GlassFish Mobility Platform - Hans Hrasna


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An overview of the GlassFish MObility Platform. Based on Java and OMA technology

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GlassFish Mobility Platform - Hans Hrasna

  1. 1. Sun GlassFish™ Mobility Platform Technical Overview Hans Hrasna Sun Microsystems
  2. 2. TM Sun GlassFish Mobility Platform In a nutshell ... A platform for developing mobile applications using a combination of Java technologies and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) industry standards. 2
  3. 3. TM Sun GlassFish Mobility Platform • Based on GlassFish, MySQL, Java CAPS Access to Anything • Secure data access and synchronization to: Access from > Enterprise Apps (Siebel, Oracle, Anywhere SAP) > Consumer Apps (Twitter, Access for Anyone FaceBook) > PIM (Email, Calendar, Network Access at Address Book) Anytime • Device and carrier agnostic • Convenient pricing 3
  4. 4. Product Features Developer 2-way Encryption Toolkit Synchronization Application Offline Conflict Connectors Data Caching Resolution Remote Over-the-air Device Data Wipe Provisioning Lockout 4
  5. 5. SGMP Key Features •Out of the box access to over many commercial applications (, SAP, Siebel, etc.) •Open Standards – OMA DS protocols, Java ME, JAX- WS, JAX-RS •Offline mode with data cached on the device •On-Line synchronization •Dynamic Data support via RESTful Web Services •Device agnostic: common interface to any device and OS 5
  6. 6. Mobility Platform Architecture Components at a glance Mobile App Client Library (Sync and WS) Mobile App Mobile App Java ME Java EE Connector Sync Engine Connector Connector EIS JavaCAPS JavaCAPS Consumer Adapter Adapter EIS Content JavaCAPS Adapter 6
  7. 7. Mobility Platform Architecture MP Components Mobile Application Components Mobile App Device APIs Jersey Protocols MCBO ME SyncML/HTTP(S) Client Library FC Client DB Mobile Gateway ECBO / JAX-RS / SOAP Sync Engine JPA JAX-RS/HTTP(S) Connector JCA Sync DB Enterprise or Consumer Application Protocol JavaCAPS Adapters Application 7
  8. 8. Service Provider Hosted Deployment CARRIER NETWORK Sun Fire T2000 PDA Enterprise Information System Siebel SAP etc. Smart Phone SyncML/HTTP(S) Sun Fire T2000 GlassFish Mobility Platform RIM Device Gateway Sync DB 8
  9. 9. Service Provider Managed Deployment CARRIER NETWORK CORPORATE NETWORK Sun Fire T2000 PDA Enterprise Information System Sync Siebel DB SAP etc. SOAP/HTTP(S) Smart Phone Sun Fire T2000 GlassFish Mobility Platform SyncML/HTTP(S) Gateway Tier Sun Fire T2000 GlassFish Mobility Platform RIM Device Enterprise Tier Auth DB 9
  10. 10. Enterprise Deployment CARRIER NETWORK CORPORATE NETWORK Sun Fire T2000 PDA Enterprise Information System Siebel SAP etc. Smart Phone SyncML/HTTP(S) Sun Fire T2000 GlassFish Mobility Platform Gateway RIM Device Sync DB 10
  11. 11. Authentication • Enterprise / Service Provider Hosted Deployment ­ User/pass authentication directly with back­end ­ No need to store passwords in Mobile Gateway • Service Provider Managed Deployment ­ User/pass authentication with Mobile Gateway ­ Mobile Gateway server authenticates with Web Service server ­ Mobile user mapped to Enterprise user in Web Service server ­ Two password domains: Gateway server and Web Service server Slide 11
  12. 12. Mobile Client Security • Client Application Authentication ­ syncml:auth­basic / syncml:auth­md5 over https • Transport Layer Security via HTTPS • On­Device Data Encryption ­ Alphanumeric PIN based encryption scheme ­ MD5 digest of pin used as encryption key ­ data encrypted with triple DES or AES Slide 12
  13. 13. Administration Console 13
  14. 14. Administration - Connectors 14
  15. 15. Admin - Connector Configuration 15
  16. 16. Admin – User Configuration 16
  17. 17. Admin – Provisioning Repository 17
  18. 18. Provisioning Portal 18
  19. 19. Development Tools - MP Client • JavaME based client development NetBeans 6.5 IDE w/ Mobility Pack > Full integration with JavaME Wireless Toolkit > Choice of UI framework: (LWUIT, LCD UI, SVG, etc) > Mobile Client Business Object library > JerseyMe client > • Easy to plug-in device emulators (Nokia, BlackBerry, Sprint, etc) 19
  20. 20. Development Tools - MP Connector • Connector templates using Maven archetypes > Archetype-based generation supported in multiple IDEs including Eclipse and Netbeans • Object Type Definitions (OTDs) for various enterprise systems > Wizards included in MP plugin for Netbeans > OTDs generated from enterprise system's meta-data 20
  21. 21. Development - Maven Archetypes 21
  22. 22. JAX-RS Connector Template /** * Returns a binary representation of a business object. The * binary representation is part of the contract between a * connector and a client. * * @param user User's name logged into the session * @param password User's password logged into the session * @param sessionId Sync session id generated by gateway * @param id Business object's identifier * @return Binary representation of business object */ @GET @Produces(quot;application/octet-streamquot;) public byte[] getBusinessObject( @QueryParam(quot;usernamequot;) @DefaultValue(quot;usernamequot;) String user, @QueryParam(quot;passwordquot;) @DefaultValue(quot;passwordquot;) String password, @QueryParam(quot;sessionIdquot;) @DefaultValue(quot;quot;) String sessionId, @PathParam(quot;idquot;) String id) { // INSERT CODE: return object representation for client return new byte[0]; } 22
  23. 23. Netbeans Database Access Wizard 23
  24. 24. Blackberry Client Development on NetBeans 24
  25. 25. Client User Interfaces JavaFx ODP Third Party LWUIT 25
  26. 26. For more information • Engage with Us 1 > Ask for a workout or assessment to determine your workforce mobility needs • Download GlassFish Mobility Platform 2 > > Version 1.1 now available! ( get.jsp) • Be a Part of Community 3 > SGMP User Forum ( > Sun Developer Network 4 • Sun Enterprise Mobility Blog > 26
  27. 27. Thank you Hans Hrasna Sun Microsystems 27 Slide 27