Cmat 102 study abroad group project


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Cmat 102 study abroad group project

  1. 1. By: Corey Kaufmann Zachary Price and Erin McKibben
  2. 2.  All the different Study abroad programs offered through CMAT and what they will entail:  Course title(s), cost, class schedule, class info, and housing Tips for studying abroad Benefits of studying abroad
  3. 3.  Course title: International Communication Estimated cost: 4,675 Class Schedule: Monday through Friday morning for 4 hours each day. Class info:  The theme of the course is “How is communication manifested in the linguistic, interpersonal, group, organizational, and mass media contexts in Ecuador?” Housing:  Students have the choice of living with a host family or in a local hostel
  4. 4.  Course title: International Studies Estimated Cost: $4,840 Class Schedule: Winter 2013 Class Info: This course will explore communication in India Housing: During their stay students will live in Mumbai.
  5. 5.  Course titles: Introduction to Italian, Internship in Communication Estimated Cost: $11,406 Class Schedule: Students earn 12 credits for the 12 week program Class Info: The semester experience combines intensive study of Italian language with a communication intership Housing: Students are housed in shared apartments located in the city of Florence
  6. 6.  Course title: International Studies Estimated Cost:$3,600 Class Schedule: Tentative dates for the 2013 class are January 3-19  Classes meet Monday through Friday mornings followed by an in-field excursion or project each day. Class Info: Coursework includes in-class lectures, readings, and visits to sites throughout Edinburgh and the Scottish highlands. Housing: Students will be housed at Edinburgh Central on Leith Walk, a modern complex built in 2006
  7. 7. •Course title- Costa Rica Semester•Estimated cost- $8,400•Schedule- Spring of 2013•Info- For students who want a range of topics, suchas Spanish language, internationalbusiness, communications, and environmentalstudies.•Housing- Local families in middle to upper classneighborhoods, so you can take in the trueexperiences of Costa Rica.
  8. 8.  Course title- American Institute for Foreign Studies: Australia/Fiji Estimated cost- $18,995 Schedule- Fall semester, 10 days Info- At Macquarie University in Sydney, price includes tuition, housing, meals, airfare and cultural activities, earn up to 14 credits.
  9. 9.  Research what documents you will needExample- passports or visas What to do if your passport is lost or stolen Have a plan for possible health issues or injury Acquaint yourself with emergency numbers and contact info for the place you are traveling to. Locate the closest US embassy and have the number handy, they are there to help.
  10. 10.  You get credit Looks great on a resume Learn a language outside of class Mix up your academic routine
  11. 11.  Travel Experience another culture. Question your own Meet new people Gain independence and self-confidence
  12. 12.  Studies show nothing but positivity from studying abroad agazine/0403/benefits_study_abroad.shtml It will help prepare you for the future You dont have to stop when you come home
  13. 13.  Theyre going to leave one day anyway Will give the students new perspective Wont drain the bank
  14. 14.  Use this information wisely and don’t miss out on the study abroad opportunities offered through the Communication Arts Program.
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