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    AIDS AIDS Presentation Transcript

    • HIV/AIDS By Joshua,Kay Lynn and Gabriela
    • Definitions
      • AIDS
      • Aids stands for A cquired
      • I mmune
      • D eficiency
      • S yndrome
      • HIV
      • Human
      • Immune
      • Virus
    • This is how many people have the disease!
    • How people are helping
      • This december is World AIDS day.World AIDS day is held to show awarness,concer, and care for AID, and HIV patients
      • Girl scouts are earning and AID badges when they presentand speak around their peers about HIV
      • Mobile phone texing is helping South afican patients with AIDS
      • There is a 10 km walk that is in held in new york
    • How you can help
      • Sell ribbons
      • Bake sales
      • Free dres day
      • Put up poster
      • Start a campaign
      • Preform a song
      • Become a peer educator
      • Become a friend with someone with HIV
      • Spread knowledge
      • Ask experts to come to your school to talk about HIV
    • How you cant get HIV
          • Talking
          • Having a cut
          • Saliva
          • Swimming pools
          • Mosquitos
          • Sharing cloths
          • Coughing
          • Holding hands
      • Breast milk
      • Unprotected sex
      • Sharing needles
      How you can get HIV
    • How HIV affects the body
      • How HIV effects the body
      • HIV effects the immune system
      • Lose weight
      • Body is weak
      • Frequent fever
      • Heavy sweating
      • Minor infections
      • White spots at mouth or throat
      • Coughing
      • Trouble remembering things
      • See doctors more often because immune system is so weak
      • HIV attacks the CD4 cells
    • The stages of HIV
      • Stage 1- Down with the flu
      • Stage 2- May last a few years but patient has no symptoms
      • Stage 3-HIV destroys more CD4 cells and may get sick
      • Stage 4- over 200 CD4 have been destroyed.
    • NGO
      • Internation AIDS economic network
      • PT foundation
      • AID awarness group
      • MBA
      • What is AIDS?
          • AIDS comes after the virus HIV.
          • AIDS is a disease, which you can get infected.
          • It destroys your immune system.
          • There is no cure fro AIDS, but there is medicine to slow it down.
          • AIDS has affected many people that some people call it a plague
          • When AIDS is in the body infections like cancer can come to the body.
          • AIDS increases more in men in the US
          • It is mostly caused by sexual contact, shared drug needles, and infected blood transitions.
      • What is HIV?
          • HIV is the virus that makes AIDS
          • HIV has existed in the US, Haiti, and Africa since 1972-1978
          • HIV is a life threatening infection with the immune system
          • HIV damages the immune system.
          • HIV rose worldwide during 1980 and 1990
          • There are test to see if you have HIV
          • Your body makes HIV antibodies and if you have this antibodies you are HIV positive
    • Gabriela’s Info
      • More about AIDS
          • It came from monkey and apes.
          • More than 30% of adult in some African countries have HIV
          • Virus will multiply for a few weeks or months; during this time you will not be HIV positive but you can infect other people.
          • Some people think it is flu at first.
          • AIDS got it’s name in 1982by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
      • Who has it?
          • In December 2000 36.1 million people had HIV
          • AIDS cases started on 1981 on the US
          • In 2004 there were 40 million people in the world with HIV
          • 42 million people living with HIV in 2002 Dec.
          • 20 million people have already died of AIDS
          • Africa has 70% of the people that have HIV
          • 14 million children have lost parents due to HIV
          • In 2002 5 million people have newly been affected by HIV
          • This transmission comes from oral sex or blood transfusion
          • With an estimated since estimated 38.6 million people know living with the disease world wide
          • It was first recognized on June 5 th 1981
          • The first AIDS virus was insolated by researchers in France in 1983
          • The virus became known in 1985
          • AIDS occur in Africa, India, South East Asia
          • According to the United Nations more than 3 percent of the adults in some African countries are affected
          • Aids come from Monkeys or apes
          • They also can get it from old needles that a few people have used which effect the blood system and the immune system
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