How to do better care of your baby at home


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PEM provides training to their nannies as per the customer requirements. So, we can choose any of them and then we specify our requirements

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How to do better care of your baby at home

  1. 1. How to do better care of your baby at home PEM CONFINEMENT NANNY AGENCY : 62939249
  2. 2. CONTENT • Introduction • Our services • Nanny proficiency • In-house training • Mount Alvernia training • Workshop • Awards • Promotion • Contact us
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION • The PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is that the best agency for providing confinement girls in SINGAPORE, it had been established in 1987 . The PEM Confinement Nanny Agency has over fifteen years of trade expertise in providing nannies to their customers. PEM has smart older nannies for confinement. All monies from PEM are issued a piece allow by the Singapore Ministry of Ma we tend to focus on providing confinement woman services and our experience during this field sets the us with the exception of alternative maid agencies. •
  4. 4. OUR SERVICES • 24 - hour baby care • Brewing of flavored tonics. • Preparation of confinement tub. • Sweeping / swabbing of the floors. • Laundry for each newborn and therefore the mother. • Cooking confinement food for the mother. • Advice on the do’s and don’ts throughout confinement • Grocery searching
  5. 5. NANNY PROFICIENCY • All nannies residing in PEM are a exclusive to our company and don't interact in freelance or work with different employment agents. Such exclusivity allows US to observe our nannies work rate at a bottom of eight cases annually. This enables them to hone their skills and gain valuable expertise and information by operating with totally different personalities, needs and wishes. This helps them to adapt and regulate quickly and simply to a range of operating environments, giving new employers peace of mind. And you may also go to PEM confinement review.
  6. 6. IN-HOUSE TRIANING • Nannies in PEM to endure a 1 week in house educational program conducted by our in-house trainers that cowl topics like: • Baby caring techniques • correct hygiene practices • Confinement diet designing • sensible work skills • Live expertise sharing
  7. 7. Mount Alvernia TRAINING • Mount Alvernia to supply coaching to our confinement nannies to equipped them with the data and skills of a contemporary confinement nanny. • Hygiene practices as an expert caregiver • Baby care data • Breastfeeding data
  8. 8. WORKSHOP • TCM WORKSHOP: • This workshop provided for our nannies can cowl topics like; • The advantages of getting herbs and tonics throughout confinement. • What style of herbs to avoid throughout confinement? • Introduction and orientation to PEM Confinement flavoring Package • Understanding the aim and advantages of PEM Confinement flavoring Package.
  9. 9. BREASTFEEDING WORKSHOP This workshop provided for our nannies can cowl topics like; • Why is breastfeeding need and therefore the edges of breastfeeding to the mother and baby. • what's breast milk and the way to boost lactation? • correct latching and varied breastfeeding positions. • Roles of a confinement nanny. • the way to give emotional support and help to mother in breastfeeding.
  10. 10. AWARDS • Awards is the spokesperson of our work which we do sincerely from fifteen years. The award is given for: • Best in confinement nanny services 2012 • Best confinement services 2011 • Pregnancy special editor’s choice 2011 • Best in confinement nanny services 2011 • Best pro enterprise suggestions 2010
  11. 11. PROMOTION • Through promotion we promote for our customer so that they can utilize the benefit of the services which is are: • Herbal Package • Exclusively PEM • Pregnancy Bliss • Maid Services Beyond Pregnancy • Baby Hair Brush • iBG Infant Smart Mat • Cordlife Special
  12. 12. CONTACT US • For any query or question you may contact us on • Tel: 62939249 • Email: • For more information you may visit us on