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  • The Question was.Rate the importance of targeting to or away from each Quality attribute to your largest/ most important campaigns. The attribute with the highest rating was ATF
  • The main take away here is that understanding the environment works for your campaigns, and the cost to understand is low compared to the gain in responses.
  • Here is how you target in the campaign creation screens within AN.
  • Eliminate the waste, you are already spending on 3rd party data, protect that investment.You will have a smaller pool but this will be your most responsive groupTry new ways of finding a quality audience for your advertisers.
  • For all you nay sayers out there who feel this does not apply to you - There are also a number of you who buy on a CPM and Sell on a higher CPM for user targeting. Keep in mind that advertisers who buy on a CPM will eventually be measuring the effectiveness of that spend. Not caring is a very short term approach. By using some of these tactics you may reduce your ability to serve, but you will be producing better results for your advertiser which means more ad spend for you and your company.


  • 1. Who is this guy
  • 2. Page Level Intelligence When Peer39 analyzes a page, it returns attributes that determine what each page is about. What the environment is that your ad might show up in. Quality Safety Category The type of page Objectionable Meaning and and quality indicators or misaligned content context Common attributes to use as consistent targeting variable across all web pages throughout AppNexus.
  • 3. 3
  • 4. Peer39 AdStats: ATF IndexControl the environment where your ads appear andappropriately value each and every bid.ATF IndexPeer39 calculates the probability of whether an adwill be viewed by a user based on its location on thepage in relation to the fold. You can ensure your ads areideally positioned to be seen by your target audience. Available attributes› High (probability that it will be seen) The Fold› Medium (probability that it will be seen)› Low (probability that it will be seen) 3.6 Billion impressions Available in the 3 most common ad sizes 728x90, 300x250, 160x600 4
  • 5. Peer39 AdStats: Ad CountControl the environment where your ads appear andappropriately value each and every bid. Ad Count Peer39 identifies how many standard size display ads are on a page so you can actively control your share of voice. Available attributes › Low: One to three ads per page › Medium: Four to six ads per page › High: Seven or more ads per page Includes all common ad sizes except buttons 1.3 Billion impressions 5
  • 6. Why did we develop AdStats? Ranked in order of most critical to success of ad campaigns
  • 7. Peer39 AdStats: Success Cases Above and Beyond Cost and conversion rate are compared to impressions without this specific targeting For this Deal-of-the-Day advertiser, targeting to High ATF Index impressions increased the base CPM by a minimal amount and significantly Cost increase Conversion Rate Total Conversions improved the conversion rate. The acquisition campaign exceeded the (eCPM) Increase (increase over goal) original goal number of total conversions. 11% 97% 62% Cost and conversion rate are compared to impressions without this specific targeting For this Political advertiser, targeting to Medium ATF Index impressions Conversion Rate Cost increase Total Conversions provided the scale required for campaign success, while also increasing (eCPM) Increase (increase over goal) performance at a minimal cost. 5% 45% 19%Understanding the Campaign Vitals Performance compared to BTF Impressions CTR Increase of CTR Increase ofThis RTB buyer used Peer39 in a post-campaign analysis to determine which High ATF View Index Units Medium ATF View Index Unitsplacements had the strongest performance. The findings showed that Abovethe Fold Impressions (High and Medium View Index) generated higher CTRsthan the low visibility units. 225% 200% Performance compared to High Ad Count Impressions CTR Increase of CTR Increase of Low Ad Count Medium Ad Count The RTB Buyer also found a significant CTR increase in pages with a Low Ad Count. 247% 201% 7
  • 8. Here is how you target in the Console
  • 9. 9
  • 10. Audience Data 101Derived from user engagement with a site Derived from other sources online or offline Implicit data is derived from the user’s  Could be Implicit or Explicit data from behavior other sources  Surfing habits  Pages visited  Publishers/ advertisers much purchase this  Purchases (Past, and carts) type of data from another source.  Time of day of visit  Device  User does not necessarily have a direct relationship with the company using the Explicit data is derived from information data. voluntarily given directly by the user to the site.  Retargeting  Purchasing  Registration  Newsletter sign ups  Surveys 10
  • 11. Who takes the Risk
  • 12. Audience Data 101Derived from user engagement with a site Derived from other sources online or offline AppNexusUseable Data 1st party data AppNexus Useable Data 3rd party data 12
  • 13. Eliminate Ad Calls to get the best pages What you may be currently targeting Unsafe Ad Calls Peer39 classified impressions: Category CRE ATF Ad CountAppNexus Universe of Impressions 13
  • 14. Eliminate Ad Calls to get the best pages Ad Calls Peer39 classified impressions: Unsafe Category CRE ATF What you could Ad Count be targetingAppNexus Universe of Impressions 14
  • 15. AdCall vs NonAdCall SnapshotIn a test campaign done for an ad network client, Peer39 found significantresults when analyzing the performance data as it relates to qualityattributes…. • AdCalls for this test represented 42% of all URLs and 39% of all Requests • Non-AdCall impressions outperformed AdCall impressions by more than 40% for Clicks and nearly double conversion rate (+88.7%).
  • 16. Context + Audience = Maximum Results Draws attention very fast Personal Relevance of Ad Slower to Positive strong, draw attention cognitive engagement Positive Resonance Negative emotional Draws attention fast resonance Shorter fixation time Contextual Relevance of Ad Time to first fixation increases by 15% when ads are contextually relevant. This increases the chances that the ad will be stored in long-term-memory and ultimately leads to higher recall. Contextually relevant ads elicit an emotional response that’s almost twice as high as those without. When an ad has both contextual and personal relevance its impact is even more powerful, producing stronger emotional response than either condition alone.Power of RelevancyYahoo Study, April 2011
  • 17. What you can doSo here are three ways to make your user targeting more effective for you and your advertiser. Eliminate AdCalls from your buys by targeting to Peer39: Free from AdCalls Use Peer39 endemic categories combined with the users. And bid higher for them. Target to Above The Fold Index > High
  • 18. What about no risk - CPM
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  • 20. Thank you and join us! Plus fill out our survey for a Starbucks card!