Analzing front cover magazines


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Analzing front cover magazines

  1. 1. Analyzing Magazine Front covers.
  2. 2. Wolverine Front Cover Empire MagazineTitle and Tag Line:Empire magazine title is big Central imageand bold. It stands out to the Everything on the magazine looks to haveaudience on the shop been built around the centralshelf, which makes the image, therefore the character stands out toaudience want to buy the the audience. The character looks angry andmagazine even more because it is in an aggressive stance, as though heis eye catching. Furthermore would like revenge against something orthe tag line speaks for its someone. Text around the Main Figureself, Wolverine is a big The text around the figurecharacter in the X-men, as this tells us about the same genrefilm was such a big film this of film as the picturemagazine automatically has its is, which is action. Thisown audience, drawing more portrays the main idea of theattention and sales to the film of wolverine.magazine.Professional Look:There is a running themethroughout all of thesemagazine front covers. Thedate, price, bar code as well asthe empire magazine.
  3. 3. Hellboy 2 Magazine Front cover Simple color scheme: Some of the color schemeEmpire Title: relates to theThe title relates to film, “hell” film, black, red relates toboy relate to fire death, As well the film of hell boy. As wellas standing out to the audience. as that the white writing on top of the black, makes it stand to the audience like the title of the magazine.The Main Picture:The character in the center ofthe picture looks threatening tothe audience, the character alsolike the wolverine front coverwants a fight or revenge you cantell this from his facial expressionas well as his hand stance.
  4. 4. Batman Joker Magazine Front CoverBig Names: The main image:All of these big names on the The image when you pick upmagazine front covers, also the magazine, looks like thestand out to the audience. joker is looking straight intoThis also makes us want to the audiences eyes. This makessee what else is in the the audiences scared and feelmagazine and here about the uncomfortable.big Hollywood names. Empire title: The empire magazineThe color scheme: title, glows and stands out toThe color schemes of green the audience. On the shelfand black relate to the color with the other magazines thisscheme of the film. The green would stand out to theand the black make the front audience, increasing sales.cover look more sinister aswell as scary.