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How to control premature ejaculation with fleshlights
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How to control premature ejaculation with fleshlights


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This is short slide show about How to Control Premature Ejaculation Using Fleshlights!

This is short slide show about How to Control Premature Ejaculation Using Fleshlights!

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  • 1. How to Control Premature Ejaculation with the Best Fleshlights +
  • 2. Sex toys used to be medicinal methods back inthe old ages. But as time progressed, peoplestarted using it as a source of pleasure.The best fleshlight is one of the most known sextoys for men. If women have dildos, men alsohave fleshlights.
  • 3. Base on,there are 4 popular orifices offered:Lady, Mouth, Butt and Stealth.
  • 4. Aside from that, the best fleshlight comes withdifferent inner canal designs for different types ofsexual experiences! Also, you can have it moldedon your favorite pornstar!
  • 5. Most users buy the best fleshlightbecause they have problems finding a sexpartner.
  • 6. While others buy the bestfleshlight for sex simulatingpurposes.
  • 7. Base on the latest fleshlight reviews, your PC orpubococcygeus muscle is hammock-like musclefound between your anus and testicles. It is themuscle responsible for cutting off urination andejaculation.
  • 8. Before tackling the use of best fleshlights, thenatural way of training your PC muscle is bystopping the flow of your urine in midstream.Do this exercise 20 times for 3 times a day.
  • 9. To save you the trouble of old schoolexercises that can accidentally wetyour pants, use the best fleshlight totrain your PC muscle.
  • 10. First, grab your fleshlight. Remove the insert from the casing, then soakit with lukewarm water for five minutes. Once done, put some water-based lubrication and youre ready to go! Start by moving into the best fleshlight to simulate a real sex scene. This is the part where you need most control. Use the fleshlight as an extension to your hand just like in masturbating. Maintain control of your PC muscle while masturbating. Stop, relax, and calm yourself when seems to slip out of control.
  • 11. Do this over and over again to fully develop yourcontrol over the muscle. Youll them have no problemcontrolling premature ejaculation again!!Make sure you do plenty of rest after exercising usingthe best fleshlight!
  • 12. Also, according to, makesure that you clean your toy as it will be an idealbreeding ground of bacteria. Simply use water andan alcohol-based sanitizer to clean the canals ofyour best fleshlight.
  • 13. There are some tricks in using your fleshlight effectively!Click here for the best fleshlight reviews.