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pedromsduarte Cv+Portfolio (Full)

  1. 1. This is somekind of a cvwho clearly wasforgotten tomention whoam I, or not.lets see...
  2. 2. Brands createcontext aboutwho we are andhow we live Pedro M. S. DuarteAttitude Life is all about attitude. Life is what Whois Pedro M. S. Duarte is an astronaut, ayou perceive of it and make of it. Life is love, flyer-man and definitely a dreamer.getting emotions and feelings. Sometimes wecan control our feelings and they truly shape Competitive, innovative, workaholic and aour approach about what we want to do on passion designer. He likes to work under-our daily work. If you feel that you can do a pressure, likes mutual help and teamwork.great work, you’ll have the right attitude that Hate fights, or the stubbornness “why-not”will help you succeed. or “because-i-want” and never miss with his word.And my days are all about this. Feeling con-fidant, demanding the future, being profes- Love his PowerBook, likes honesty and in-sional and feeling the projects well done. tegrity. Is interested for music, photography, video and architecture. Loves design as anThat’s my attitude. essence.Innovation On a daily basis I try to innovative Spend time for his wife, his friends who loveideas with huge impact in communication to chat for hours about nothing (sometimes)terms. Always finding new ways to innovate and his children’s, Rita and Vasco, which willthe regular tasks improving ourself jobs. I borne someday. Still time for mountain bik-work with special emphasis on aesthetics, on ing, night life, gym and for football matchescreative ideas with great communications with friends.goals and with a high attention to detail.
  3. 3. 351 91 251 9594
  4. 4. Workingemotions andalways get the topof innovation RésuméPersonal Information Name Pedro Miguel dos Others+ Scrum - Agile Process adapting toSantos Duarte Address Av. Jávia Lt 35-17 non software development tasks (marketing2950-580 Qta do Anjo - Palmela - Portugal and sales)Nationality Portuguese Birthday May 1, 1979(33 years old) Marital status: Married Email Additional Information Phone (+351) 912 Portuguese (mother tongue), English519 594 (mobile) (independent), Spanish (independent) Skills (graphic software) Adobe Photoshop,Education High-school IADE - Instituto de Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign,Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing Training QuarkXPress, Freehand, Adobe Acrobat Pro;Google Adwords and SEO optimization, (web software) Adobe Fireworks (basic),Google Sketchup Essentials, JavaScript Code Editors (Adobe Dreamweaver, AptanaEssential Training (2011), CSS for Designers, Studio, Sublime Text 2), Adobe Flash;CSS Positioning Best Practices, iOS 4 Web (video software) Adobe Premiere, AdobeApplications with HTML5 and CSS3, HTML5: After Affects (basic), Adobe Soundbooth,Structure, Syntax, and Semantics, Web Design ScreenFlow; (web languages) HTML/HTML5,Fundamentals Reading HTML5 & CSS3 for XHTML, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript (basic), PHPthe Real World (Sitepoint); The Book of CSS3 (basic), ActionScript2/3 (basic); (others)- A Developer’s Guide to the Future of Web SEO, Wordpress and Joomla! CMS’s, E-mailDesign (OReilly); Media Building iPhone Apps marketingwith HTML CSS and JavaScript (OReilly);Introducing HTML5 2010 (Pearson); >
  5. 5. Workingemotions andalways get the topof innovation Résumé (cont.) Honors and Awards 2011 W3 “Silver” Award,2012 “Outstanding Website” by Web Marketing“Outstanding Website” by Web Marketing Association and “Best Web Site - HospitalityAssociation and “Best in Class” by Interactive & Leisure “ by The International BusinessMedia Awards; Awards;2012, “Outstanding 2011, “Gold Winner“Website” by Web Marketing Association and Hermes Creative Awards and “Outstanding“Outstanding Achievement“ by Interactive Achievement“ by Interactive Media Awards;Media Awards; 2010, “Outstanding2012, “Outstanding Achievement“ by Interactive Media Awards;Website” by Web Marketing Association; 2010 “Outstanding2012, “Outstanding Achievement in Web Development“ by WebWebsite” by Web Marketing Association; Marketing Association;2012, 2000-2008, Publication of several work on“Outstanding Website” by Web Marketing design and advertising directories.Association;2011, “OutstandingWebsite” by Web Marketing Association,“Outstanding Achievement“ by InteractiveMedia Awards and “Gold Winners“ HermesCreative Award; >
  6. 6. Workingemotions andalways get the topof innovation Résumé (cont.)Experience Design Manager - GuestCentric university customers, designing brochures,Systems (May 2011 – present) Designers books, flyers, folders, etc. Quickly jumpedteam leader, taking care about website for art direction and started developingdesign, UI design (web and mobile) and marketing campaigns, brand strategiesonline marketing strategies Graphic & Web and designing brands. Organized all work,Designer Senior - GuestCentric Systems (July prioritizing and distributing tasks to the2009 – April 2011) Just like a swiss-knife, team. Customer contact during the designdoing: web design, developing websites process. Production Designer - Portugaland media contents (HTML, CSS, XHTML, Design Magazine (February 2001 – May 2001)FLASH, WP); SEO optimization for web site Magazine pagination & production. I had totraffic growth; graphic design, designing contact very closely with printers solvingbrochures, business cards, presentations, last minute issues. Junior Graphic Designeretc; motion graphics, video editing Design - Publialvo (September 2000 – January 2001)Creative Director - Your Image, Photo & Brand Was my first contact with an advertisingSolutions (January 2009 – June 2010) agency, where i did my stage while studying.One-2-one work. I worked as an account, I learned a lot and worked very hard withas a designer, as a production designer, as a Mr. Hélder Martins to achieve highest levelsmanager, as a transporter. Making briefings, of knowledge about graphic design andbeautiful designs - amazing art works, huge production processes.brand marketing strategies and customerengaging/care. Art & Production Director Interests All design related, Photography,- Dossier (June 2001 – December 2008) Video, Architecture, Music, Mountain BikingStarted as a designer working most of all with (MTB), Football, Travel, Beach, Technology
  7. 7. Designer, why?‘Cause I cry andlaugh, ‘cause Ido love my joband each projecthas to be mybetter one. Linked In Recommendations Pinguinha (reported to me) “Pedro Gonçalo Figueira (client, hired me as ais one of the most versatile Designers that Designer) “Pedro is a top designer with greatI know and had privilege to work with. qualities: great results, high integrity and veryInnovation and perfectionism are always creative”.present in his work, for him do not existimpossible, the resolution of problems andnew challenges are part of his day work.”Manuel Palmeiro (worked directly with me)“Pedro M. S. is a detail-oriented desgin-manager who watches the balance sheet likea hawk without losing sight of the strategicobjective.”
  8. 8. WebAwardsWebsite winners - Casa de Madrid andLissard Estate, 2010 and 2011
  9. 9. WebAwardsWebsite winners - Hotel Aiken in 2010and Vale do Gaio and Chiado 16 in 2011
  10. 10. WebAwardsWebsite winners - Hotel do Chiado andHotel Avenida Palace, 2012
  11. 11. WebAwardsPorto Palacio Hotel and El Palauet LivingBarcelona (Website winner), 2012
  12. 12. WebAwardsAqualuz and Troia Resort, Sonae Turismo,2012
  13. 13. IST/UTLBilingual institutional brochure and2007/2008
  14. 14. IST/UTL DeiPoster and flyer distribution for Degree inInformation Systems and Computer Engineering
  15. 15. IST/UTL LmacBrochures for Degree in AppliedMathematics and Computation
  16. 16. IST/UTLInstitutional brochure about Bachelorprogrammes 2006/2007
  17. 17. IST/UTL DecProposal for Bilingual brochures forBacherol programmes 2006/2007
  18. 18. IST/UTL Cfp“Extreme Plasma Physics” brochure2007/2008
  19. 19. IST/UTL MacPoster and brochure about “Road TrafficEngineering“ Phd 2002/2003
  20. 20. Ambimakers®Brand concept: logo design and advertisingcampaign, 2003
  21. 21. Engenhos d’ArteBrand design: logo and stationary2003
  22. 22. Baby on BoardBilingual institutional brochure2007/2008
  23. 23. Baby on BoardMagazine and displays advertising2009/2010
  24. 24. IST/UTLBilingual institutional brochure and2007/2008
  25. 25. APECInstitutional Report and positioning 2004/2005
  26. 26. Iscal.comAccouting trimestral magazine
  27. 27. LavandariaCaféPromotions flyer 2007
  28. 28. Atelier Sérgio GarciaInstitutional photography portfolio2004-2006
  29. 29. Atelier Sérgio GarciaInstitutional portfolio brochure2009/2010
  30. 30. ist_guiaEst07 - CAPA prop1 prin 2/16/09 12:55 PM Page 1IST/UTLGraphical proposal for student guide2007/2008
  31. 31. AerohortaIdentity re-brand and redifine market position2008/2009
  32. 32. Gazeta de Física MagazineQuarterly magazine about phisic2008-2009
  33. 33. MetvixInformative book about this cosmetictreatment 2008
  34. 34. 3. Shop interior design 20092. Shop opening promo flyers – massivedistribution 2010 Prime Ice Cream Re-branding ice cream shop 2008-2010 1. Institutional website 2008
  35. 35. “Around there“ Logos Logo design frio comercial e industrial Estilo parecido com a identidade da PRIME ICE CREAM, por forma a criar alguma identificação visual e gráfica, como uma empresa do Grupo Piazza.1 proposta 1 P R O P O S T A 12 C O M P A N H I A D A S T I N T A S , L D A manual de identidade e de normas gráficas / globaleasy serviços integrados O PRAZER DE VIVER BEM 3
  36. 36. Your ImageIdentity concept and branding 2009
  37. 37. Private PartyPalmela Village Summer Party 28-202007
  38. 38. Personal projects“Chairmine” and “Creativart Desk” at home