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Zee.do BrandGames to SomePitching Jury

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Zeedo BrandGames_Somepitching-projury

  1. 1. @ Zee-do BrandGames Introducing Discovery-driven Hybrid Advertising via involving Discovery2Deal Brand Games For more info: Peter Green, peter@zee.do, +358 40 5707911
  2. 2. Idea description Zee.do, “Discovery2Deal”, idea came originally for a need to make an intelligent Augmented Reality (AR) browser, that would learn from it’s users. (This is still in our roadmap). We were looking at meaningful ways to get people into our AR service, and scanning an Outdoor Advertisement (OOH) seemed the best solution. And we got excited with the current challenge of it being static and not involving/activating. Soon came the Brand Game idea through branded challenges, gamifying the OOH business and methods, from print to mobile! OOH is only the first playground to be scaled up. The business model is simple, basically scalable revenues coming from cost per discovery, 0,05-0,10€/scan (scanned advert, equivalent/ comparable to understandable CPC) and cost per played game, 12€/game (equivalent to CPA) figure used for media buying. For more info: Peter Green, peter@zee.do, +358 40 5707911
  3. 3. Traction Zee.do BrandGames has caused a lot of positive feedback (and constructive comments too) from potentila customers (several brands met) and also from the very important target audience, the media (buying) agencies. We have more information and statistics of the future of involving (augmented) OOH advertising, and it’s current measuralibity, need for analytics and future scenarios. We have a Letter of Intent with Clear Channel Finland about using Zee.do Brand Games platform right away once ready (pilot phase already) and also Clear Channel’s global digital team is aware and interested on the solution. Media agencies sees this as a great add on to OOH, and a nice extra for digital display advertising For more info: Peter Green, peter@zee.do, +358 40 5707911
  4. 4. Track record The idea was created originally already in 2010, and the company Zee.do Ltd was established. The idea has been evolving a lot, and in 2012 we got accepted to the Keksintösäätiö (Foundation for Finnish inventions) grant to build the prototype. This is where we are now, and are currently looking for seed funding within the Crowdsoucing program FundedByMe. We do have a simple website, http://Zee.do, with our initial concept video. Our Facebook and Twitter are set up. Also the FundedByMe Crowdfunding campaign, http://bit.ly/zeedo2013 , has a lot of information on the development of Zee.do Ltd and the BrandGames concept For more info: Peter Green, peter@zee.do, +358 40 5707911
  5. 5. Team We have over 50 years of digital-, especially mobile marketing experience in our team. And we are just three! Peter Green. CEO (sales/marketing) • Peter is a conceptual thought leader, with over 15 years history of mobile service creation at Satama Interactive (Nokia as main client) and Clear Channel Digital. An innovator with design & business mindset Tapio Hämeen-Anttila. CTO • is a technical wizard, with over 15 years history at Nokia and Navteq (location advertising) Operations Manager, with technical mindset Ismo Rantala COB, CFO • is a mobile authority, with over 20 years history in Mobile development at Mobile Monday, FinnMob, and Nest New York startup accelerator For more info: Peter Green, peter@zee.do, +358 40 5707911
  6. 6. Future plans Currently we have the prototype of Zee.do Brand Games, and the sales, mainly explaining the concept and the opportunity, has started. We are running a FundedByMe crowdfunding campaign to be able to make Zee.do BrandGames a production ready and scalable with the max 150.000€ we are running for. With that, during H1/2014 we can start the pilot roll-outs in Helsinki, Finland and New York, USA. Later in 2014 we are planning to go for RoundA funding, with aim to raise approximately 1 Million USD to make the BrandGames globally scalable, to all the markets where there are OOH advertising and mobile phones. The future roadmap include going beyond OOH advertising, and to build the intelligent AR browser, personalzed to match advertising to consumer’s behaviour. This is in 2015-2016, and is based on the basic Brand Games, giving another layer to it. For more info: Peter Green, peter@zee.do, +358 40 5707911
  7. 7. The Problem: Problem-Solution -slide OUR SOLUTION: Brand Manager creates account and specifies campaign parameters at zee.do online service. Brand Game is initiated to the existing advertisement Oh, I love Nike. Let’s see what kind of game they have this time, always fun and rewarding. Point and shoot it is. OK… CONSUMER DISCOVERS THE BRAND GAME WITHIN OUTDOOR AD… Consumer opens Zee.do app and points his phone to ad. Campaign is recognized, Brand Game started and Consumer gets a reward. Brand Manager reviews campaign analytics real - time ZEEDO IS A REAL WORLD BRAND GAME MOBILE SERVICE THAT WILL ENGAGE THE CONSUMER TO THE BRAND VIA A GAME-LIKE EXOERIENCE, REWARDING AT THE END OF THE GAME. INVOLVING!.