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Publishing unit jyx220508

Publishing unit jyx220508



Poster presentation in Open Repositories, Southampton, 2008.

Poster presentation in Open Repositories, Southampton, 2008.



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    Publishing unit jyx220508 Publishing unit jyx220508 Presentation Transcript

    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄJyväskylä University LibraryPublishing Unit and the Digital ArchiveJYXPekka OlsboPublishing CoordinatorManager of the Publishing UnitJyväskylä University LibraryPublishing UnitP.O.BOX 35, 40014 University of Jyväskylä+358-50 5818355pekka.olsbo@library.jyu.fi 2008
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄUniversity Library Publishing Unitg -Founded in 1997g -Publisher: 6 publications series, 90-100 titles/year, mainly dissertationsg -Coordination of the publishing activities of the universityg -Developer of the electronic materials managementg -University publications salesg -6 employees + project designer 2008
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄJYXJyväskylä University Digital Archiveg Opened in November 2007g Based on DSpace open source software www.dspace.orgg Dissertations, master theses, ejournals, ebooks, learning materials, articles, historical digitized materials, maps…g Publishing channel for teachers, researchers and studentshttp://jyx.jyu.fi 2008
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄBut JYX is someting more…g Not only digital objects need management…Also rights connected to those objects need to be controlled and managed! 2008
    • The digital archive also manages copyrightsCopyright management in digital archives is a time-consuming effort: it is frequently neglected,there are complex contractual situations, and automated procedures are rarely available.But something can be done!In our approach digital archives are deployed for content lifecycle: electronic publishing, managementand delivery of content. Electronic copyright management systems (ECMS) supportcontract lifecycle: negotiating, archiving and monitoring contracts. Content lifecycle 1. Producing content 2. Publishing content A. Preparing B. Negotiating contracts Contract contracts 3. Managing content D. Monitoring lifecycle contracts C. Archiving contracts 4. Distributing content 5. Utilizing contentOur solution: JYX is the digital archive of the University of Jyväskylä:- Digital archive (based on DSpace) with ECMS integrated- ECMS enables assigning copyright contracts to digital items- Assembly improves joint use of online educational content- Produced within the Finnish Publishing Channel Project/Finnish VirtualUniversity www.vy.fi/vomykeFurther information ..on digital archive JYX ..on ECMS pekka.olsbo@library.jyu.fi eetu.luoma@drelma.com pertti.pitkanen@library.jyu.fi Dr.Elma Ltd. Jyväskylä University Library https://jyx.jyu.fi http://drelma.com
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄPublishing is a process 2008
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄPublishing is a process 2008
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄPublishing is a process 2008
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄPublishing is a process 2008
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄThe contract in ODRL<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>- <o-ex:rights xmlns:dre="http://cs.jyu.fi/dre" xmlns:o-dd="http://odrl.net/1.1/ODRL-DD" xmlns:o-ex="http://odrl.net/1.1/ODRL-EX">- <o-ex:agreement>- <o-ex:context> <o-dd:uid>N/A</o-dd:uid> </o-ex:context>- <o-ex:asset>- <o-ex:context> <o-dd:uid>URN:NBN:fi:jyu-2005162</o-dd:uid> </o-ex:context>- <o-ex:context> <o-dd:uid>Guidelines for writing in the research series published by the University of Jyväskylä</o-dd:uid> </o-ex:context> </o-ex:asset> <!-- append permission -->- <o-ex:permission> <!-- use rights --> <o-dd:uid>User may read, download and print the document</o-dd:uid> <!-- reuse rights --> <!-- transfer rights --> <!-- asset management rights --> <!-- user constraints --> <!-- device constraints --> <!-- bounds constraints --> <!-- temporal constraints --> <!-- temporal constraints --> <!-- aspect constraints --> <!-- target constraints --> </o-ex:permission>- <o-ex:party>- <o-ex:context> <o-dd:uid>N/A</o-dd:uid> <o-dd:name>Pekka Olsbo</o-dd:name> </o-ex:context> </o-ex:party>- <o-ex:party>- <o-ex:context> <o-dd:uid>N/A</o-dd:uid> <o-dd:name>N/A</o-dd:name> </o-ex:context> </o-ex:party> </o-ex:agreement> </o-ex:rights> 2008
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄThe Electronic Contracts ManagementSystemg Regognizes materials and knows about the contracts linked to themg Imports the matadata from publishing/delivery systemg Offers the contract for the author for acceptingg Saves the contractg Offers the contract for the users if necessary 2008
    • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ Our solution: Jyväskylä University Digital Archive http://jyx.jyu.fi 2008