview Q & AWhat did you like or dislike about your last job? Try not to be too negative.Answer: I enjoyed the people I worked with and made personal connectionswith many of them. One of the reasons why I want to leave is that I am notchallenged in my current position. I really did enjoy working there but feelmy skills would be better put to use in a company where there is room forgrowth.What problems did you have at your previous company? Always include apositive outcome. Answer: I always tried to solve a problem by talkingabout it directly with the person concerned. With one issue I had it turnedout that is was simply a matter of misunderstanding the information. Theissue was discussed and resolved quickly.What do you consider your best strength? Use skills that fit therequirements of the job you are applying for. Answer: I have always overdelivered on my sales goals and received a yearly bonus for doing so. Or: Ihave excellent time management skills and am organized and efficient.
  10. 10.  What are your salary expectations? To answer this effectively you should know what wage this type of position brings in your area. Answer: Give a salary range of what you expect to be earning. Or: Ask for more information on the requirements and expectations of the job before the salary is discussed. Why do you want this job? There are various answers for this question use the following as a base. Answer: Your website states that your company is young and growing and I would love to be a part of this growth. Or: This job is a great fit for what I have been interested in during my career. I love the thought of having both long and short term goals to reach.
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