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As we look forward to 2013, Pegasystems’ Setrag Khoshafian sits down to analyze the industry trends that will become increasingly prevalent over the course of the next 12 months. He tells of 10 business trends that you should be paying special attention to as your organization looks to Build for Change® by increasing operational efficiencies and improving customer service, among other initiatives. By focusing on these trends and undertaking transformation projects, organizations stand to gain rapid returns on investment and achieve ongoing operational excellence.

This eBook highlights:
- What role will the Chief Digital Officer play in your organization
- How social collaboration can be synchronous (same time) or asynchronous (different times)
- What a mobile workforce will mean to your organization
- How data engineering will help with big data
- Why the Internet of Everything will involve processes with people and “things”

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Top 10 Enterprise Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore eBook

  2. 2. As we look forward to 2013, Pegasystems’ SetragKhoshafian highlights key industry trends that willbecome increasingly prevalent over the course of the next12 months. He shares10 business trends that you shouldbe paying special attention to as your organization looks toBuild for Change® to increase operational efficiencies andimprove customer service, among other initiatives. Byfocusing on these trends and undertaking transformationprojects, organizations stand to gain rapid returns oninvestment and achieve ongoing operational excellence.Dr. Setrag KhoshafianChief Evangelist and VP of BPM TechnologyPegasystems JOIN THE CONVERSATION and tell us what your top enterprise trends are
  3. 3. TREND Business Transformation as a Strategic Initiative# 1 for Adaptive Enterprises This year will make business transformation even more compelling for organizations that want to “do more with less.” Net Promoter Scores® and enterprise performance scorecards are pervasively compelling organizations to be more driven by specific measures of their performance: to identify constraints, adapt, and act. Continuous Process Improvement is being realized through real-time lean and six sigma methodologies, aligned with BPM solutions. Embarking upon a transformational journey will involve some pain and changes in the organizational roles (please see Trend #2) and employees’ behavior. However, BPM-enabled transformation will continue to be pragmatic. The new approach is to transform incrementally, while trying to realize the vision of a robust adaptive enterprise. 10 9 8 NPS ® 7 6 5 BSC 4 3 2 Consistent customer Empowered to focus 1 0 service experience on the task at hand with tailored to their needs adaptive Next-Best-Action , , Ability to respond High productivity to market demands environment enables and build and IT to adapt and adapt for change deliver on promises at lower costs BPM Net Promoter Score, Net Promoter and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Satmetrix Systems and Fred Reichheld.3 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  4. 4. TREND Emerging Roles for Business Transformation# 2 In conjunction with business transformation for adaptive enterprise initiatives, we will see increasingly emerging roles for transformation professionals in 2013. Depending upon the culture or nomenclature of the organizations, some of roles that are emerging include Chief Process Officer (CPO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and also of note, Business Transformation Executives – at the VP and Director level. Equally important and significant is the emergence of Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Modern organizations are also witnessing the emergence of process owners vs. traditional functional leaders. Thus BPM-enabled business transformation is permeating the very DNA of roles and responsibilities in innovative organizations, with increasingly process-empowered executives at the helm of the transformation initiatives. CDO CCO CPO BPM CUSTOMER DATA ENGINEER BUSINESS ANALYST PROCESS IMPROVEMENT PROCESS ARCHITECT EXPERT (BB, GMB)4 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  5. 5. TREND Dynamic Case Management Becoming Mainstream# 3 Dynamic Case Management allows organizations to support all categories of work (structured, semi-structured, or collaborative/unstructured) and all types of workers (transactional, knowledge-assisted, knowledge workers). DCM helps organizations expand beyond the traditional boundaries of their organizational silos as well as value/supply chains. Cases provide holistic end-to-end aggregation of work automation in adaptive enterprises. DCM adoption is fast becoming mainstream. Social collaboration, business event handling, and aggregation of cross-team or departmental silos are just some of the many key modernization enablers that are realized in the context of DCM solutions. Case Subjects Collaboration Case Business Objectives Rules and Policies Case Data Sub-Cases Case Content Tasks Case Events Processes & Dependencies Dynamic Case Management5 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  6. 6. TREND Social for Collaboration and Innovation# 4 Social BPM is bringing the incredible success of social networking to the enterprise, and this is providing increased connectivity, transparency, communication, and collaboration with customers, as well as within the organization. Social collaboration can be synchronous (same time) or asynchronous (different times). Each category has a plethora of social networking places, tools, and portals. Increasingly, BPM solutions are leveraging these tools – such as Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – in all the phases of BPM solution lifecycles. Most importantly, BPM is providing the context for social networking and collaboration – thus the meaning and value of social interaction is achieved through BPM solutions.6 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  7. 7. TREND Mobile Workforce# 5 In the next couple of years, mobile devices will surpass PCs as the most pervasive Internet and Web access devices. Smartphones and tablets are permeating not only consumer markets but also the enterprise as the means to conduct business. Mobile BPM will allow organizations to seamlessly initiate and complete automated case work, end to end via mobile devices. This work will pertain to dynamic cases involving various categories of participants all interacting via mobile devices. More importantly, there are changes in the mobility of the workforce itself. The instant accessibility of case status, case work, and case collaboration via mobile means empowerment of a whole new category of mobile workers. Not only are they looking to merely stay connected, but they are actually completing transactions and work via smart devices.7 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  8. 8. TREND Continuous Improvement with Actionable Analytics# 6 One of the most important trends in the industry is the emergence of data engineering and especially analytics of Big Data with tangible benefits to organizations that unlock the insights hidden in vast amounts of digital information. BPM, through both predictive and adaptive disciplines and capabilities, enables the insight that is discovered to become actionable. The sources and types of data are heterogeneous and span social networks, transactional data, as well as data warehouses. Strategies can leverage predictive and adaptive models to provide the next best action in various dynamic case interactions involving customers as well as enterprise participants. An Adaptive BPM solution unlocks the hidden power of digital data and enables organizations to continuously monitor to: `` Act upon key performance indicators, `` Continuously improve automated cases, `` Continuously innovate with new solutions, `` Continuously gain insights from the data, `` Continuously execute contextually, `` Learn and adapt with actionable analytics. 1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Business Objectives Customer Specialization Simulation & Optimization Situational Execution Adaptive Decisioning Adaptive Decisioning Continuous Discovery 1 2 3 BPM 4 Champion Challengers Dynamic Cases8 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  9. 9. TREND The Modern Business Architecture# 7 Business Architectures focus on the business strategy, the organization of the enterprise, the various services of the business and the core strategic and operational processes within the businesses. Often modeled as a layer or in conjunction with Enterprise Architectures, too often BA initiatives have yielded little or no tangible results. With the pervasiveness of BPM as the key enabler for transformation, 2013 and beyond will witness the revamped business architecture with BPM as the core of the enterprise’s ecosystem. The business architecture also symbolizes the approaches for innovations and specializations that could easily be achieved by the business. A robust enterprise repository of BPM assets that supports enterprise scale re-use, specializations, and situational executives is core to the business architecture. Most importantly, the business architecture needs to support agility, through empowering the business to own the change. 1 0 9 Enterprise Applications and Content 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Social and Mobile Business Performance @ BPM + Technology Infrastructure9 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  10. 10. TREND Ubiquitous Cloud# 8 Software, platforms, and infrastructures on “the Cloud” (which means accessed via the public Internet through a browser or mobile device) are fast becoming the preferred mode of provisioning enterprise software. With the Cloud you can have enterprise applications that are built securely with the BPM platform on the Cloud: BPM for PaaS. Once the BPM solution is built and deployed, it can also execute or run on the Cloud: BPM SaaS. The year 2013 and beyond will see increasing pervasiveness of Cloud BPM PaaS and SaaS. However, some private and public organizations have regulatory and security requirements to keep mission critical data on-premise. So a key requirement for next generation BPM on the Cloud is the flexibility in building either on the Cloud or on premise and easily moving between the two options, with secure access of on-premise enterprise data. BPM Cloud On-Premise BPM10 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  11. 11. TREND Transforming the Customer Experience# 9 with BPM-Enabled CRM Customer Centricity means the needs, expectations, and overall experience of the customer drives the processes and policies of the organization. One of the most robust measures assessing the experience of the customer has been the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®). With BPM-enabled CRM – especially customer service and support – organizations will be able to keep their NPS® (or other) critical to customer experience measure in control in real- time. There are three essential components of CRM: Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, and Customer Service & Support Automation. With BPM-enabled CRM there is complete visibility, transparency, and control of processes supporting automation in CRM. Changes or customization to any aspect of CRM processes can easily be achieved, often by the business. NPS® optimizations can be readily achieved in enterprises that are aggregated and connected via dynamic cases that involve all the processes in an organization that can affect the promoter scores. Operationalized Analytical Social BPM Enabled CRM CRM CRM CRM BPM Net Promoter Score, Net Promoter and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Satmetrix Systems and Fred Reichheld.11 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  12. 12. TREND Intelligent Agents – Process of Everything# 10 The Internet of Everything will involve processes with people and “things” or devices all connected on the Internet. In the next decade, these “things” – just about any digital-enabled device – will generate more Internet traffic than people. Intelligent Agents are autonomous software solutions that can carry out work –either scheduled periodically, within a process, or on demand. Agents can execute business rules and decisions. Agents can learn and adapt. Human participants in Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (IBPMS) are already augmented with guided interactions, coaching hints, and next-best-action. When associated with “things,” the process automation extends from the confines of humans and includes intelligent devices participating in processes. The aggregation provided by Dynamic Case Management will involve subcases as well as process steps with device (“thing”) activation, control or participation. The process of everything. BPM12 TOP 10 ENTERPRISE TRENDS YOU CANT AFFORD TO IGNORE WWW.PEGA.COM SHARE THIS EBOOK:
  13. 13. About PegasystemsPegasystems, the leader in business process management andsoftware for customer centricity, helps organizations enhancecustomer loyalty, generate new business, and improve productivity.Our patented Build for Change® technology speeds the delivery ofcritical business solutions by directly capturing business objectivesand eliminating manual programming. Pegasystems enablesclients to quickly adapt to changing business conditions in order tooutperform the competition.For more information, please visit us at THIS EBOOK:© Copyright 2012 Pegasystems Inc. All rights reserved.All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.