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  1. 1. FamilyCommunication Collage Peggy Levy April 6, 2012
  2. 2. My “family” is not my biological This woman is my mothers bestfamily, and in fact I have absolutely friend Michelle. I have known herno blood relation to anyone except for since before I was even born. She ismy sister. But I do consider the people not related to me or my sister in anywho surround me to be my family way, but I always refer to her as mybecause they have been the people second mother. Because for all of mywho have always been there for me. I life that is what she has my family more than anything inthe world.
  3. 3. My father passed away when I was 4-years-old, so my mother was asingle mother for most of my life.“relationships are familial to the extent that relational partners feel andact like family” (Galvin, Byland and Brommel, 2008, p. 4).My step father and sister have no blood relationship to me, but I doconsider them my family.
  4. 4. Communication in myfamily is so important. Myfamily members live all overthe state of Maine. Becausewe are all so busy it’s hardfor us to see each other asmuch as we would like.I would categorize myfamily as a enmeshed family(Galvin, Byland andBrommel, 2008 p. 31)My grandmother alwaysused to say “communicationis key” when dealing withyour family members. She isthe reason we are who weare today.
  5. 5. Family rituals are very importantin my family. When I wasyoungermy grandmother used to have allthe holiday dinners at her house.Since passing, my mother hastaken on that tradition.
  6. 6. “Rituals serve as a way to bondfamily members of all ages acrossgenerations, providing a sense offamily identity and connection”(Galvin, Byland andBrommel, 2008 p. 116)My mother, sister and I alwaystravel to Florida once a year.We’ve done this for the last 20years. It’s a way for us to bondwith each other and spendsome good quality time withone another. Honestly, I lookforward to it all year!
  7. 7. Joe (step-father)“Little Peggy” (me) After my father died II provide comedy was basically forced torelief for my grow up and raise myfamily. I am sister. My step-dad filledalways joking that empty slot when hearound and always married my mother. Hesmiling. is such a wonderful person and I do love himCourtney (sister) very much. He is such aMy sister is much strong father figure tomore serious than I me She is alwaysstressed and “Big Peggy” (mother) In my house Hannah (step-sister)worrying about my mother is the boss, she’s the She provided me with asomething. I call head honcho. It’s her way or the big sister figure. She isher Courty-Worry- highway. I love my mother very everything I am to myWorty. She doesn’t much. I wouldn’t trade her for the sister, but to me. Icare for it much world! couldn’t ask for a better big sister.
  8. 8. Although my step-father is a strong fatherfigure in my life…nothing can replace myreal father. I love my father very much andwill never stop. When I was little hepassed away suddenly of a heart attack.My mom and I were absolutelydevastated. We really weren’t sure whatwas going to happen without him.I was basically forced to step up and helpraise my 2-year-old sister. Although thisfamily tragedy hurt my family, it alsomade us stronger. We had to stick togetherand we did. My mother, sister and I havean amazingly strong bond and always willhave that.“I’ll love you forever” is something we sayto each other now because my father usedto say it to us. It’s also my tattoo.
  9. 9. My family is no exception to the fact that we fight sometimes. I think thatconflict in the family or in any situation is only natural and sometimes it justhas to happen. When one family member in my family is fighting, everyoneknows it, and everyone is affected by it. “Because of family member’sinterdependent , a conflict between two members of the family will affectother members” (Galvin, Byland and Brommel, 2008 p. 219 This is Thanksgiving a few years ago, I was very mad at Courtney.
  10. 10. Throughout this semester andtaking this class I have learned alot about not only myself, butabout how my family works andfunctions. I love my family verymuch, and although we mayoccasionally bump heads, at theend of the day they are my bestfriends.
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