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Lepe before and after final Document Transcript

  • 1. LEPE BEFORE AND AFTER Rocío Domínguez & Julia Blanco
  • 2. INDEX• The city.• Economy. - Lands and seas• Society and ideology. - people and customs.• Art and culture.• Political
  • 3. INTRODUCTION• Lepe is now considered almost a city. It‟s located in the southwest of Spain. It has a surface area of 127.9 km2 and it has a population of 28.000 people, of which over 5.000 are immigrants. Lepe has 7 primary schools and 2 high schools. Its main attractions are its 25 km of beaches where there are 7 attractive hotels. Its economy is based in the strawberries and oranges cultivation and in the fishing too. The town hall has 21 MPs.
  • 4. ECONOMYAGRICULTURE AND FISHING Fishing: is practiced74% of irrigate Strawberries form inshore. Also practicedand oranges form 53% of farming offshore fishing in countries like Morocco, Senegal, Mozambique, woody crop. Angola and Mauritania. very Strawberries exports are important.
  • 5. 70 years ago…•The economy was based intraditional agriculture and in thetrawling.•The trade was based mainly in theexportation of figs and almonds.•Fishing: draughts boat pit that werefishing near the coast (sardines andtuna)
  • 6. INDUSTRY • Industry: based on construction, greenhouses, Now: harvesting equipment • was based on theBefore: grocery, “zampuzos”, mills, shoes and hats
  • 7. •TRADE Gastronomy: nowadays we can show off our varied diet (Mediterranean) with all types of food.
  • 8. 70 years ago… •Gastronomy: years before, people only consumed what they produced in the village.
  • 9. TURISM •Tourism: 25km of beaches in La Antilla and Islantilla, golf courses, malls, hotels, nightclubs. BEFORE
  • 10. TRANSPORT •Now buses and cars are faster and confortable
  • 11. Transport, 70 years ago… •there was a train as a mean of transport and few cars.
  • 14. SOCIETY AND IDEOLOGY• GROUPSLepe is a multicultural city, there are a lot ofnationalities: Morocco, Romania, Poland,South American people and Argelia.
  • 15. •FASHION Before people wear hats and walkingHere we can find international brands: sticks and women always wore a fanSpringfield, Benetton, Inside, Zara. and veils.
  • 16. •PASTIME People were used to popular parties in the squares and (summer cinema) at night. Now young people go to the shopping centre and disco.
  • 17. • They enjoy with San Roque’s team since 1956, it creator was a priest.• 300 suport our local team. You can see here, the website of the team:
  • 18. ART• Nowadays cities are better careful than before. There are more squares because people meet there.• People usually go to the theater, that is the newest construction.
  • 19. CULTURE • SCHOOLS AND HIGHSCHOOLSin the XX century schoolhave girls andby genres: Nowadays schools was divided boysboys to a schoolclass and to another. in the same and girls centre, but…
  • 20. •CHURCH Church played an important role in XXcentury. The church was destroyed in theXVIII century in the Lisbon earthquake.
  • 21. •COSTUMS The most important holiday is the pilgrimage of Bella‟s Virgin that is celebrated the second weekend of May.
  • 22. „La Bella‟ •Other holidays are “La Bella” y “San Roque” from 13 to 16 August.
  • 23. POLITICAL -Town Hall: nowadays the town hall has 21 MPs -Priest: was a very important figure in this time along with the mayor. - Army: at that time, all men were going to do national service with 18 years old. - At that time Lepe lived in a dictatorship; nowadays we enjoy of a democracy.
  • 24. CONCLUSION• Lepe is in the way of progress, it has a better present and it can continue in the same way thanks to a higher technology.