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Media a2 evaluation

  1. 1. A promotion package for a new film, to include a new teasertrailer, together with two of the three following three options. • A website homepage for a film. • A film magazine front cover, featuring the film. • A poster for the film.
  2. 2. What are the conventions of a horror teaser trailer? The trailer usually lasts 1.30-2minuets. The idea of a teaser trailer is to make you aware of the new film. The audience get the idea that there will be a film released soon. The reason it is called teaser is because, it doesn’t give anything from the film away. The pace usually starts slow and then picks up. The teaser trailer is usually made when editing the final production, this means some parts of the teaser trailer might not be included in the final film. Uses similar editing techniques all the way through, for example dip to black, that creates suspension as well as leaving the audience in anxiety. Diegetic and Non diegetic sound, fit the piece and you have both included within your trailer.
  3. 3. ResearchLooking through many different horror trailers, made me start analyzingthem and I found many similarities between all of the trailers. First of allat the start of the trailers there is the green band sign as well as filmcompanies, the green band sign which intends that the trailer has beenapproved for all audiences by MPAA’s standards. I wanted to includethe green band on my trailer to make it look professional. I also createdmy own film production company trademark which was JLAproductions, I used Photoshop to create this picture, which I think gavemy film its own identity at the start of the film. I also inserted some wellknown film companies at the start of the film, BBC films and Trademarkfilms, this is to create a professional look to my film trailer with all threefilm companies.
  4. 4. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Whilst doing research on horror trailers, it became clear the conventions of a horror trailer, is that you have to start your trailer with an establishing shot of where the film is set. There needs to be a calm tone and a slow pace build up, to a fast pace scary edited together, what I would call the middle section of the trailer. Then at the end of the trailer, the pace slows right the way down and something shocking happens. Here is how I have tried to recreate the same conventions, structure and pass to create my horror trailer. First of all I have created an opening in which it sets the story for my trailer, (calm tone and slow place build up). I then move into an establishing of where the trailer is set, but in a spooky manor with the mist. As well as the change in music.
  5. 5. Before we started filming whilst lookingthrough different horror trailers, it wasn’tjust the footage that had the effect on theviewer, but it was the lighting, sound miseen scene, camera angles and shots. Someof these can be added during the editingstage, or before and when you and theteam are filming.
  6. 6. Mise-en sceneWe wanted to get the mise-en scene exactly right for the two characters, Daisy theBabysitter as well as the stalker played bye myself. We wanted daisy in casual cloths,which I thought we portrayed very well, as she was wearing a zipped up hoody andjeans, on the other hand we wanted myself in all black cloths to conceal my identity.Before there is any horror points daisy is sat on the settee watching the news, in afamily home. This brings the pace of the film down until the horror starts to happen.Another scene which was really important for mise-en scene was 0.32 seconds, whereyou were able to see Josie asleep in her bed and Daisy checking she was ok. This wasimportant because we wanted to make sure the room looked like a childs room, but italso needed to look professional. The light when the Josie is sleeping I think was areally nice touch to add to the scene. On the other hand the Mise-en scene had to beright for the scary parts as well, for example at the end of the film 1.22 with daisy tied tothe chair, we looked through the chairs I have in my house and picked the wooden one;as well as selecting the rope, gag, and knife.
  7. 7. SoundI used many different sound clips inmy trailer, some diegetic but to givethe creepy and spooky effect a lot ofthe sound was also non diegetic. Toedit the sounds I was used for mytrailer I used a program calledlogic, I used logic cut up mymusic, as well as increase the basson some of the horror tracks and thetreble on others using the EQmaster, as well as the mixer. I alsoadded compression to the tracksreverb and other plug ins, to createthe effects I wanted for my teasertrailer.
  8. 8. SoundTo continue I used logic to piece all of the music together and the, bounced itall down into the format that worked on Adobe Premiere Pro which was MP3.Finally I used automation as well as using the master on premiere pro, thisallowed me to have smooth but changing music between, my audio clips tocreate a piece of music that fitted with my footage. At the start of the piecethere is a childlike piano playing, to create the scary and suspiciousatmosphere, which then develops into an ambient horror noise, I used thismusic because when there is dialogue, you can still hear it above of the music.There is then a heartbeat which I used, I added a bass boost to it and fiddledwith the timing so the beat got faster and changed the grand master so the beatgot louder. Finally there is a fast paced music which constantly is clipped on themaster, for the reason that the music does not sound nice at all and as well asthe video is trying to make the audience jump. The music then goes back to theoriginal childlike piano. This is effect is used in many horror trailers and is aconvention I used used in my trailer as well. Heartbeat Automation
  9. 9. LightingDuring filming we had to film each scene with a different mind set, first of allduring filming you need to take into consideration not just the shot angle andmovement, but also the lighting mise-en scene and sound. All of these differentconventions contribute to the final trailer. For many scenes in my trailer weused different lighting effects, the first establishing shot is set in the mist, whichwith the music sets the rest of the trailer in a unnerving and apprehensive tone.Furthermore for my ending scene we placed the chair in the middle of theroom, with four different sets of lights on all of the walls, we picked this roombecause of the lighting as well as the space to create the right effect. Lightingfor myself proved to be a very useful tool which I used to my advantage, tocreate the best atmosphere for my trailer.
  10. 10. Camera angles and shots.Before we started to film as a group we decided not to haveanything to difficult, so instead we used simple shots butexecuted them well. At the start of the piece I used a mediumshot to record the conversation between the characters, themother and babysitter. I used this to set the trailer so everyonegot into there mind sets what the trailer is about. A medium shotis a simple shot which is not shocking at all so the pace at thestart of the film is slow and calm. This carries onto the next shotwhen we look at the child in bed asleep. The mood thenchanges in the next shot when we do a pan of the outside, whenthere is mist all around the house and you get the feelingsomeone is there watching the house. This sets the scene butstarts to create a slight scary tone to the trailer. This is proved inthe next shot when there is a low angle shot, 0.49 when thestalker is watching the babysitter.
  11. 11. Camera shotsI then used the over the shoulder shot to get the reaction, of thebabysitter in my trailer of someone smashing on the door 0.55. Thereaction looked great and really effective. I then at the door used theover the shoulder shot again to 1.00. This gave the suspense thatsomeone was going to jump out into the babysitters face, but theattacker doesn’t. We then did a close up of the babysitters face andthen a side on view of when the attacker, strikes her down 1.05. Fromthis angle you can clearly see her get struck down to the floor. There isthen a zoom out from a close up of the babysitter and you can see thelegs of the attacker 1.08. This is another establishing shot to show thatthe attacker is now inside of the cozy house.
  12. 12. Camera ShotsFor the last section of the trailer the pace sped up dramatically,therefore some close ups and medium shots were used, as well as tiltsand other camera shots and angles. The medium shot of the baby sitteroutside the house trying to get into the house, this medium shot isdistressing for the audience as well as the first time you get a shadowof the killer, which interests the audience because they want to see theface of the killer but don’t 1.10 The drag scene is in time with the music,which gives it more of an effect as well as being extremely fast1.13. Wethen have a close up of the killers feet scene before the final scene,which is effective because it shows that the killer is now in the house1.19 which sets up the final scene. In final scene, we see a tilt up fromthe bottom of the chair to the face, which reveals that daisy is tied andgaged to a chair he raises the knife and there are 5 shocking picturesthat quickly appear on screen. This is a distressing and scary image forthe audience and leaves them on edge wanting to see more.
  13. 13. EditingOnce I had put all of my footage into place there was alot of editing, to be done to create a decent teasertrailer. To get a sense of continuity during my trailer wasextremely difficult to achieve, but the tool dip to blackhelped me create this. I used the razor tool to cut all ofmy footage up on premiere pro, as well as the pairingtool in which I took away the audio in some clips andreplaced it with my own audio. Furthermore I also usedanother editing technique for the pictures at the end ofthe footage, called push which allowed me to quicklybring all the shocking images on, within 2 seconds. Tocreate the titles at the end of the piece, I usedthe, create a title in Premiere pro, so that the endsequence looks professional to the audience.
  14. 14. TitlesMany horror trailers use intertitles within there trailer to explain thenarrative as well as allowing the viewers imagination to increase thetension within the trailer. I found that this convention was a reallyeffective and useful, I created my own intertitles using adobePhotoshop. To create these two intertitles I used a fire image, then dimmedthe brightness and increased the contrast. I then changed the hue andSaturation and increased the red curser, to create the background. Ithen used DA FONT to find the bold writing on top of the background,which is easy for the reader to read as well as the white colorcomplementing the background.
  15. 15. TitlesFurthermore there are other titles I used to make my trailer lookprofessional. A teaser trailer is meant to leave the audience wanting to find out more, this title achieves this because it does not give away when this film will be coming out, unlike proper trailers which usually give the release date . I have also clearly given the audience a clear website address so they can keep on checking when the release date is. In many horror trailers you often see this still intertitle, which is a convention made to shock and alarm the audience.Finally I created the film title, this is a convention toall trailers, I decided to use the font that is alsoused on my teaser poster for my ancillary task. Theidea is that the audience will start to get the sameimage title, into there heads and therefore they willwant to go and see, THE SENSELESS.
  16. 16. Was your product an effective piece?From the positive audience feedback that I received, I feel that my trailerhas shocked and alarmed the audience, these are the connotations of ateaser trailer. Here are some comments from my blog.PembersJohn wrote:“This is really good the conventions of the teaser trailer fit really well, thestill images tell the plot. At the end of the trailer the last scene is shotleaving the audience in suspense and then the at the start with the motherit sets the trailer, and the shot in the bed after is nice to show the child isasleep and okay oblivious of what is going to happen. The music is reallywell put together the transitions are good. Well Done James.”Thedarkadresss wrote:This is good - the conventions of the teaser trailer are observed well andthere is a clear contrast between the loud and frenzied music and thechildlike piano.From just this feedback as you can see the music works as well as thefilming and editing, it has done what a teaser trailer should do shock theaudience but it doesn’t give to much away.
  17. 17. How effective is thecombination of your mainproduct and your ancillary tasks?
  18. 18. Teaser PosterMy idea for the teaser poster was to create asuccessful teaser poster, that would grab theaudiences attention. I have created a poster that isshocking as well as alarming. I have brought parts ofthe picture down as well as bringing the contrast upon daisy herself, to create a feared and scared lookin daisy’s face as if someone is watching her. I havethen put the tag line someone will be watching, thismatches my poster as well as giving a slight hint atwhat my trailer is going to be about. Furthermore Ihave put the JLA productions sign in the bottom lefthand corner of the poster, as well as the certificate18 in the bottom right corner to make the poster lookprofessional.PembersJohn Wrote:“This is a really well put together poster it looksprofessional the house looks scary as well as the girllooking scared. The credits as well as the filmcompany sign and the certificate 18 fits really well. Itis simple, clean, professional and effective.”
  19. 19. Magazine front coverThe magazine title I chose for my magazine title was“EMPIRE” this is the worlds largest and famous moviemagazine. When doing research I found empire has alimited color scheme, but the magazine in the end lookssimple but effective. The central image has theconventions of a magazine and I have tried to make itstand out to the audience. I have tried to make themagazine look professional, so that it could go onto shopflaws now the bar code, price, and website emphasizesthis point . The tag line gets the audienceintrigued, because people trust empires views on films andthat is a bold tag line to have at the top of the page.PembersJohn wrote:“This magazine front cover fits in with the genre of horrorreally well, a strong magazine brand like empireautomatically makes it look official as well as thedate, price and bar code. The image is still has a clearsense of fear behind it as well as being striking to theviewer. The girl looks trapped, scared and if something iscoming to get her. The senseless is clear to the audienceand shows the title of the film. The tag line at the top of thepage is also effective as it shows how good this filmactually is if it is the "horror event of the year". Well doneJames a really good Magazine front cover.”
  20. 20. How would the three texts work as a strategy for marketing ?Advertising is essential within my product, there isknow point in making a product if it is not going tosell. My teaser poster grabs the audiences attentionand gives just enough information away, for you tohang on and want to watch the trailer. On the otherhand my Empire magazine is has a red title it wouldstand out on shelves, the audience will want to pickup and read about my movie. Finally my teaser trailerdrags people in with the typical conventions of thehorror trailer, and then gives the viewer the websiteso they can look up more about the trailer. All threework really well together as a team and lure people into watch the film.
  21. 21. What have I learnt from my audience feedback? As a group we also went round and gathered information from our piers and teachers, about the movie title for our film “The Senseless”. My audience feedback has been extremely helpful as it has let me been able to pick through my work and let me see, if I have got the right conventions for my teaser trailer, as well as seeing if my two ancillary tasks have been created to a professional standard . Audience feedback was mainly gathered from blogger but, my work has been shown to friends and family, as well to who have all given me critical feedback.
  22. 22. How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction, research, planning and evaluation stages?
  23. 23. ConstructionTo construct my film I had to use cameras and recording equipment.This was the first time I had ever picked up a camera so I had to be afast learner, the camera was a standard video camera. My group and Ihad problems at the start when we went to our first location. But oncewe had got used to using it the second time, it was worth it for my finalteaser trailer. Although we had a basic video camera we did howeverhave a really good sound kit, which made a massive difference to myteaser trailer. This included the microphone, probe stand, a shotgunstand to hold the microphone dead still, headphones as well asadjusters to pick up where the sound was coming from . We allswapped round and each had a go at using all of the equipment.
  24. 24. ConstructionFurthermore there was one program I was a complete novice at, this wasadobe premiere pro CS5. This was very difficult all of the editing andgetting the right effects on the clips, as well as making sure all of the audiowas set to play at the right time took hours on end. But in the end Iproduced a decent teaser trailer.I have used logic before as I have access to it at home and then Irealized, we also have it in school. But this was a learning experience all ofthe automation, fades all took a lot of time as I have never been that indepth into the program.The last program I used was Photoshop for my teaser Poster and Empiremagazine which took a lot of editing, to get daisy to look like that on theposter. Combined with Photoshop I also used DA FONT which enabled meto access the text I wanted for my ancillary tasks.
  25. 25. Research For all of the horror trailers I have researched I used YouTube which let me watch countless horror trailers. Furthermore I used Google as a search engine, for all of the horror posters and magazines I looked through to make sure my own poster and front cover fitted in with the genre. I used blogger as well to search through previous students blogs, to keep me on the right track, as well as picking different ideas I may like to include in my horror trailer.
  26. 26. Planning All of the planning and research is stored on blogger, but a lot of it was hand written before. It was then transferred onto my blog. YouTube also let me embed videos onto my blog, so I was able to analyze all of the horror trailers online, which made it a lot easier if you have the video in front of yourself playing.
  27. 27. Evaluation For my evaluation I used Microsoft PowerPoint 2011, this program allowed me to insert pictures, text, and diagrams to analyze your own work. I intend to upload this slideshow to blogger by using slide share, which will let me embed the slideshow onto a blog post. Slide share makes the format that will be compatible for people to read and flick through.
  28. 28. Conclusion This has been a huge challenge and experience which I have enjoyed thoroughly. I have picked up new skills as well as using new programs. But I am very happy with my finished project, I think my trailer reaches all of the conventions of a horror trailer. If I had to do the experience again I would check how to work the equipment before I went and filmed, be more organized and to make sure I focused on the little details, as well as the bigger ones. As well as saving my work regularly because when we experienced a power cut, I lost all of my work and had to start again. I can now appreciate, how much work goes into a trailer let alone a full blown production.