SailFin - Adding Presence and Voice to WebApps


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Presentation by Binod PG on how to use SailFin to add Voice and Presence to Web Apps

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SailFin - Adding Presence and Voice to WebApps

  1. 1. SailFin: Adding Presence and Voice to Web applications Binod PG Senior Staff Engineer Sun Microsystems Sun Confidential: NDA Required 1 1
  2. 2. SIP and HTTP: Converged Environment HTTP SIP SailFin SIP SIP Sun Confidential: NDA Required 2
  3. 3. SIP Protocol • Resembles HTTP (and SMTP) – Text based protocol – URL for addressing. • Defined by RFC 3261 • Can be asynchronous and bi-directional • Peer to Peer Sun Confidential: NDA Required 3
  4. 4. An Example Sun Confidential: NDA Required 4
  5. 5. SIP Servlets • Handle SIP message processing > Based on Generic Servlet model > SIP Applications, Sessions and Timers • Defined by JSR-289 > Converged Web and SIP applications. > Http and Sip Sessions can access each other. > Http Servlets can initiate calls • SIP Application Servers > Stand-alone (pure SIP) > Integrated SIP and Java EE Application Servers 5 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  6. 6. SIP Servlet Example Code. 6 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  7. 7. Converged SIP and HTTP Applications: Basic Building Blocks Sun Confidential: NDA Required 7
  8. 8. SIP User Agents Software SIP Phones ➢ X-Lite ➢ Ekiga ➢ SIP Communicator ➢ Adium ➢ Most of the support Audio, Video and Chat ➢ Avoid port conflict with SailFin. ➢ Sun Confidential: NDA Required 8
  9. 9. SIP Phone Registration • SIP Phone sends a REGISTER message. > Provides the Contact URI(host/port etc) of the SIP Phone. > Typically the first interaction between the phone and server (SIP Servlet) • Make sure that your SIPServlet handles REGISTER messges. > Typically Authentication happens during this message. > You can use Java EE role based security. 9 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  10. 10. SIP Application Session • Common Space for Both HTTP and SIP Servlets. • Accessible by an application specific key. • Traverse to all SIP and HTTP sessions and access application data. • Both HTTP Servlet and SIP Servlet can access the same SIP Application Session. > Eg: Foo user's HTTP and SIP Servlet access can obtain the same SIP Application Session. 10 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  11. 11. SipFactory and SipSessionsUtil • Injected to @Resource annotated element. • Available to SIP Servlets, HTTP Servlets and also EJBs. Create SIP requests. > Create SIP Address. > Create SIP Application Session. > Lookup SIP Application Session. > 11 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  12. 12. Converged HttpServlet Example. 12 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  13. 13. Web based Presence Sun Confidential: NDA Required 13
  14. 14. Presence Agent • SIP Phones publish the presence information to SIP Servers. • SIP Servlets collect the presence information. • SIP Servlets share the presence information to HTTP Servlets > SIP Application Session > ServletContext 14 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  15. 15. Presence Agent SIP SIP HTTP Servlet Applocation Servlet Session AJAX/Comet SIP SIP 15 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  16. 16. SIP Message with Presence 16 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  17. 17. Example SIP Servlet Code • HTTP Servlet Accesses the SIP Application Session • Browser can be updated with new status. 17 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  18. 18. How is Sailfin used Examples of Converged Services Mobile Fixed-Mobile Business Home Enterprise Convergence - Private mobile - IPTV, VoD - Conferencing - Push-to-talk numbering - Games - Call-handling - Chat - Mobile workforce - Ring-back tones - IP Centrex - Messaging GLASSFISH COMMUNICATIONS SERVER Sun Confidential: NDA Required 18
  19. 19. FUTURES SAILFIN.NEXT Sun Confidential: NDA Required 19
  20. 20. Next Generation Convergence • Web based VOIP phone support. > Avoids the need to install a SIP phone > Integration with Java FX > Server Side Abstraction to Simplify Web based phones. • SIP POJOs > Annotation based SIP framework > Handles common communication scenarios. > Simplify WEB-SIP convergence. 20 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  21. 21. Next Generation Convergence • SIP Content Management APIs > Presence API > SDP API > Instant Messaging API • Media Server Integration. > Tighter integration with Media Server. > Making Conferences Easy. 21 Sun Proprietary/Confidential: Under NDA
  22. 22. SailFin Communicator Sun Confidential: NDA Required 22
  23. 23. Thank you Sun Confidential: NDA Required 23