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In this week's website review, Tommy takes a look at to see what makes them different from major competitors Unbounce & Instapage.


Your product is so similar to 2 or 3 major competitors in the market that you wonder why people even chose you in the first place.

Maybe it's because you're priced competitively. Maybe it's because you've got better testimonials & referrals from your existing customers. Maybe your UX is a better fit for your customers?

Who knows?

What you sure as hell don't have is a value proposition that effectively communicates how you're different right up front.

This week, I review, a SaaS company that allows you to "Create your own landing pages."

When I look for key differentiators I'm looking for:

A clear explanation of who the product is for
How it is different from all the alternatives out there
A real reason why I should purchase from you vs everyone else

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Message clarity & key differentiators

  1. 1. ConversionXL Reviews Message Clarity & Key Differentiators
  2. 2. When We Talk About Message Clarity & Key Differentiators We’re asking • What Do You Do & Who Is It For? • How Is It Different From The Alternative? • Why Should I Purchase From You?
  3. 3. First Impression: Pretty design, nice animations when I scroll, very “modern” approach to web design.
  4. 4. But…
  5. 5. Why should I care about this?
  6. 6. Who am I? • Enterprise? • Small Business? • Solo?
  7. 7. Your pricing suggests you’re going after the lower end of the market. But aside from price, what makes you a better fit?
  8. 8. What makes you different from Unbounce or Instapage?
  9. 9. Unbounce is for Marketers
  10. 10. With Companies That Have I.T Departments
  11. 11. Though Instapage’s copy could also be clearer, the product is for people who look like this guy
  12. 12. And Works In An Office Like This…
  13. 13. Who Are You For?
  14. 14. What reason have you given me to try for free?
  15. 15. This is a great start, but it’s already a page deep.
  16. 16. Final Question: Why Should I Purchase From You? • Are You Made Primarily For Solo Business Owners? • Do You Have Better Training? • What Makes You Different? Hint: Ask Your Customers!
  17. 17. Really Like What is doing here.
  18. 18. did this recently & doubled their conversions as a result
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