Glass Fish Enterprise Manager Siraj Ghaffar

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  • 1. GlassFish Enterprise Manager Overview Siraj Ghaffar 1
  • 2. GlassFish Enterprise Manager • Enhanced monitoring and management of the server. • Consists of three major components : > Performance Advisor – Static Tuner – Runtime Tuner > Performance Monitor > SNMP • Delivered as patches from SunSolve 2 Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  • 3. Performance Advisor • Static Tuner > Adjust configuration settings in domain.xml based on specific conditions • Runtime Tuner/Alerting > Based on user defined criteria, monitors aspects of running instances and alerts users or takes corrective action • Admin GUI > Easy to use interface to configure different aspects of the performance advisor. 3 Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  • 4. 4 Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  • 5. 5 Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  • 6. Performance Monitor • Based on VisualVM 1.1 and NetBeans Platform 6.5. • Major Features > Monitoring of local and remote Java processes > Realtime charting of many JVM artifacts such as Heap, CPU, Threads, Classes, etc. much like JConsole. > Realtime data collection, processing, and charting of many GlassFish monitoring artifacts. – Integrated control of GlassFish monitoring levels. – Monitoring of HTTP, Web Container, EJB Container, JDBC and JMS Connections, Web Services, and Thread Pools. – Monitoring of clustered and standalone instances through DAS. 6 Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  • 7. Performance Monitor Screenshot 7 Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  • 8. 8 Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  • 9. SNMP • Exposes GlassFish monitoring data in SNMP • Supports standard based MIB: J2EE-MIB (JSR 77 Specification) • Supports different modes of monitoring > Monitor Domain Admin Server (DAS) > Monitor individual instances directly > Monitor through Master Agent 9 Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  • 10. SNMP • Available as a standard Web Module. > Deploy __assnmp.war • SNMP data available to any standard SNMP client > SNMPWalk • Seamless integration with GlassFish > Configuration (asadmin, Admin UI) > Logging (server.log) 10 Sun Confidential: Internal Only