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Sail Fin Webinar Overview

Sail Fin Webinar Overview



Overview of SailFin at TheAquarium. By Sreeram Duvur

Overview of SailFin at TheAquarium. By Sreeram Duvur



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    Sail Fin Webinar Overview Sail Fin Webinar Overview Presentation Transcript

    • Project Sailfin Technical Overview Sreeram Duvur Principal Engineer GlassFish for Communications Sun Microsystems Inc. 1 1
    • What can you do with SailFin? • Web Developers > Add Click-To-Dial buttons to web pages, so two people can talk or have a video chat > Develop web-based conferencing applications > Private presence and Instant Messaging servers > With a little help from a media server, you can – Web application that accept Touch Tone inputs from a phone – More fancy: if you have a voice recognition engine, write VoiceXML/IVR enabled web applications • Telecommunications Applications > All the way from cell and landline call setup to interactive IPTV and network games with voice/video interaction 2
    • How does it happen? • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) > arguably, the second most important internet protocol • What does SIP enable? Discovery of communication end points > Authentication of users > Negotiation of session media capabilities > Session creation and tear-down (SipSession), Timers > Multi-party session state (SipApplicationSession) > • Very accessible to web developers > Sip Servlets model mimics Http Servlets model 3
    • SailFin Factoids • Apr '07: Ericsson contributes SIP Servlets container to GlassFish • May '07 Gosling draws logo • Jun '07 SailFin launched • Sep '08: SailFin v1 (JSR116) • Nov '08: IPTV live in Portugal • Jan 23 '09: SailFin v1.5 (JSR289) • 5000+ downloads per month, 200 registered community members, 45+ committers, 10+ customers 4
    • Todays Agenda • SailFin Technical Overview & Demo > Sreeram Duvur • Building SailFin Communicator > Binod P.G • Converged Load Balancer in SailFin > Kshitiz Saxena 5
    • Sun Labs Conference Manager Web Based Voice Conferencing Using Project SailFin http://research.sun.com/projects/mc/confmgr.html Java One 2007 6
    • Architecture and Key Features 7
    • Project SailFin: Logical View IDE Plugin Converged Application Session Eclipse & Load Router Retainability Diameter NetBeans Balancer SailFin SIP Pure SIP Container Apps JSR-116 Administration Converged Applications GlassFish JSR-289 Pure Web Web Converged Apps Container Applications Java EE GlassFish Java EE Services: EJB, Applications Persistence, Web Services, JNDI, Annotations, Transactions, Connectors, JMS, JMX, JSF, more.. 8
    • Physical Implementation Project Sailfin SIP SIP Servlet SIP Session CLI Converged SIP Application NetBeans Security Deployment Replication GUI LB Session Plugin NetBeans Digest Auth, Extension JXTA GlassFish HttpSession Grizzly Java EE Security Modules Replication Administration Management Plugin GlassFish Enterprise Server 9
    • SIP Servlet Container • Used a pre-existing and well tested JSR-116 implementation • Added JSR289 features > Converged SIP and Java EE Applications deployment > Application Router, Resource Injection, New Sip Servlet Annotations • Enhanced Request processing with Grizzly NIO > Near native throughput and latency and Highly scalable > Over Load Protection: rejects requests if the load is high or memory is over consumed 10
    • SIP Protocol Engine Application SIP Servlet Router Container SSA dispatch Application Dispatcher Session Manager Next Layer () Resolver Manager DNS (ENUM) Overload Handler Transaction Manager Loadbalancer (user-centric) OTHER TP Thread Pool Network Manager 11
    • Administration Console 12
    • Traditional Clusters Layer 3 LB Layer 3 LB Web Server Web Server or or L7 LB L7 LB App App App App Server Server Server Server Application and Container State Replication 13
    • SailFin Clusters 100 L3 LB 35 28 32 25 CONVERGED CONVERGED CONVERGED CONVERGED PROXY & LB PROXY & LB PROXY & LB PROXY & LB SailFin SailFin SailFin SailFin Application and Container State Replication 14
    • SailFin Cluster: Failure 100 L3 LB 25 35+8 28+9 32+8 CONVERGED CONVERGED CONVERGED CONVERGED PROXY & LB PROXY & LB PROXY & LB PROXY & LB SailFin SailFin SailFin SailFin Application and Container State Replication 15
    • SailFin Cluster: Healed 100 L3 LB 35 28 32 25 CONVERGED CONVERGED CONVERGED CONVERGED PROXY & LB PROXY & LB PROXY & LB PROXY & LB SailFin SailFin SailFin SailFin Application and Container State Replication 16
    • Overload Protection • Triggered by CPU or Memory Utilization thresholds • Optional layer in request path, returns 503 to the client when the threshold is exceeded • Configurable thresholds for Initial and Subsequent • Sampling frequency is configurable asadmin set server-config.sip-container.property.CpuOverloadRegulation=true asadmin set server-config.sip-container.property.IrThreshold=65 asadmin set server-config.sip-container.property.SrThreshold=90 asadmin set server-config.sip-container.property.MmThreshold=70 asadmin set server-config.sip-container.property.HttpThreshold=60 asadmin set server-config.sip-container.property.MemHttpThreshold=80 asadmin set server-config.sip-container.property.SampleRate=5 asadmin set server-config.sip-container.property.NumberOfSamples=3 17
    • Other Clustering Highlights • Handles both SIP and HTTP • Two Policies – Sticky Round Robin – Consistent Hashing • Cluster Heartbeat Service based on Project Shoal • Scriptable Rules for Load Balancer – Data Centric Rules • Visualization Available 18
    • Security • Confidentiality and Integrity of SIP messages using TLS • User Authentication – Sip Digest Authentication (MD5) – Realms supported by default : JDBC • P-Asserted-Identity – Configuration to define trust domains eg: trusted sip entities(hostname,ipaddress 19
    • Tools – NetBeans 6.5 NetBeans 6.5 Plugin – JSR 289 and EE 5 – Deploy and debug pure and converged Applications – Wizard based SIP Application authoring – SIP Testing Client 20
    • Tools – Eclipse Ericsson SDS • Free Download • Eclipse 3.4 and WTP 3.0 • Eclipse ME 1.7.9 • IMS Support – S-CSCF – HSS • Mobile Client Emulators • IMS Client platform • Traffic generation, recording and visualization Download URL: http://www.ericsson.com/mobilityworld/sub/open/technologies/ims_poc/tools/sds_40 21
    • E-charts (AT&T Research) – ECharts for SIP Servlets – open-source, state-machine- based framework for programming converged services Changes programming – abstraction from servlet callbacks to state machines Application developer – specifies state-machine logic, coded in programming language Arbitrary Java code can be – embedded in state machine, allowing full access to SIP Servlet API. Particularly well-suited for – state-intensive nature of B2BUA applications. 22
    • Distributions • Supports JDK 1.5 and JDK 1.6 – 32-bit JVM now and 64-bit soon • Solaris (SPARC and X64), SuSE and RedHat • Developer only for MacOS X, Windows XP • GUI and Jar based Installers – Silent Install available • Two installation Profiles – Developer and Cluster 23
    • Resources • On the Web – http://sailfin.dev.java.net – http://www.sun.com/sailfin – http://www.ericssonmobilityworld.com – http://echarts.org – http://blogs.sun.com/sduv/entry/project_sailfin_launches_in_glassfish • Meet Us Live – Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 2009 Feb 16-20 – JavaOne 2009 June 2-5 – Sun Tech Days 24
    • Q&A 25