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Pender's Pick the Pops 2012 | Concert Band Sheet Music



2012 Pender’s Picks the Pops: Concert Band | New and bestseller concert band sheet music arranged for beginning through advanced concert band, as chosen by our buyers. Click on the cover images to ...

2012 Pender’s Picks the Pops: Concert Band | New and bestseller concert band sheet music arranged for beginning through advanced concert band, as chosen by our buyers. Click on the cover images to listen to sample audio and view pdf excerpts and/or scores (where available); add to an online Shopping Cart to immediately purchase from Pender’s Music Co. ( [Note: Prices and availability are accurate, to the best of our knowledge, through February 2012. Not responsible for changes in format or availability of the products offered and/or for publisher price increases].



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Pender's Pick the Pops 2012 | Concert Band Sheet Music Presentation Transcript

  • 1. New Publications & Bestsellers for Beginning to Advanced Concert Band Scroll through the interactive slideshow to view the new and bestseller concert band sheet music arranged for beginning through advanced concert band, as chosen by our buyers: audio • Click to listen to music sample/excerpt* sample • Click to view pdf excerpts and/or scores* • Click the TITLE to go to website; add to online Shopping Cart; purchase immediately [Note: Prices and availability are accurate, to the best of our knowledge, through February 2012]concert band sheet music *where available
  • 2.  (Grade 1-)  Here are rock classics from the group Queen in a beginning level arrangement that uses only quarter notes and half notes (except percussion). Includes: Another One Bites the Dust and We Will Rock You. arr. Michael Sweeney audio 6964100 $35.00
  • 3.  (Grade 1-)  Paul Lavender has skillfully arranged this stadium anthem so that even beginning bands can "rock on." What a great motivational tool for your young players! arr. Paul Lavender audio 13701800 $35.00
  • 4.  (Grade 1)  High on the list of rock bands, loved by fans and reviled by critics, heres a straight-forward Michael Story arrangement of Journeys Any Way You Want It. arr. Michael Story audio sample 22466100 $50.00
  • 5.  (Grade 1)  This hard-hitting arrangement of Steppenwolfs biggest hit is certain to be a favorite with your first year band students. arr. Michael Sweeney audio 1155500 $35.00
  • 6.  (Grade 1)  Green Day, a pop punk/rock band from Berkeley, California, is considered one of the most popular bands in the world. Brain Stew is the third single from Green Days album, Insomniac. The song appeared as Brain Stew (The Godzilla Remix) in the TriStar Motion Picture GODZILLA, and is currently in the video game Runescape and Guitar Hero World Tour. Due to its simplicity, many Green Day fans believe that Brain Stew has become one of the first songs to appear in the repertoire of arr. Victor Lopez many garage bands. audio sample 21549900 $50.00
  • 7.  (Grade 1)  From her TEENAGE DREAM album, pop superstar Katy Perrys inspirational multi- week number one hit, this piece is set at a medium rock tempo. Right off the music video to your beginners stands, this tune will have them inspired to practice day and night! arr. Michael Story audio sample 23190100 $50.00
  • 8.  (Grade 1)  Number one in the early 60s, Hey! Baby! has been performed by numerous artists but its probably best known in recent years in the blockbuster film DIRTY DANCING. Accessible for your beginners, this classic rock tune is a solid choice! arr. Michael Story audio sample 21550300 $50.00
  • 9.  (Grade 1)  From the hip-hop rock kids "In the City" CD, heres Kevin Rudolfs driving tune that just stays on the charts. Built on the eighth-note pulse, the aggressive melody is introduced. Your students will love performing what theyre hearing on the radio. Cutting- edge pop for your beginners! arr. Roland Barrett audio sample 21550400 $50.00
  • 10.  (Grade 1)  Based on the WORLD OF WARCRAFT: TAVERNS OF AZEROTH original game soundtrack composed by Jason Hayes, Victor Lopez has crafted an arrangement of Lions Pride that is incredibly playable and just perfect for your beginning band. Bring the excitement of the "gaming" music right into your beginning band room. Very exciting! arr. Victor Lopez audio 23190300 $50.00
  • 11.  (Grade 1)  Superb scoring of this Spanish classic for beginners, with an easy change from 3/4 to 4/4. arr. Paul Lavender 1171900 $35.00
  • 12.  (Grade 1)  Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye was initially recorded by the pop-rock group Steam and became a number 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in the late 60s. Having been recorded by multiple artists since then, it is still popular today, sung and played at sporting games across the USA. Paul Cook has stirred up this hot young band arrangement that will have your students clapping and singing and your audience joining in. A real multitasking musical winner! arr. Paul Cook audio sample 23190400 $45.00
  • 13.  (Grade 1)  This heros theme is John Williams musical thread that ties all the films together. Skillfully arranged by Jack Bullock for your beginning band, the iconic march from the movies is certain to be just the ticket for your beginners. Raiders March will be a bold musical statement on any program! arr. Jack Bullock audio sample 21353000 $50.00
  • 14.  (Grade 1)  Ben E. Kings classic love song gets a treatment from Mike Sweeney that is exceptionally playable and will be widely enjoyed by beginning bands. arr. Michael Sweeney 1129100 $35.00
  • 15.  (Grade 1)  The Beach Boys classic comes alive in this terrific arrangement playable by first year musicians. Plenty of fun! arr. Michael Sweeney audio 1135200 $35.00
  • 16.  (Grade 1)  This arrangement of 25 or 6 to 4, one of jazz-rock band Chicagos biggest hits, will make your band sound huge while bringing this classic pop tune to life for your beginners! arr. Michael Story audio sample 23191700 $50.00
  • 17.  (Grade 1)  As performed by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, this Domingo Samudio tune will be all the rage. The Michael Story rendition has all the energy of the original but scored for beginners. A rousing choice! arr. Michael Story audio sample 20545600 $50.00
  • 18.  (Grade 1+)  Turn your percussion section loose on this rousing feature number originally from the 60s, but turned into a hit by the Sugarhill Gang in the 80s. Guaranteed fun! arr. Michael Sweeney audio 20992900 $35.00
  • 19.  (Grade 1+)  Recorded by Lady Gaga, here is her recent huge hit in a solid arrangement for beginning players. arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 23283800 $35.00
  • 20.  (Grade 1+)  The Beatles, the band that "changed everything," continues to influence the music industry today. Easily forgotten as the monster hit that it was, the song was a delicate and melodic ingredient that had a definite place in making up the Beatlemania of 1964. Originally included on their PLEASE PLEASE ME album, now arranged for beginning band, this Victor Lopez rendition of Do You Want to Know a Secret will be a sure hit with both your audience and students alike. arr. Victor Lopez audio sample 23191800 $50.00
  • 21.  (Grade 1+)  Portraying three characters from the Harry Potter universe, composer Alexandre Desplat musically illustrates the mysterious Kreacher, the noble Dobby, and the nefarious thief Mundungus. A simple, yet amusing melody from the blockbuster film that can be used to introduce dissonance and reinforce accidentals and courtesy accidentals with your students. arr. Patrick Roszell audio sample 23191900 $50.00
  • 22.  (Grade 1+)  From the original recording by Journey to the recent revival on the hit TV series GLEE, here is one of the iconic songs of the 80s in a very playable and easy arrangement for band. arr. Paul Murtha audio 22554800 $35.00
  • 23.  (Grade 1+)  Here are the main themes from this blockbuster animated movie in a skillfully arranged version even beginning groups can enjoy. arr. Johnnie Vinson audio sample 17665000 $35.00
  • 24.  (Grade 1+)  This Wilson Picket hit from the 60s is energetic rock and roll at its best. Here is a playable version for beginning groups. arr. Robert Longfield audio 23283900 $35.00
  • 25.  (Grade 1+)  The music of Coldplay continues to resonate with all age groups. This is one of their best in a solid easy arrangement that will be quick to learn. arr. Robert Longfield audio 23284000 $35.00
  • 26.  (Grade 1+)  One of the most famous rock riffs ever recorded, this tune was a hit for Deep Purple in 1972. Here is an easy arrangement written in a solid and gritty style. Sure to rock the house! arr. Paul Murtha audio 18763200 $35.00
  • 27.  (Grade 1+)  Even before Austin Powers adopted this catchy tune, it was recorded by Quincy Jones back in the 60s. This easy arrangement is sure to be a favorite with audiences of all ages and a blast for your students as well. arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 20682300 $35.00
  • 28.  (Grade 1+)  Arranged for very young bands, this arrangement of Michael Jacksons signature rock hit is easy to learn and sure to be a hit with all audiences. arr. Robert Longfield audio 21764800 $35.00
  • 29.  (Grade 1+)  From the powerful and majestic soundtrack for the hit movie TRANSFORMERS, here is a terrific yet easy arrangement of the main theme. arr. Michael Sweeney audio 20235200 $35.00
  • 30.  (Grade 2)  From the blockbuster movie TWILIGHT, here is an easy setting of the haunting main theme scored for full band. This memorable melody will linger with your audience and players long after the concert is over. Beautifully done! arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 21258300 $40.00
  • 31.  (Grade 2)  Born This Way, from pop music sensation Lady Gaga, is the first single off her album of the same name. The song debuted at #1 on Billboard in 2011. The groove is infectious and is sure to entertain your students and audience alike! arr. Thomas Reid audio 23174300 $50.00
  • 32.  (Grade 2)  Heres the moving ballad from Disneys landmark animation classic THE LION KING in a wonderful setting for young players. Featuring brief solos for alto sax and trumpet, this arrangement also passes the melody around to various sections of the band. Popular programming at its best for any occasion. arr. Michael Brown audio 23710300 $40.00
  • 33.  (Grade 2)  Recorded by Coldplay, this enduring hit from 2003 represents some of the best elements of contemporary pop music: a catchy melody, well- constructed counter lines and harmonies, and an infectious groove. This arrangement by James Kazik effectively captures these elements from the original. arr. James Kazik audio 22914200 $40.00
  • 34.  (Grade 2)  All of the excitement & energy is here in THE DARK KNIGHT, the long-awaited sequel to BATMAN BEGINS. The piece opens with gothic sonorities that give way to themes associated with the complex character of district attorney Harvey Dent. In an abrupt change of mood, the chase is on as The Joker continues his well- orchestrated spree of mass mayhem & murder. Rounding out the arrangement, Batman himself leaves his mark as Gotham Citys silent sentinel. Solidly scored at the young band level, the medley includes: Harvey Two-Face, Introduce a Little Anarchy and A Dark Knight. arr. Douglas Wagner audio sample 21280700 $60.00
  • 35.  (Grade 2)  Recorded by Journey and known recently as the signature anthem for the popular TV series GLEE this familiar pop hit from the 80s will sound great in this arrangement for young bands. arr. Michael Brown audio 22064400 $40.00
  • 36.  (Grade 2)  Your students will "throw their hands up in the air" with the driving rhythmic pulse of this Taio Cruz pop hit. The compelling melody adds just the right touch to this tune that keeps topping the pop charts world-wide. Its hot, hot, hot! Its Dynamite! arr. Victor Lopez audio sample 23171900 $55.00
  • 37.  (Grade 2)  With a driving rock beat and catchy riffs, this recent hit by Taio Cruz is sure to become a much requested tune by your students. This solid arrangement has an authentic feel and will sound great with limited rehearsal time. arr. Paul Murtha audio 23281500 $40.00
  • 38.  (Grade 2)  Dance fever strikes again with this up-tempo medley of hits from the group Earth, Wind & Fire. Includes: Lets Groove, Boogie Wonderland, and Sing a Song. arr. Paul Murtha audio 21278500 $50.00
  • 39.  (Grade 2)  This hit recorded by Katy Perry is arranged here in a very effective setting for young bands by Michael Brown. Saxes state the melody in the beginning, then other sections are added in as the piece builds intensity throughout to the familiar anthem-like chorus played by the entire ensemble. Sure to be an audience pleaser. arr. Michael Brown audio 23281600 $40.00
  • 40.  (Grade 2)  Recorded by Cee Lo Green but also featured on the TV show GLEE (sung by Gwyneth Paltrow), this infectious tune is written in a style reminiscent of 60s Motown. Smartly scored for the entire band, this one is easy to learn and fun to play. arr. Michael Brown audio 23710500 $40.00
  • 41.  (Grade 2)  Halloween is always one the highlights of the fall season. Why not add a little drama and excitement to your fall concert with some classic scary themes? Featuring Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Funeral March of the Marionette, Theme from Jaws, Addams Family Theme, Night on Bald Mountain and Thriller, this may very well become the hit of the concert! arr. James Kazik audio 23282200 $50.00
  • 42.  (Grade 2)  Classic rock at its best. Heres a Michael Story arrangement that will take you back to The Blues Brothers. Gimme Some Lovin, the hit made famous by Steve Winwood and the Spencer Davis Group, is set in a fast rock style. Carefully scored for your young band this, one will be a certain hit on your pop concert! arr. Michael Story audio sample 22460100 $55.00
  • 43.  (Grade 2)  The video game music phenomenon continues to grow. This Michael Story arrangement of HALO 3 is vibrant with dramatic effects and energy-charged impacts. All your band "gamers" will be thrilled. Looking for the original Halo theme? Check out item 18199300! arr. Michael Story audio sample 20615700 $55.00
  • 44.  (Grade 2)  This Robert Sheldon arrangement will be familiar to all your video-game-playing students. A symphonic sound is ensured with this classic video game overture-style theme. arr. Robert Sheldon audio 18199300 $55.00
  • 45.  (Grade 2)  From the first installation, Selections from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1, Michael Storys arrangement contains seven of the most memorable tunes. Energizing Alexandre Desplats endearing film score, this young band medley will bring all the excitement right to your rehearsal and performance. Includes: Hedwigs Theme; Obliviate; Dobby; Lovegood; Ministry of Magic; arr. Michael Story Farewell to Dobby; The Elder Wand. audio sample 23172100 $65.00
  • 46.  (Grade 2)  The epic film series draws to a dramatic close with an equally dynamic Alexandre Desplat film score. Ford has captured the imagination in this young band medley direct from the film-score compact disc. The medley includes Voldemorts End; Lilys Theme; Statues; Severus and Lily; Neville the Hero; and A New Beginning. Join the musical celebration with this stunning medley from the final HARRY POTTER film. arr. Ralph Ford sample 23666600 $70.00
  • 47.  (Grade 2)  Recorded by the Beatles in 1968, this classic ballad has remained popular through the years. This arrangement for young players opens with a trumpet solo followed by a statement in the woodwinds. The lower voices then get a chance at the melody before the full band takes over on the familiar chorus. Sure to be a favorite with your audience as well as your students. arr. Robert Longfield audio 23710600 $40.00
  • 48.  (Grade 2)  From the group Train, this popular hit has stayed on the charts for more than a year and is on track to becoming a pop classic. This great- sounding arrangement includes plenty of variety in scoring and textures while being easy to learn and fun to perform. arr. James Kazik audio 22914000 $40.00
  • 49.  (Grade 2)  Sitting atop the pop charts for over three months, this mega- hit from the Black Eyed Peas boasts a driving, energetic groove and an infectious melody, as well as two Grammy nominations. A solid hit for bands as well! arr. Michael Brown audio 22064300 $40.00
  • 50.  (Grade 2)  Heres an outstanding medley for younger groups that captures the excitement of the new Star Wars film and several of John Williams biggest movie hits. Includes: Star Wars Main Theme, Duel of the Fates from The Phantom Menace, Theme from Jurassic Park, and Theme from E.T. arr. Michael Sweeney audio 11882800 $50.00
  • 51.  (Grade 2)  Released in July 2010 as the lead single on his Doo-Wops & Hooligans album, Just the Way You Are earned American recording artist Bruno Mars a Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. A lush introduction followed by the uber-hot melody and driving chorus will have your young band practicing day and night! You just cant go wrong with this really motivating current pop chart and its endearing and easily recognizable melody! arr. Roland Barrett audio sample 23172500 $55.00
  • 52.  (Grade 2)  Just the Way You Are (Amazing) is the Billboard chart-topping lead single from Bruno Mars debut studio album, DOO-WOP AND THE HOOLIGANS. Since its release, the song had sold over 3,280,000 digital copies in the US alone. The smooth pop melodies and harmonies are sure to be huge hit for your concert ensemble! arr. Jacob White audio 23173700 $50.00
  • 53.  (Grade 2)  Kissin U is the lead single by American recording artist Miranda Cosgrove from her debut studio album, Sparks Fly. Since its release, this song has remained on both the U.S. Billboard Digital Songs chart and the Billboard Hot 100. Its carefree melody and smooth pop groove are sure to be a hit with your concert ensemble! arr. Jacob White audio 23174000 $50.00
  • 54.  (Grade 2)  Recorded by the group War back in 1975, this rock classic is as popular today as ever. Featuring the signature bass line groove and catchy horn riffs, this arrangement will be fun to perform and quick to learn. arr. Michael Brown audio 17664600 $40.00
  • 55.  (Grade 2)  No one writes a march like master film composer John Williams. Here is a stirring medley of some of his best, expertly scored for young players by Johnnie Vinson. Includes: Raiders March, Midway March, The Olympic Spirit and The Throne Room (Star Wars). arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 20990900 $50.00
  • 56.  (Grade 2)  Need You Now was the lead-off single and title track to Lady Antebellums second studio album. The song spent five weeks at number one on the U.S. country chart in late 2009. Need You Now also reached a peak of #2 on the "Billboard Hot 100," making it their highest charting single on that list and their first in the Top 5. Smooth melodies and friendly harmonies make this a sure hit with your concert arr. Jacob White ensemble! audio 22790200 $50.00
  • 57.  (Grade 2)  Heres the popular #1 hit in a rock solid, uptempo arrangement for young bands. With interesting parts for all sections (even the low brass) and a catchy melody riff, your band is sure to enjoy this one. arr. Michael Brown audio 23710400 $40.00
  • 58.  (Grade 2)  Featuring a driving rhythmic style and distinctive melodic lines, this megahit from pop icon Lady Gaga works great for young bands. Sean OLoughlin skillfully retains the sound of the original in this well-scored and effective arrangement. arr. Sean O’Loughlin audio 22913900 $40.00
  • 59.  (Grade 2)  One of the hottest names in pop music today is Adele, and this bluesy gospel-style hit has been #1 in the US and also Europe. This solid arrangement by James Kazik features a driving soulful groove and will sound great with young players. arr. James Kazik audio 23710700 $40.00
  • 60.  (Grade 2)  Including the themes from all your favorite superhero movies, Michael Story has combined his heroes musical calling cards in this young band medley. Includes: Superman, The James Bond Theme, Batman Theme, and Soul Bossa Nova from Austin Powers. arr. Michael Story audio sample 19276200 $60.00
  • 61.  (Grade 2)  Recording artist Michael Buble helped to make this Latin standard popular once again. Featuring a smooth and infectious groove and interesting percussion writing, this is a natural choice for young bands. arr. Michael Brown audio 22551700 $40.00
  • 62.  (Grade 2)  This arrangement of The Time Warp, the memorable dance number from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more recently, by the GLEE cast, is set at a bright rock tempo. Let your developing band re-visit this cult-rock classic just like the cast members from GLEE. Its just a jump to the left! arr. Michael Story audio sample 23172700 $55.00
  • 63.  (Grade 2)  With a unique twist, this Green Day rock ballad from their 21ST CENTURY BREAKDOWN compact disc is among their most stunning works. The collections of songs on the CD tells a story of love and faith in America in the format of a "punk rock opera." arr. Jason Scott audio sample 22330200 $60.00
  • 64.  (Grade 2)  Heres the smash hit from the group Coldplay in mesmerizing and solid treatment by Tim Waters. The moderate rock tempo and repetitive rhythmic figures make this easily attainable by younger players. arr. Tim Waters audio 21278700 $40.00
  • 65.  (Grade 2)  Three gallant tunes are intertwined to create The Wild Westerns, including The Magnificent Seven, How the West Was Won and Silverado. Solidly scored to bring a bit of the old west into your concert program. Giddyup! arr. Michael Story audio sample 20614700 $60.00
  • 66.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  From just the opening four notes and two finger snaps, you know immediately that you are in for a good time with this arrangement of the classic TV theme. Written with flexible scoring, this entertaining arrangement is playable with just about any band. arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 22915000 $50.00
  • 67.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  The music of the "fab four" never grows old! Here is a terrific medley of hits playable with a flexible instrumentation. Includes: Ticket to Ride, Hey Jude and Get Back. arr. John Moss audio 22501700 $50.00
  • 68.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  Here is the memorable and beautiful main theme from the blockbuster movie TWILIGHT, expertly scored for small and incomplete bands in the FLEX- BAND format. arr. Edward Lee audio 21258200 $40.00
  • 69.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  Almost a complete concert in itself, this familiar Queen classic never fails to bring down the house! This arrangement will work with just about any instrumentation. arr. Paul Murtha audio 21259300 $50.00
  • 70.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  These well-known Disney marches are recognized by all audiences and together create a wonderfully entertaining medley suitable for just about any concert. Includes: Mickey Mouse March, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocios and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 21864800 $50.00
  • 71.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  Powerful rock anthem recorded by Survivor in 1982, and also featured in the movie Rocky III. Always a favorite! arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 21864600 $50.00
  • 72.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  Includes themes from JURASSIC PARK, STAR WARS and E.T. (EXTRA-TERRESTIAL). This is exciting music for bands with incomplete or unbalanced instrumentation. arr. Michael Sweeney audio 18772700 $50.00
  • 73.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  This distinctive main theme from the blockbuster movie is skillfully captured here in a version for flexible instrumentation. arr. Edward Lee audio 22448400 $50.00
  • 74.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  Unique and entertaining theme music from the popular animated film. these arrangements will work with virtually ANY combination of brass, woodwinds, or even strings. arr. Paul Murtha audio 19674400 $45.00
  • 75.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  Originally recorded by Louis Prima, but also a big hit for the Brian Setzer Orchestra, this hoppin tune epitomizes the energetic "jump swing" style. arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 22553300 $50.00
  • 76.  (Grade 2+) FLEX-BAND  The unmistakable and familiar theme from the TV series and feature films. Written using just five parts (plus percussion) arr. Paul Lavender audio 18382000 $50.00
  • 77.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  One of the most recognizable movie themes of all time! With its slinky swing style and familiar melody, this arrangement for flexible instrumentation is sure to become one of your most requested tunes. arr. Michael Brown audio 22914900 $50.00
  • 78.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  Here is a dynamite arrangement of one of the most unique and recognizable theme songs ever! arr. Paul Murtha audio 20235700 $40.00
  • 79.  (Grade 2-3) FLEX-BAND  Written in a format playable with just about any combination of instruments (including strings) here is Michael Jacksons "monster" hit solidly scored by Johnnie Vinson. arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 21764700 $50.00
  • 80.  (Grade 2+)  Victor Lopez has selected and arranged three of the hottest titles from the Justin Bieber discography to be included in this medley: Somebody to Love, Down to Earth, and Baby. arr. Victor Lopez audio sample 23174600 $65.00
  • 81.  (Grade 2+)  Some of the most recognizable tunes of our time are included in this well-crafted arrangement including James Bond, The Magnificent Seven, The Flintstones, The Pink Panther, Peter Gunn, Hey! Baby!, Scooby Doo, Wipe Out and The Stars and Stripes Forever. Additionally, every section in the band is featured on its own tune so this piece works well in recruiting concerts. arr. Robert Sheldon audio sample 19347700 $55.00
  • 82.  (Grade 2+)  Including two of Journeys most revered tunes, Victor Lopez emotional duo will be a hit with your students and audience. The song Open Arms and its status as a power ballad have been remembered years following its original release. One critic praised it as "a lyrical rock ballad and one of the bands best-written songs." However, Dont Stop Believin,’ also known as a power ballad, is often considered the bands signature song and has become the most downloaded song ever in music history to date. So, get ready for some singing and arr. Victor Lopez clapping in the audience! audio sample 22459700 $60.00
  • 83.  (Grade 3)  Featured in the popular TV series from the 80s, and brought back for the recent motion picture, here is the iconic theme song in a hard- hitting arrangement by Paul Murtha. Sure to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. arr. Paul Murtha audio 22913200 $50.00
  • 84.  (Grade 3)  From the 80s Broadway musical Chess, the song Anthem has enjoyed renewed popularity due in part to recordings by Josh Groban and Linda Eder. Here is a beautifully effective setting for full concert band of this memorable song. arr. Sean O’Loughlin audio 23709300 $50.00
  • 85.  (Grade 3)  Continuing her amazing string of chart-topping hits, here is a solid arrangement of Lady Gagas latest single to sweep the pop scene. With its driving style and 80s influence, this one adapts nicely for band. arr. Michael Brown audio 23280300 $50.00
  • 86.  (Grade 3)  Recorded in 1977 by the group Kansas, this mega-hit helped define a genre of progressive rock anthems with multiple sections and styles. The unmistakable signature riffs and soaring melodies translate nicely in this concert arrangement for band. arr. Paul Murtha audio 21277300 $50.00
  • 87.  (Grade 3)  Our favorite cartoon characters have been updated to a very contemporary 3D setting. Enable your audience to mentally produce and direct a personal motion picture while your concert band performs this musical score to Coyote Falls from Looney Tunes 3D. Everyone has seen and heard a cartoon motion picture and this "personal adventure" will give your audience a first-hand experience in making and listening to their own "flick." arr. Jack Bullock audio sample 23242100 $75.00
  • 88.  (Grade 3) The epic suite from THE DARK KNIGHT has been masterfully arranged by Victor Lopez at the concert band level. Retaining the dramatic scoring by the award-winning film scoring team of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, the suite contains Harvey Two-Face, Introduce a Little Anarchy and Like a Dog Chasing Cars. The musical imagery infused in this medley, scored for contemporary concert band, will capture the imagination for your whole audience while providing ample opportunity for every member of your ensemble to shine. Be sure to program this blockbuster film score medley on your very next concert! arr. Victor Lopez audio sample 21250100 $85.00
  • 89.  (Grade 3)  From the wildly popular animated TV series Family Guy comes this swinging and thoroughly enjoyable theme. Solidly scored in the style of a Las Vegas show band, this is sure to be a hit with all audiences. arr. Paul Murtha audio 21852400 $50.00
  • 90.  (Grade 3)  In the best fantasy and adventure films, music always plays an important role in setting the mood and engaging us in the story. Here are some of those iconic moments from movies we all remember. Includes: Theme from Star Trek, Back to the Future, Once Upon a Time...Storybook Love (from The Princess Bride), The Rocketeer, and Theme from E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial). arr. Michael Brown audio 23280600 $60.00
  • 91.  (Grade 3)  Attaining worldwide popularity, and describing "a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs," this is the first #1 hit by recording sensation Owl City. John Wassons setting for band captures the magic of the original and is sure to be a hit. arr. John Wasson audio 22549600 $50.00
  • 92.  (Grade 3)  There seems to be no stopping the popularity of the hit TV series GLEE With fresh versions of some of the biggest hits from past decades, here is a terrific medley of showstoppers featured on the first season. Includes: Dont Stop Believin, Alone, Sweet Caroline and You Keep Me Hangin On. arr. Ted Ricketts audio 22517400 $60.00
  • 93.  (Grade 3)  Written by Canadian singer- songwriter Leonard Cohen back in the 80s, this powerful song has reached almost legendary status with its frequent usage in TV and movies. Recorded by such diverse artists as Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi and Justin Timberlake, it was also used in the first SHREK movie and most recently during the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Vancouver. Here is a terrific setting for band by Michael Brown. arr. Michael Brown audio 22549100 $50.00
  • 94.  (Grade 3)  Havent Met You Yet is the first single from Canadian singer Michael Bubles fourth album, CRAZY LOVE. This tune lends itself well to the concert band setting. With soaring lines and lush brass scoring by Jerry Brubaker, this arrangement will please the most discriminating audience! arr. Jerry Brubaker audio 23202000 $70.00
  • 95.  (Grade 3)  Some television themes are timeless. Now with a new hit series on CBS, this rockin classic is hot once again. Sean OLoughlin captures all the excitement of the original in this arrangement for young bands. arr. Sean O’Loughlin audio 22913100 $50.00
  • 96.  (Grade 3)  The film score for this hit movie features magnificent adventure themes along with hints of Celtic influences. Sean OLoughlins expertly scored arrangement will provide a fresh and appealing addition to a pops or light concert setting. arr. Sean O’Loughlin audio 22517300 $60.00
  • 97.  (Grade 3)  The music of Irving Berlin is timeless. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Alexanders Ragtime Band, use this entertaining medley with band alone or with added chorus and strings for a grand finale. Other songs included are: Blues Skies, Play a Simple Melody, and Puttin on the Ritz.  More options for a great combined performance: SATB Choir 23281151 · 3 pt-mix Choir 23281152 · 2 pt Choir 23281154 · ShowTrax CD arr. Paul Murtha & 23281193 · String Pak 23281192. Audrey Snyder audio 23281000 $60.00
  • 98.  (Grade 3)  James Horner continues to create memorable and striking themes for film with a career spanning 30 years, and including music for some of the biggest movie blockbusters of all time. Here is a stunning medley for the concert stage that features themes from Avatar, Field of Dreams, The Mask of Zorro, Rocketeer, and Titanic. arr. Michael Brown audio 23709700 $65.00
  • 99.  (Grade 3)  Lady Gaga has taken the pop music world by storm with her distinctive style and well- produced recordings. Featuring her best-known dance hits, each song in this upbeat medley can also be performed individually. Includes: Poker Face, Bad Romance and Just Dance. arr. Ted Ricketts audio 22912700 $60.00
  • 100.  (Grade 2)  In a recent YouTube moment that went viral, Giovanni Dettori created a convincingly traditional Baroque fugue based on the opening strains of Lady Gagas hit Bad Romance. Johnnie Vinson has done a marvelous job of adapting this setting for concert band, providing a terrific opportunity to teach an important musical form and have some fun at the same time. arr. Giovanni Dettori & Johnnie Vinson audio 23709900 $50.00
  • 101.  (Grade 3)  The playful, engaging and melodic style of master composer Henry Mancini is no more apparent than in the marches he composed for the silver screen. Here is a sparkling march medley that includes Timothy, March of the Cue Balls, Swing March, and The Great Race. arr. Johnnie Vinson audio 23709600 $60.00
  • 102.  (Grade 3)  Any serious fan of professional football is aware of the famous films documenting important games. As distinctive as the films themselves and their deep-voiced announcers are the classic musical themes that accompany the action. Bring the flavor of the gridiron to your next concert with this entertaining and well-written arrangement. Includes: Up She Rises, The Lineman, Ramblin Man from Gramblin, Round Up, and Lombardi Trophy Reprise. arr. Michael Brown audio 22548900 $60.00
  • 103.  (Grade 3)  Johnny Depp and company are back at it with the fourth installment of the blockbuster movie franchise. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer (in collaboration with noted choral and band composer Eric Whitacre) features familiar swashbuckling melodies along with new flamenco-inspired themes performed by the guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. Your concert stage will come alive with this exciting and well-paced medley!  Songs: Angelica · Guilty of Being Innocent of Being Jack Sparrow · arr. Michael Brown Mermaids · End Credits. audio 23307300 $65.00
  • 104.  (Grade 3)  Since 1995 when Toy Story was released, the creative team at Pixar Studios has given us heartwarming stories and unforgettable characters that appeal to audiences of all ages. And the music created for these films is an integral part of their popularity and charm. Michael Brown has created a terrific medley of these familiar melodies including: Youve Got a Friend in Me (TOY STORY), The Spirit of Adventure (UP), The Glory Days (THE INCREDIBLES), The Big Race arr. Michael Brown (CARS), and Ratatouille Main Theme. audio 22912900 $60.00
  • 105.  (Grade 3)  During the turbulent period of the late 60s, the Mamas & the Papas gave us tuneful hits that we could all identify with. Here is a medley of familiar songs that continue to speak to all generations. Includes: Monday, Monday; Dream a Little Dream of Me and California Dreamin. arr. Ted Ricketts audio 23280100 $60.00
  • 106.  (Grade 3)  A concert band medley that includes five of the hottest songs performed by the cast of GLEE. Arranged by Victor Lopez, Prime Time Tuesday includes Any Way You Want It, Faithfully, Vogue, Dream a Little Dream of Me, and Dont Stop Believin. How can anyone go wrong? This medley is guaranteed to be a winner among your students and arr. Victor Lopez audiences. audio sample 23202500 $70.00
  • 107.  (Grade 3)  The engaging, smooth sound of Carlos Santana has remained popular for more than four decades. This marvelous medley for the stage is written all in one tempo and features Santana hits through the years including: Evil Ways, Smooth and Oye Como Va. arr. Michael Brown audio 23709400 $60.00
  • 108.  (Grade 3)  George Harrisons most successful contribution to the Beatles catalog is no doubt this familiar iconic ballad. Paul Murthas setting for band features alto sax on the melody, followed by the low brass, and a light swing style treatment of the bridge section. Scored with nice variety throughout, this offers a welcome change of arr. Paul Murtha pace number for any concert. audio 23280400 $50.00
  • 109.  (Grade 3)  The music of the 60s was just about as diverse as musically imaginable. And in the midst of it all, Motown continued to crank out hit after hit of catchy rhythm-based tunes. Here is a medley that is sure to be enjoyed by all ages that includes: I Heard It Through the Grapevine, Land of a Thousand Dances, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman and Aint No Mountain High Enough. arr. Michael Brown audio 23280200 $60.00
  • 110.  (Grade 3)  Featuring: Star Wars (Main Theme) · Parade of the Ewoks · The Imperial March · Augies Great Municipal Band · and The Throne Room. John Williams many stunning marches, from the STAR WARS motion pictures, now combined into one powerful piece. A bold medley of a variety of marches, ensuring a standing ovation! arr. Jerry Brubaker audio sample 20619200 $70.00
  • 111.  (Grade 3)  The music of Stevie Wonder is timeless and continues to resonate even today. Paul Murtha has taken his best- known hits and created this upbeat and hard-hitting medley for the concert stage. Includes: Sir Duke, You Are the Sunshine of My Life, I Wish and Signed, Sealed, Delivered Im Yours. arr. Paul Murtha audio 23280000 $60.00
  • 112.  (Grade 3)  The 1993 western film TOMBSTONE tells the tale of the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Corral. And while the movie itself met with limited success, the powerful soundtrack by Bruce Broughton has become a classic. This adaptation for band features the primary themes in a bold and impressive concert setting. arr. Ted Ricketts audio 23709500 $60.00
  • 113.  (Grade 3)  Theres not a composer recognized or performed in the classic pop genre more than Gershwin. In his Tribute, Jack Bullock acknowledges this musical genius with eleven charming, yet distinctive, melodies that are all Gershwin. The fast-paced medley opens with I Got Rhythm and, in quick succession, threads through ten more tunes closing with the immortal Rhapsody in Blue You may find one or two that you didnt realize were Gershwin melodies! arr. Jack Bullock audio sample 21558000 $70.00
  • 114.  (Grade 3)  From the creative think tank at Disney and Pixar, this entertaining animated feature film is destined to become a family classic. With clever stylings by composer Michael Giacchino (STAR TREK and THE INCREDIBLES), here is a movie medley for band sure to bring a smile. arr. Michael Brown audio 21812600 $60.00
  • 115.  (Grade 3)  Blizzard Entertainments wildly successful online role-playing game, WORLD OF WARCRAFT (WOW), currently involves well over eleven million monthly subscribers, making it the most often played online game in its genre. A phenomenally rich symphonic score accompanies dazzling graphics and spectacular true-to-life animations. Four of the musical highlights from the dramatic soundtrack are presented in this first-time medley for concert band: World of Warcraft Main Title [March -- Silvermoon 2, Pt. 1] · Invincible · Lions Pride. arr. Douglas Wagner audio 23018700 $75.00
  • 116.  (Grade 3+)  True to the Alexandre Desplats energy-packed film score, Jerry Brubaker has scored Suite from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 at the concert band level for the discriminating high school band. With so many charming tunes, the medley includes Hedwigs Theme, Obliviate, Ministry of Magic, At the Burrow, Dobby, Detonators, Farewell to Dobby, and closes with a dynamic impact featuring The Elder Wand. This arr. Jerry Brubaker medley will bring down the house! audio 23202800 $85.00
  • 117.  (Grade 3+)  The immortal band of the 70s classic rock era is back in full force with this arrangement. Featuring the rocking classic Rock and Roll, the militant Immigrant Song, the jazzy Black Dog, the eastern flavored Kashmir, and the haunting Stairway to Heaven, this arrangement is sure to be a hit with your arr. Patrick Roszell concert audience! audio sample 22472300 $75.00
  • 118.  (Grade 3)  Here are two of Maynard Fergusons greatest hits, Coconut Champagne and Gonna Fly Now (theme from ROCKY) in a medley that will make them sit up and take note. A "take-no- prisoners" arrangement! arr. Victor Lopez audio sample 23202700 $65.00
  • 119.  (Grade 4)  From the stunning movie blockbuster Avatar, composer James Horner has created an equally impressive musical score. Here are the primary themes in a dynamic and powerful medley for the concert stage. arr. Jay Bocook audio 22516900 $80.00
  • 120.  (Grade 4)  Transcribed directly from Alexandre Desplat’s blockbuster film score, Bullocks medley has all of the energy for your symphonic band. This no-holds- barred arrangement features Courtyard Apocalypse, Battlefield, Lillys Theme, Voldemorts End, The Tunnel, and A New Beginning. The dramatic conclusion to the epic HARRY POTTER series has been captured musically. A stunning work! arr. Jack Bullock sample 23666700 $90.00
  • 121.  (Grade 4)  Film scoring master John Williams has written music for a variety of genres and styles, and this entertaining and powerful medley showcases his jazz roots. Includes Cantina Band from Star Wars, the main theme from Catch Me If You Can, and the rousing Swing, Swing, Swing from the movie 1941. arr. Jay Bocook audio 23279300 $80.00
  • 122.  (Grade 4)  Some of the most recognizable themes from film and television through the years have come from the creative genius of Henry Mancini. Here is a symphonic showstopper featuring outstanding settings of his biggest hits. Includes: The Pink Panther, Moon River, Baby Elephant Walk, Dreamsville and Peter Gunn. arr. Stephen Bulla audio 22912600 $80.00
  • 123.  (Grade 4)  This iconic band from the 80s gave us some of the hottest dance hits of the decade. Here is a great sounding medley that brings back the Latin magic including: Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, Words Get in the Way, and Conga. arr. Paul Murtha audio 23279400 $80.00
  • 124.  (Grade 4)  This is the definitive arrangement of Silverado!, scored with composer Bruce Broughtons blessing by Randol Bass. A highlight to any program, it features soaring woodwind lines intertwined seamlessly with bold brass melodic statements. Impressive to the max! arr. Randol Bass audio sample 20619800 $75.00
  • 125.  (Grade 4)  With his charismatic style and polished interpretations, Frank Sinatra put his unique stamp on a number of familiar standards. This effective medley for band features some of his best- known hits. Includes: Come Fly with Me, Witchcraft, Thats Life, and Fly Me to the Moon arr. Stephen Bulla audio 23279600 $80.00
  • 126.  (Grade 4)  Boldly go where no band has gone before! The 2009 blockbuster movie features spectacular new and exciting themes in a dramatic soundtrack by Michael Giacchino. In addition, the original classic TV theme is reworked in a creative fashion. Heres an impressive setting for the concert stage. arr. Jay Bocook audio 21854400 $80.00
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