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Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. What is the issue?
      • Globalization is the standardizing of life around the world
      • It is giving people equal rights and reducing poverty around the world
      • Globalization is the sharing of resources
    • 3. What causes this issue?
      • The need for justice and world peace
      • The developing of all nations
      • The need for equal human rights
      • The need for education
    • 4. 3. Who is involved?
      • The owners of the global markets
      • The people who don’t like it
      • The people who like it
      • The people who work in
      • the global markets and
      • sell items
    • 5. Who is affected and how ? start
    • 6. Who is affected ?
      • Most countries are effected in globalization which can either be good or bad
      • because most countries can get benefits from it ( except when it does the opposite )
      • but some countries don’t, so these countries don’t get the benefits and imperfections of globalization
      • This is a example of the benefits and imperfections of globalization, china was included in globalization and they became rich then as a result of globalization the became bankrupt.
    • 7. How is everyone affected?
      • People in the developed countries get the highest of globalization which is the benefits and downpours of globalization
      • Unlike rich countries poor countries aren't affected by globalization which means they don’t get any of the benefits of globalization
      • All of this relates to globalization in the sense of sadness and despair, but it also is a happy thing for the more civilized countries
      • These people on the left are affected by not having any money and forced to work at a very young age for food
    • 8. What can we do?
    • 9. Globalization affects everyone?
      • No globalization doesn’t affect everyone that’s the problem
      • Many people are in a poor state through the affects of globalization in its horrible form
      • We should do something for these people but how ………………………….....
    • 10. What can we do to help these people?
      • We can set up a blog to make people aware of what might come to them through globalization
      • We could also set up a fundraising committee in the school to try and help these people be affected in globalization
      • The other thing we could do is talk to the head of many different countries through email and try to get the poor countries to become friends with the rich ones which will make these countries more likely to be affected in globalization
    • 11. 6. What do you think is the best solution? I think, “If globalization can generate wealth, it can also take it away.” If globalization continues, there won’t be any jobs for laborers anymore. Everything will be done with machines. You might think, “Hey! That’s easy!” But, how can families earn money if they can’t get work? How can they get food if you don’t have any money?