Portfolio Dossiers InglêS V2.1 2005 01 21


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Portfolio Dossiers InglêS V2.1 2005 01 21

  1. 1. Tourism in the Douro Valley Dossiers on Special Opportunities Payments Services Clinic of Excellence Forestry Investment in Sines Agro-Industry in Alentejo Agro- Portugal Thermal SPA Shared Service Centres Excellence Tourism School Tourism in Alentejo
  2. 2. Tourism in the Douro Valley Tourism in the Douro Valley Opportunity: The co-existence of 9 sites classified as World Heritage, including the wine- producing valley of Port Wine, in a region where demand has been rising dramatically. Concept: Boost tourism and leisure investment projects in a region with fabulous tourism potential, unique in the world and almost unexplored Commitments: A special regime for large Tourism investment projects enables a tailored incentive scheme, fulfilling projects’ case-by-case orientation. Public policies and investments to be achieved in the 2004-2007 period to support and stimulate the Development of Tourism in the Douro Valley have been already approved by the Government. Results: Several business plans currently been analyzed by API. Up to the moment, investment commitments reach 300 MEuro.
  3. 3. Forestry Investment in Portugal Forestry Investment in Portugal Opportunity: Outstanding growth conditions for valuable species (cork, eucalyptus, oak, pine). Well- established wood-transforming industries with firm long-term needs. Concept: Promote large-scale, professionally-managed plantations: Introducing professional management on large-scale plantations; Ensuring long-term availability of timber in quality and quantity for established industries; Reducing operating risks and fire damage; Promoting consolidation in the rural property market and reconversion of soils; Stimulating the emergence of timberland funds as a new investment class for retail. What is offered: Scientific and field expertise in forestry; World leading industrial groups (Sonae # 1 in woodboard; Amorim # 1 in cork, Portucel: Europe’s # 1 in uncoated paper) Sophisticated financial markets: banks & clients Attractive incentives scheme Institutional engagement at all administration-levels.
  4. 4. Tourism in Alentejo Tourism in Alentejo Opportunity: Vast expanses of unique landscape, with an infinity and variety of sectioned scenery and unforgettable natural beauty, ideal for Senior and Wine tourism, Sun and beach, Golf, Culture, Health and Ecotourism Concept: Attract and support structural tourism projects to Alentejo as a means to exploit, enhance and preserve the extremely rich natural, architectural and cultural heritage of the region. Facts: Remarkable assets in the Region Cost-competitive, qualified and flexible workforce Portuguese background of excellence in the tourism sector API support: • Sole mediator to public organisms in matters such as Licenses, authorizations, etc. • Ability to negotiate a top-level incentive scheme
  5. 5. Agro-Industry in Alentejo Agro- Agro-Industry in Alentejo Opportunity: Alentejo, a region with an untapped agricultural potential: Proximity to end-markets, Mediterranean climate offers scope for two crops per year; Alqueva: 110,000ha of newly irrigated lands, among the vast areas of good agricultural soils; Highly competitive operating costs (property, labour costs, energy, water,…). Concept: To bolster the development of agro-industrial projects, focusing on the following sectors: Fruiticulture and Horticulture, integrated into food processing industries; Bio-energy; Olive oil production. Strengths: Critical factors available: temperate climate, fertile soils, and water abundance, plus excellent communication axes… Agro-industrial park; Proximity to deep sea ports and, for biodiesel, the Sines oil refinery less than 100km distant; Specific incentive scheme for the agro-industry sector.
  6. 6. Shared Service Centres Shared Service Centres Opportunity: Strong global tendency for Business Process Outsourcing. Portugal offers specific advantages for the location of Call Centres and Shared Service Centres (SSC). The country has a diversity of qualified, multilingual and cost competitive workforce and a cost competitive modern telecoms network, combined with cut-rate real estate readily available. Concept: Development of a strong business area that could become a reference worldwide; Portuguese international recognition in attracting SSCs. What is offered: Highly flexible and language-skilled workforce; Know-how in several areas: finance and accounting, logistic, technical assistance, banking, customer service and other; Extremely competitive labour costs; Availability of outsourcing companies in different areas, from IT and Telcos to Human Resources ; Availability of office space at affordable prices, equipped with high-speed communication networks; Portugal is situated in the convenient work time (GMT). Track record: Some of the biggest companies in the world have decided to concentrate some support services in Portugal, namely, Alcatel, IBM BTO, Siemens, Infineon, Microsoft and many other
  7. 7. Payments Services Payments Services and Products Opportunity: A Cutting-Edge area where Portugal has strong competences and world’s leading projects Concept: Promotion of Business initiatives (eg: Development/Production Center, Network of Partners, Managed Services Provider) for payments services and products that can fulfill world demand and opportunities including Software, Hardware and Services What is offered: A vast community and well consolidated cluster (Financial Institutions, IT, Telecommunications and Electronics) World leading ATM network An attractive business friendly environment for R&D and test pilots Excellent Infra-structure and easy access to international markets Highly flexible, skilled and extremely competitive workforce “In an unassuming way, Portugal has become a world leader in several other areas of cutting-edge technology, from electronic banking and automatic motorway tolling to interactive digital television and mobile phone payment systems” – FT 03/06/2003
  8. 8. Clinic of Excellence Clinic of Excellence Opportunity: Increasing demand on High-Quality and up to date healthcare services and the increasing rely on private providers. Concept: Creation of a Clinic Center that Congregates leading Physicians and Universities Targets to higher segments and seniors Will be a flagship on healthcare services May attract not only national but also international patients What is offered: Highly qualified physicians, Universities and R&D institutes A mature Health Insurance Market Government Healthcare Policies oriented to attract Private Players in a Public-Contract Model Open and very user-friendly country, capable of attracting international patients
  9. 9. Excellence Tourism School Tourism School of Excellence Opportunity: Iberia stands high among the world’s most sought tourism destinations, catering for the most demanding travellers. Differentiating factors are the amenable climate, rich culture, short distance to main markets, and increasingly an emphasis on top quality service. Concept: Create a School of Excellence in Tourism Management, capable of delivering to the high standards of this competitive industry, strengthening the skills of the tourism workforce. A Tourism School of Excellence training elite management for the future and present. Commitment: Tourism is considered a priority on the Portuguese Government’s economic strategy. Strengths: High standard of quality on Portuguese/Iberian tourism product Geographical proximity to main tourism output markets Education and training are at the forefront of tourism development
  10. 10. Sines Sines Opportunity Largest and most competitive Iberian business park serviced by an adjacent deep-sea port Concept Promote quality agro-industrial, manufacturing and logistics projects in a 1400 ha area, with an hinterland up to Madrid and Lisbon and access to all international markets Strengths Quality, swift connections to the major centers of Iberia (further improvements until 2007) Attractive installation and operation costs (less 20 to 60% than competition) Dedicated private management (container terminal concession - PSA) Strong EU trend towards shifting cargo transportation to water highways API support as single point of contact Results Several projects currently under analysis by API, increasing the opportunities for local synergies
  11. 11. Thermal SPA Thermal SPA Opportunity Tourism investment in exquisite locations, ideal for providing well-being experiences (in Nature & Culture, SPA & Health, the fastest growing markets) Concept Promote quality tourism projects in top natural spots with mineral springs, customized to enrich the portfolio of international operators and supply yet untapped regional demand Strengths World apart, very-low risk (political, financial, cultural) destinations, under 3 hours of central Europe Remarkable natural sites and developable assets throughout the country Fast and scalable projects (SPA, hotel, bath, golf, …) Background of excellence (and cost-competitiveness) in the tourism sector API support as single point of contact Results Several projects currently under analysis by API, increasing the opportunities for synergies