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Many volunteer, non-profit board members struggle to optimize the value of the experience for the volunteer and maximize the value of the volunteers contribution to the non-profit.

PeeqMe is a free, mobile app that helps build effective teams by sharing insights into board members' strengths and style. While many boards select for functional diversity (A lawyer, a marketer, a strategist, an accountant, etc.) the break-downs often come at the team level. Sometimes trouble occurs at committee level, and occasionally its 'across the board.'

Be fair to your volunteers:
Give them the chance to understand their colleague's style and have positive experiences.
Let them use their natural strengths to complement their functional, it promotes engagement.
Help them delegate and relate better when working virtually on teleconferences/ webconferences.

Be happy with your non-profit's improved performance.

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  • How we work matters
  • Free App for Volunteers and Non Profit Boards

    1. 1. A mobile, social App for volunteer, non-profit boards P. Quake Pletcher 25 March 20133/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 1
    2. 2. Non-Profit Challenges• Only 20% of Executive Directors are Very Satisfied with their boards (CompassPoint Survey, 2011)• Collaboration was rated High on Low-performing Boards was zero percent, vs. 83% for High-Performing Boards (JD Coaching and Consulting Survey, 2011)• “How much time do we spend in board meetings playing defense around the personalities and quirks of board members and chief executives? How productive is that?– Linda Crompton, 2011.3/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 2
    3. 3. Board Engagement Opportunities Select the right board members Reduce Support team storming with building insights Volunteer Diversify Enable beyond smarter functional delegation skills Encourage with positive feedback3/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 3
    4. 4. Select, Develop, Retain‘Understand what lies underneath’ – Functional diversity has some selection merit, but most board work will be shaped by natural style and strengths.‘New board members are shiny but slippery’ – Volunteers are not naturally sticky, so Year 1 engagement is critical to retention.‘Motivation matters’ – Helping isn’t enough, WIIFM is critical. Many volunteer for personal and professional development, especially Millennials.3/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 4
    5. 5. peeqMe Enhances Engagement Social Development Anyone, How not Anywhere, What Anytime3/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 5
    6. 6. Why volunteers? The ability to adapt engagement for Volunteers Click to see Top Ten Ways to Engage Millennial Workforce Looking for an excuse Are as Pavlovian as to engage the next person Community networks Complementary to are a natural way of knowledge, technical life skill development3/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 6
    7. 7. Business Priority Trends 2013 Business Leaders Human Resources People and Talent Management 51% Leadership Development 56% 44% Employee Engagement 51% 47% Employee Development 46% 55% Improve Team Performance 36% Source: McLean and Company3/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 7
    8. 8. Know Show Grow Insights Engagement Development3/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 8
    9. 9. Situational UsesHow can you leverage peeqMe with your volunteers? New Member Committee Personal Orientation Engagement Development • Leverage assessments • Delegate smart to the • Establish social proof of • Onboarding “disengaged” interpersonal skills • High potential • Encourage through • Create another force of positive psychology attraction to the • Undeclared/ volunteer experience. Unaffiliated • Focus on opportunities for rewarding and • Team building fulfilling tasks and • Peer-to-peer mentoring knowledge sharing3/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 9
    10. 10. Action Steps• Sign-up for beta release in Spring 2013 at… It’s FREE!!!• Extend invitation to board members as part of team building to join the community• Provide common assessments for all volunteers to take (ie – Myers Briggs ™, DiSC™, and StrengthsFinders™)• Participate in webinars to provide feedback, request features, and help prioritize future development3/26/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 10