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Government week 1

  1. 1. Week of September 23 Write down in planner September 23 – Texas Knowledge class activity. Students will work in groups to answer general knowledge of Texas questions and trivia September 24 – Pre-AP – Go over topic and streamline. Show classes what is an annotative bibliography and how to document sources Level continue with Regions of Texas. Red Computer Lab September 25 – Review for Test - Geography - Students can take notes home to review. September 26 – Part A – Multiple Choice Test – Red Computer Lab September 27 – LGI - Part B – Written Test. Students will pick one of the following to answer
  2. 2. Double-click to enter title Students will pick one of the following to answer Unit 1 : Geography and Historical Impact Part B Test |1.| |Describe the difference between a savanna and grassland. | |2.| |Explain how the relative location of Texas affects the state’s economic and social development.| |3.| |Explain how physical environment affects human activities.| |4.| |Explain the positive and negative effects of the relative location of the Gulf of Mexico.| |5.| |Describe the size of Texas, comparing it to other areas of the United States.| |6.| |What features of the Coastal Plains make it a popular region?| |7.| |What has made El Paso an important commercial, cultural, and manufacturing center, include the purpose of maquiladoras?|
  3. 3. Week of September 30 September 30–Hand back Unit 1 Part B written test and A questions. Label new set of notes for interactive folder. Give student a worksheet to place in spiral. Glue the 7 Principles in the US and Texas Constitutions worksheet in spiral. October 1 –Computer Lab - Begin DIPs (Define, Interpret, and Picture of Word). Pick any 5 vocabulary from Unit 2 and 1 Person from this Unit (Why is this person important in Government and Picture of Person). Students will email me ( or print finished work. This will be glued in class spiral. Must be on one (1) page, front only. October 2 –Explain the process of the Three Branches of Govt. and job title. 3 Branches of Govt. – paper, rock, scissors game to understand the 3 Branches. Use School House Rock as Mnemonic device with p,r,s. October 3- LGI - Notes over the basics of Government. October 4–Class Activity over Maps, Charts and Graphs. Explanation of how Government works. Discuss the essential questions and current events. "Play by the Rules". Explanation of how Government works. In class activities.
  4. 4. Review over Part A of Test Review and discuss common missed questions Explain grading of Part B of Test Once index cards are passed out, glue it to the spiral and label it Unit 2 - Government Unit 1 Review
  5. 5. Double-click to enter title Glue this worksheet in Spiral
  6. 6. |1. Describe the responsibilities of each branch of the Texas| |government.| |2.| |What is the difference between civil law and criminal law?| |3.| |Explain the seven principals of Government| Unit 2 questions Write down in Spiral
  7. 7. What you will learn about Government People rule based on effective ideas and model their government after others. Citizenship Democracy Role of Government What is government and what are its functions? How are the seven principles of democracy reflected in the Texas constitution? How are the Texas and U.S. Government similar and different? How does the Texas government collect its revenue? What rights and responsibilities do citizens have within a democratic society?
  8. 8. Key Vocabulary |bicameral| |constitution| |amendment| |civic responsibility/duty| |civil law| |criminal law| |felony| |misdemeanor|
  9. 9. Key People Lawrence Sullivan "Sul" Ross John Nance Garner ("Cactus Jack") James A. Baker III Henry B. González Kay Bailey Hutchison Barbara Jordan Raymond L. Telles Sam Rayburn Raul A. Gonzalez Jr. Dwight Eisenhower Lyndon B. Johnson George W. Bush
  10. 10. October 2, 2013 Warm – up What is the purpose to amending the Constitution? Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Gonzales. It is also known at the "Lexington of Texas". Texas responded to Mexico with the words "Come and Take it" when they tried to take the towns cannon
  11. 11. 7 Principles of Government We will explain about Checks and Balances and Separation of Powers (Remember this unit for life)
  12. 12. Double-click to enter text Video was not exported from SlideRocket Three Branches of Government
  13. 13. Understanding the 3 Branches of Government Executive Branch - Rock - Enforces the laws Legislative Branch - Paper - Makes the laws Judicial Branch - Scissors - Evaluate the laws
  14. 14. Easy way to remember Bicameral Bicameral - 2 Houses - House of Representatives and Senate. Legislative Branch Think of a 2 hump camel (8th grade - The Connecticut Compromise or the Great Compromise was settled; one house of Congress would provide proportional representation, whereas the other would provide equal representation.) There are several similarities between Texas and U.S constitution. They both have a Bill of Rights
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  16. 16. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text
  18. 18. Texas Branches of Government
  19. 19. 19 Video was not exported from SlideRocket Know your Facts !
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  21. 21. October 3 Write down notes 18
  22. 22. Click to edit Master title style Unit 2 – Government Notes |1.| |The Constitution – Tells how the government will be run and sets limits on government powers. (The owner’s manual)| |a.| |Texas has had 7 constitutions| |i.| |First in 1827 for Coahuila y Tejas – gave little power to the people| |ii.| |1836 – Independent country | |iii.| |1845 – Joint the U.S. as the 28th state| |iv.| |1876 – Still is still in use.| |1.| 19
  23. 23. Click to edit Master title style 20 |c.| |Bill of Rights – 1st 10 amendments to the Constitution. Citizen rights and Government limitations| |i.| |Amending or Changing the Constitution| |1.| |Legislature proposes a new Amendment| |2.| |Texas citizens vote to approve or not The Justice System – Think in 2’s| |a.| |Two kinds of laws:| |i.| |Civil – Dispute over property (Think of the People’s Court)| |ii.| |Criminal – Protect public from lawbreakers| |1.|
  24. 24. What are people, states and countries views of Texas Double-click to enter subtitle
  25. 25. What are some unique stories that you have heard associated with texas Example: Travis drawing a line in the sand, the ghost tracks, Montgomery county birthplace of the texas flag
  26. 26. What do you know about William B. Travis Fought at the Alamo Victory or Death Letter What do you know about his life before Texas How old was he when he arrived in Texas What about Primary sources (journals) How did he know Stephen F. Austin Did he have a family How did Crockett and Bowie view him
  27. 27. Manuel de mier y teran Best known for investigating the Freedonian Rebellion What did he serve in Spain and Mexico Was he the boy who cried wolf - Analogy View of Texas How did he know Stephen F. Austin How did he die
  28. 28. Texas Weather 1900 Galveston Storm 1930's Dust Bowl 1950 Drought 2000 Hurricane Ike 2011 Fires of Texas
  29. 29. Oil Business 1901 Spindletop Hugh Roy Cullen - Passionist? George Strake - Houston 1st Millionaire Boom to Bust H.L. Hunt vs C.M. "Dad" Joiner Governor Ross Sterling Texas Railroad Commission Sourlake Howard Hughes Jesse Jones
  30. 30. Richard King Owner of the King Ranch Currently the largest ranch in the World How did he acquire the land How many acres is it How did he get the money for the land
  31. 31. John Gates Joseph F. Glidden invented Barbed Wire Nicknamed Bet a million Light as air and cheaper than dirt How is he associated with the Alamo
  32. 32. October 4, 2013 What is the owner’s manual of the country called? Items for today Review from the week Answer Essential questions (7 Principles of Government) Republicanism Limited Government Play by the Rules class activity Have activities that relate to upcoming Government terms. Understand the difference between Civil and Criminal Law
  33. 33. Unit 2 questions that we covered Part B |1. Describe the responsibilities of each branch of the | |Texas government.| |3.| |Explain the seven principals of Government| |4.|
  34. 34. Review about Government What is government and what are its functions? How are the seven principles of democracy reflected in the Texas constitution?
  35. 35. Good citizenship – Think about responsible behavior, attitudes. What are democratic values? What involvement can a person have? Essential Question #1
  36. 36. Essential Question #D
  37. 37. Limited Government 41 Forbidden City in Beijing, on June 5, 1989, one day after the Chinese government's violent crackdown on the Tiananmen protests. The man stood in the middle of the wide avenue, directly in the path of tanks. In response, the lead tank attempted to drive around the man, but the man repeatedly stepped into the path of the tank in a show of nonviolent action. In 1789, James Madison presented this idea and in the Constitution it limits the power of the government in several ways. It prohibits the government from directly interfering with certain key areas: conscience, expression and association. Other actions are forbidden to the federal government and are reserved to state or local governments.
  38. 38. Republicanism Republicanism is the ideology of governing a society or state as a republic, where the head of state is appointed by means other than heredity, often through elections. Republicanism is eliminating a king and creating a system of government where people are involved. Republicanism meant there would be more equality. The views of all the different classes of people would be incorporated into the government. People had to sacrifice their self interests to work for the good of the community. 42
  39. 39. Who is Thomas Paine? Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level 43 Video was not exported from SlideRocket
  40. 40. Play by the Rules Activity Computer / School Each person will receive a piece of paper labeled: secret, rumor, password Write your name on it Follow directions 39
  41. 41. Play by the Rules Activity Understanding the Judicial System Activity 31 Partner up One person go into the hall for 30 seconds while the other examines a scene What happened?
  42. 42. What is Federalism? What are Checks and Balances? What is Separation of Powers? What year is the Current Texas Constitution adopted ? Describe a similarity between the Texas and United States Bill of Rights What can the Texas legislature do when the governor vetoes a bill to become a law? What is the purpose of amending the Texas Constitution? List the difference between a Civil Case and Criminal Case List a Civic Duty? In order to get your birth certificate where would you go? Federal, State, County or City In order to get your driver license where would you go? Federal, State, County or City What is Bi-Cameral? What is the Bill of Rights?