ConversionXL Website Reviews: Motivation + Ability + Trigger = Action


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ConversionXL website reviews:

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ConversionXL Website Reviews: Motivation + Ability + Trigger = Action

  1. 1. ConversionXL reviews Motivation -> Ability -> Trigger = Action
  2. 2. If you want people to take action… …. you need to: • Build up their motivation • Make it easy to do so • Ask for it at the right time
  3. 3. All right. Loans I guess?
  4. 4. News is only relevant to returning traffic. I’m still totally unclear about this site
  5. 5. People don’t take action until they understand. Clarity above all!
  6. 6. CTA buttons seem to be standalone items, and not part of the value proposition.
  7. 7. What’s an amber grant?
  8. 8. What are these tips exactly about? No benefit communicated
  9. 9. Very little is done here to build up my motivation to do anything.
  10. 10. Unclear value proposition, divided across 3(!) slides. Bad, bad idea.
  11. 11. Terribly, cheesy stock photography
  12. 12. Your value proposition should always be a whole.
  13. 13. Sign up for what exactly? Unclear what’s going to happen
  14. 14. I don’t know enough to be ready for such a commitment. You either need more copy + examples, or have me use part of your service w/o signing up.
  15. 15. Everybody and their mother sell real estate in Florida. How about a value proposition of any kind?
  16. 16. No calls to action. Very difficult to take action this way. Have a flow, direct people.
  17. 17. It’s clear what they do. What’s not is why choose them over others.
  18. 18. You probably want me to watch this, so invite people to do so – give them a reason.
  19. 19. Since you’re not asking for action for a while, make it obvious that they should scroll down
  20. 20. This is *very* hard to read. Poor choice of font face, size and color.
  21. 21. Meaningless jargon, buzzwor ds. Claims like this kill credibility if not back up by proof. Awards, 3rd party statements etc.
  22. 22. Let’s be honest here. Noone is going to read this multi-column tiny wall of text. Optimize for reading!
  23. 23. Inline form labels are a usability problem Avoid multicolumn forms You don’t need all of this info at this point. Send? What’s gonna happen next?
  24. 24. Thank you If you want to get your site reviewed, follow me on Twitter: @peeplaja and Facebook: