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Glass Fish Portfolio Web Server Cvr
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Glass Fish Portfolio Web Server Cvr



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Sun Web Server 7: A Jewel in Sun GlassFish Portfolio Murthy Chintalapati (cvr) Senior Engineering Manager, Web Infrastructure Products February 10, 2009. 1
  • 2. Contents • Sun GlassFish Portfolio > A robust portfolio of web servers • Sun Web Server 7 > Technology Overview > Performance & Scalability > Open Source > Sample Production Deployments Sun Confidential: Internal Only 2
  • 3. Robust portfolio of web servers • Apache HTTPd > Most dominant, versatile open source web server. > Foundation of LAMP architecture > Interoperates well with Tomcat/GlassFish app servers • Sun Web Server 7 > Most scalable web server, optimized for modern multi-core CMT (Chip-based Multi-threaded) systems. > Features support for heterogeneous technologies (Java JSP/ native PHP) and eases cluster management. > Deployed by Sun and Sun's enterprise customer base for reliability, security and manageability. • Lighttpd, light-weight open source web server. Sun Confidential: Internal Only 3
  • 4. Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 (formerly Sun ONE Web Server, originally Netscape Enterprise Server) • Improve Web security and performance • Reduce Cost & Complexity • Reduce administration complexity > Built-in cluster management > Scriptable command line administration tools • Platform Support: • Supporting: Solaris 8, 9, 10 (UltraSPARC 32-bit, 64-bit) > HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1 > Solaris 9, 10 (x86); Solaris 10 (x64/AMD64) > JSP/Servlet OpenSolaris 2008.11 (x86/AMD64) > > Windows 2000, XP SP2, 2003 Server, EE > CGI > RedHat EL 3.0 (32-bit only), 4.0 U4 or later, > FastCGI > 5.0, SUSE EL 9, 10 SP2 (32-bit, 64-bit) SHTML > HP-UX 11iv1 > HTML > AIX 5.2, 5.3 > LDAP, Access Control > FREE under Solaris Enterprise Licensing SSL/ECC > Sun Confidential: Internal Only 4
  • 5. Web Server Overview • Data center friendly • Scalable > Built-in (and scriptable) cluster > Multi-threaded application management > In-process Java container Configurations are standard text > > 64-bit capable; SPECweb2005 files; can be stored in CVS, record setting architecture. BitKeeper, etc • Secure Several stats reports available for > health checks; SNMP support for > Access Control built in integration into standard > LDAP, local user database, etc monitoring tools > SSL capable out of box Request mapping for self- > protection from DoS attacks > Elliptic Curve Cryptography Integrated Reverse Proxy; URL > > DoS Attack awareness rewriting with regex matching. > Cross-site script detection • Extensible > Web Services Security > Variety of APIs available to extend server capabilities; NSAPI, Java > WebDAV ACL EE 5 Servlet/JSP, FastCGI, etc. Sun Confidential: Internal Only 5
  • 6. Administration Cluster Management ● > Support for centralized management of configuration data and replication to nodes Redesigned GUI ● > Improved navigation. > Easy access to SSL setup, virtual servers, JVM settings, web app deployment and other commonly performed administrator tasks. New CLI – comprehensive, secure and scriptable ● > Feature parity with GUI. > Scriptable with embedded TCL engine. Sun Confidential: Internal Only 6
  • 7. Sun Web Server 7 The Most Eco-friendly web server + Sun Web Server 7.0u3 Sun Fire T5220 (Niagara 2) • 64bit Solaris 10 Update 5 platform • 8core, 64-thread system on chip CPU • Optimized to leverage CMT multi-core multi- • On-chip crypto processor with 8x FPUs threaded architecture • 10GbE networking • In-kernel SSL performance • Heterogeneous scripting (JSP,PHP) SPECweb2005 benchmark - Simultaneous User Sessions System Metric Bank Support E-comm Way/Ghz #core HP DL585 G2 22254 38400 20704 30720 4/3 Opteron 8 SunFire T5220 41847 70000 40000 58000 1/1.4 Sun T1 8 HP DL580 G5 43854 76032 39456 62304 4/2.31 Xeon 16 Sun Confidential: Internal Only 7
  • 8. Open Web Server • Sun Web Server is now open sourced > Includes HTTP server core components > Source coded hosted on OpenSolaris web stack project and can be built on most Unix platforms. > Released under BSD License > For more details, visit: and the announcement: Sun Confidential: Internal Only 8
  • 9. A Sun Web Server Reference Deployment • One of the Internet’s largest dynamic JSP content providers with hundreds of thousands of JSP files active on any given day. 15 live games daily; One billion minutes of streaming media over 2,430 full length games to over one billion visitors w/ record breaking 90million views a day!. Sun Confidential: Internal Only 9
  • 10. Sun Blogs ( – A Sun Web Server site profile • Premier blogging infrastructure for Sun employees • Hosted on SunFire T2000 servers, Web Server 7.0 and MySQL Sun Confidential: Internal Only 10
  • 11. Summary • Sun GlassFish Portfolio > A robust portfolio of web servers • Sun Web Server 7 > High performance web server that scales well on modern multi-core x64/CMT servers. > Features data center friendly cluster management, reverse proxy, URL rewriting and DoS attack protection. > Supports heterogeneous dynamic server extensions including NSAPI, Java EE Servlets/JSPs, PHP, FastCGI > Server core open sourced under BSD license > Deployed widely by Sun and Sun's enterprise customers. Sun Confidential: Internal Only 11
  • 12. Thank You! 12
  • 13. Sun GlassFish Web Stack Sun Web Server Apache HTTPd GlassFish Lighttpd Memcached Mod_jk,perl, ruby PHP, Ruby, Python Squid , Tomcat Sun Confidential: Internal Only 13
  • 14. Dynamic Reconfiguration • Make changes on-the-fly to the server > CLI and GUI support to trigger reconfigurations • Server knows which changes require a server restart • NSAPI support for plugins to implement dynamic reconfiguration • Server falls back to last “good” configuration if a change results in a configuration error • Server “configurations” are in-memory representations of the information in the configuration files Sun Confidential: Internal Only 14
  • 15. Command-Line Interface Is an embedded Java Command Language (JACL) shell • Can be run in single, shell, or file modes • Provides auto completion of commands • Provides all functionality present in the GUI: • Configuring server settings and subsystems > Managing certificates > Starting and stopping servers > Monitoring the server, and so on > • Command-line scripts can be run against remote servers Sun Confidential: Internal Only 15
  • 16. Diagnosability Server tracks active URIs and client IPs in real time ● > Exposed through HTTP at /.perf > Available with admin CLI's get-perfdump command > get-perfdump can list active URLs even if server appears “hung” Additional fine-grained log messages ● > Provide insight into server's operation > Only logged when log level is set to fine, finer, or finest Sun Confidential: Internal Only 16