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Online Jobs for Kids from is a book about working from home. Teens can write blogs, offer services, art or IT help, or sell used items for money. This book is great for teenagers who are to young to work in retail for in fast food.

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Online Jobs for Kids

  2. 2. IntroductionWorking online and offline to make money is easy! You don’t have to have a product to sell, you can sellaffiliate products. This means you refer people to other websites and make a small commission if youmake a sale. You can also make money by showing ads on your website. A third way to make money isto sell services on sites like Fiverr. Finally, you can do odd jobs in your neighborhood. Making Money with BlogsPreparationBefore you do anything, you have to prepare. The most important step is to research a keyword.Without a good keyword, you have nothing. A keyword is a phrase that people are searching for onGoogle, Yahoo or Bing. Keywords become your article titles, YouTube channel name, Facebook titles,website titles, website addresses, and titles for ads. For instance, people might be searching for“Recipes” but a good keyword has a lot of searches every month with few competing websites. Youdon’t want to choose a keyword for which there are many strong websites competing with you. In ourrecipe example, a better keyword would be one that is more specific such as “Chocolate Pie Recipe”. Aneven better keyword would be one that you can make money with. How do you know if a keyword isgood or not? I use software called Micro Niche Finder, however, there is a free way (although not nearlyas good) to get a general idea if a keyword is usable. Go to 1. Insert your keyword 2. Fill out the Captcha 3. In the left menu, check {Exact} 4. In the left menu, uncheck Broad 5. Look at the results, “Chocolate Pie Recipe” has Low Competition and 6,600 Local Monthly Searches. This is a good keyword.
  3. 3. You want keywords with more than 850 Local Searches [exact] and less than 10,000 Competing Sites. To know how many competing sites there are, go to Google and search your term with “quotes” such as “chocolate pie recipe” and see how many sites come up in the results. If you scroll through all the pages that come up for “chocolate pie recipe”, you will find only 469 results. Other places to get keyword ideas are to look at, where people sell and describe their websites in detail.What to Do With Your KeywordBuild a website! For beginners, I recommend free website builders such as, Hub Pages,Squidoo and We really like Blogger. (You can own your own website which entails buying adomain, and signing up for hosting. We will not cover that here.) The name of your website will be yourkeyword. The URL address will also have your keyword in it such as: Start making posts with your keyword and with relatedkeywords. For example, you can have other pie or chocolate recipes there. You can get content byresearching Wikipedia, getting information from YouTube videos, and by reading other’s articles. Do not
  4. 4. copy content word for word. This will get you into trouble. Content is the most crucial part of yourwebsite. Do not overuse ads and affiliate links. They should come second. Important! You must useand fill in Settings for your Blog, Pages and for your Posts to add titles and description. These SEO tagswill help Google find your website and rank it on page one of search results. Also be sure to addelements such as titles, pictures, videos, bold, and italics to your articles. If you are using Google Bloggerto host your website, use the Layout to add features like Google News and Google Plus.How do you make money with this? You add Google AdSense ads to your blog. This is very easy to dowith website builders like Blogger and Weebly. You will need an account with Google AdSense though.If you are a teenager, ask your parents to help you with this. After you sign up, you will be given an id.Be aware that some free builders like Weebly will take some of your AdSense earnings. AdSense is a fastway to earn. You are not trying to sell something; you just make money when someone clicks the ad!Your Google ad should appear at the top of your page, match your color scheme, and be a largerectangle for best results.Other ways to earn are to add Amazon and Clickbank to your sites. There are hundreds of other choicesof affiliate products on sites such as Commission Junction, Linkshare and ShareaSale. Remember again,monetization comes second after good content. If your content is good, money will follow. SECRET TIP:My favorite way to earn money is in the employment niche. You can add job boards to your blog withIndeed or Simply Hired and get paid by the click!Promote Your Website or BlogPromotion is very important. Without it, no one will visit your website. Here are a few free ideas. 1. Set up a Facebook page. After you get 25 Likes (which you can buy at Fiverr), you can claim a unique user name. This means your page can be something like “ Google will actually find this page and rank it in their search results! A Facebook page alone can make you money if you promote your affiliate links there! 2. Take your .com address and articles and submit them to Pingler and Pingoat 3. Take your .com address and submit it to Digg and Reddit 4. Set up other free websites and add links pointing back to your first website. 5. Write articles with your link and submit them to article directories. 6. Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools 7. Write answers on Yahoo Answers and with your link as the reference website. 8. Set up free ads on Backpage and Craigslist 9. Comment on other Facebook pages with your link. 10. Comment on Blogs and Forums with your link. 11. Make YouTube videos promoting your website. You can also make money just with your YouTube video. Just go into Video Manager, Edit, Info and Settings and choose monetization to add Google AdSense!
  5. 5. 12. Promote your YouTube videos by using the strategies above. Set up multiple channels with your keywords. 13. Guest post on other blogs. ( 14. Use Bookmark4you and Social ADR 15. Add your site to Statbrain, and Quantcast 16. Put your link on Pinterest 17. Post your website articles to Twitter Write for MoneyIf you don’t want to operate a website or blog, there are websites that will pay you for your articles.Look into, Constant-Content and Another option is to start your own websiteand sell PLR. (Just add a PayPal button to your site to collect money.) PLR are articles that you write andsell to others with the understanding that the article can be changed and rewritten any way the buyerlikes. Website owners like to buy PLR articles and use them on their websites. Making Money with FiverrFiverr is a website that lets you sign up and offer mini jobs to people for 5 dollars. If you go to the site,you will get an idea of what kinds of jobs you can do. You can use talents you already have, or learn anew skill or technique and sell that. Here are a few other ways to use Fiverr to make money:Offer reviews by making videos for people about their websites or products.Buy marketing services from Fiverr at $5 and resell them for more money on sites like the WarriorForum and Ten Bux.Sell Twitter followers and Facebook Likes on Fiverr. (First get your own followers by paying for them onFiverr.)Buy logos, Fanpages and followers on Fiverr and resell to local businesses.Offer blog posting, writing articles, or Facebook comments.If you have talent, try voice overs, singing, photography and graphic design.If you have technology skills, offer websites, removal of computer viruses, and programming.Give travel tips or sell crafts and jewelry.
  6. 6. Sell Stuff OnlineGazelle – Sell iPads, external hard drives, GPS devices, satellite radios, Blu-ray movies and other gadgetsNextworth – Trade in iPhones, iPods, iPads, Video Games, SmartphonesTarget, Radio Shack and Best Buy – Trade old electronics for gift cards!Buymytronics – They will buy old cell phones, iPods, camcorders, digital cameras and game consolesiOffer – Sell or Trade Clothing, Handbags, Jewelry and many more items.Amazon - Multiple ways to sell stuff here. 1. Sell used games, music and books in the marketplace. 2.Concentrate on books. Go out to garage sales and libraries and find old books. Look them up onAmazon and see how much they are selling for. Put together a whole box of books and ship them toAmazon fulfillment. List your books and Amazon will pack and ship them for you. Offline Ways to Earn MoneySo far we have talked about working online. If this is not for you, there are the traditional ways to earnpocket money such as:  Babysitting  Car Washing  Cleaning Houses and Businesses  Raking Leaves  Mowing Lawns  Planting Shrubs, Trees and Flowers  Mother’s Helper  Pet Sitting  House Sitting  Avon  Mary Kay  Snow Removal
  7. 7. ConclusionAs you can see, you can make money working online with websites, blogs, selling gigs, andwriting. Be wary of scams and survey type sites where you work a lot for a little money. Youcan make money offline by working for family, friends and neighbors. If you want to get atraditional job working for restaurants, clothing stores, ice cream shops, movie theaters, hairsalons, bowling alleys, or camps, see our website: This sitespecializes in employment for teens ages 14 through 18! If you have any questions or commentsabout this book, post your question to If you wantto share this book to your friends, give them this link: