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Convention Center Advertising Campaign:
This is the area that we specialize! Tons of references can be provided upon request!

- Would you like your prospects to be aware of your product or service before they walk in to the convention center?
- Do you need your prospects to know where to find your booth?
- Do you need someone out there distribute your promotional items or brochures?
- Would you like to offer some fun to your potential costumers by sponsoring their pedicab rides?

Attention San Diego Convention Center Sponsors/Exhibitors!

We can be part of your advertising campaign during your upcoming convention, exhibition or trade show event in San Diego and help you to promote your business by providing your outdoor advertising with an exciting and fun way. We can place your market logo/brand and messages on our eye-catching pedicab advertising mobile billboards. Our drivers (brand ambassadors) can wear the advertising uniforms you provide and put your promotional items in the hands of thousands of conventioneers. We can provide complementary rides from your company to your potential customers and Convention Center delegates. With our service you can build brand awareness by reaching hundreds of people on a very personal level everyday throughout your advertising and marketing campaign. People will remember your product and message because you delivered it in a unique memorable way.

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San Diego Convention Center Pedicab Media

  1. 1. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising CompanyYellowBikeCa bAdvertising Media PackReaching San Diego Downtown and Convention audiences
  2. 2. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company Introduction Pedicab advertising has developed rapidly over the past decade and becoming one of the most popular advertising medium in the world. Ads are placed on the exterior of these pedal-powered billboard vehicles which transporting passengers on short taxi runs or at special events like conventions, grand openings, and product launches. Pedicabs in San Diego dominate the heart of Downtown area and they are positioned and moved in close proximity to pedestriands and cars for eye-level viewing, so pedicab adverts grab attention around the clock. . About YellowBikeCa b . Established in May 2005 as an outdoor marketing and pedal-powered transportation company. . It is a unique, and fresh outdoor advertising media serving with a fleet of 30 eye-catching billboard . bikecabs. Providing highly visible and the largest pedicab advertising platform. . O nly pedicab company in the USA providing pedicabs with LED backlit light panels which grab attention from blocks away. Experienced and specialized in providing environmentally- friendly outdoor promotional advertising campaigns for exhibitors of San Diego Convention Center or national companies. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  3. 3. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company . . Why advertise on YellowBikeCabs? . More mobile than a billboard, and friendly than any bus and generates more awareness than a taxicab. . Advertising rates lower than radio or newsprint. . Your billboard no longer waits for crowds to come to it, your billboard goes to the crowds. . Drivers can bring patrons directly to your doorstep. Free rides can be arranged for your prospects. O pportunity for distiribution of coupons, promotional items and flyers, also sponsorship of driver` s uniforms. - what other billboard can do it ! YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  4. 4. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company What we do We get into areas that other outdoor advertising can not reach, with a fun and exciting way by offering genuine outdoor marketing solutions for San Diego Convention Center Exhibiters, local and national businesses with unique and memorable services. 1- Branded Pedicab Advertising: Today, marketing specialits are looking for fresh and creative advertising mediums to deliver messages. Advertising on pedicabs is a powerful way to introduce your brand and products around urban areas, convention center and major sport facilities. Branded pedicabs can take your message anywhere while the driver is pedaling and get it read by your target market. We can cover the entire cab body with your brand or simply place it on the back side of our bikecabs. All you need to do is to e-mail us your art work design and we take care of the rest. As part of our “check back system” we will send you reports on the activities such as photos of the days work. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  5. 5. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company What we do 2- Field Marketing services: Flyers, menus, brochures, coupons or promotional items distribution are available as we have developed a flexible and efficient distiribution service. Our drivers can put your promotional items in the hands of your potentional customers. We carefully choose the areas to hand out your promotional items to your right audience. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  6. 6. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company What we do 3- Sponsoring the Drivers Uniforms: You can come up with your company T-shirts, hats or any type of uniform that you like our driver to wear along with the branding signs on the BikeCabs (dress them like a doctor etc...). With uniform advertising you double your exposure and reach thousands of target audience on a very personel level everyday throughout your campaing. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  7. 7. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company What we do 4- Sponsored Complimentary Fares & G roup Rides: You can add excitement to your event by providing transport for your clients or guests. Whether it be a prestigious store opening, exhibition or simply transport between venues, your customers will love the bikecab experience. YellowBikeCab will create a buzz all around the area of your event and your customers or guests will also have memorable journeys. During conventions and trade shows, bikecabs provide fun and unique way to transport attendees and guests from corporate events to any location in downtown area. BikeCabs are the only outdoor advertising medium offering such a service. No other mobile billboard can provide this unique attraction. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  8. 8. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company Case Studies Every campaign we run is carefully geared to the needs, audience and budget of our clients. All of our advertising packages offer targeted advertising and work great. Product: Proven The Problem: How to aware their primary audiences surgeons and nurses about their product called “Proven” and increase their booth traffic at SD Convention Center. Backround: I-Flow used our full ad campaign service 3 different times in 2007 during their exhibition at the San Diego Convention Center. Each time, they wanted us to be part of their ad campaign and hand out promotional coffee cards to the conventioneers, tell them what the booth number to get the complimentary coffees, provide complementary rides to their prospects and tell them who sponsors their ride, and build brand awareness with branded pedicabs plus drivers’ t-shirts. Objectives: - Stand out from the other exhibitors and increase impact on primary target. - Increase booth traffic. - Aware %80 of the conventioneers about “Proven” before they walk into the convention center. Results: - Branded Yellowbikecabs with drivers wearing promotional t-shirts located at the main walk ways to the convention center and by the major hotels. Bike cabs highly maintained the brand image. - In 3 days thousands of promotional cards were put in the hand of conventioneers. - All rides between convention center and Gaslamp area were free for surgeons and nurses, sponsored by I-Flow. - Visible brand name on the bike cabs and driver ’s uniforms stood out in the crowd. - Caused booth traffic as well as qualified leads. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  9. 9. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company Case Studies Client: Rims (Risk Insurance Management Society) and Liberty Mutual Problem: In a highly competitive insurance industry, during one of the biggest convention event in San Diego where 20.000 people attending and having parties all around G aslamp area every night, how does Liberty Mutual stand out in the crowd and impress its customers? How they can create brand awareness on people walking outside of the convention center? How their ad also can be seen at night by people coming out of a night club? Objectives: The campaign objective was to generate awareness out side of the conventions center and around the parties and special events. Liberty Mutual wanted to highlight the numerous unique benefits they offer their customers through using 5 different messaging on the 30 pedicabs and drivers’ t-shirts. They also wanted pedicabs to provide free rides to their customers from a night club where they had a party at to their hotels for 4 hours.. Strategy: Targeted key high foot traffic areas where decision makers commute, sponsoring Pedicab billboards and drivers and locating them by the Convention Center, Hotels and special event facilities. After a special company party at a night club in Gaslamp, go green and use pedicabs to transport their guest to the hotels all rides sponsored by Liberty Mutual for 4 hours. Results: Unprecedented convention advertising domination via outdoor media pedicabs during massive Rims 2008 convention. Strong brand leadership built by using unique convention outdoor advertising media. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  10. 10. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company Case Studies The Problem: How to stand out in the crowd and build an impression on their customers. Solution: Transport their guest with environmentally-friendly branded vehicles in a memorable and unique way. Backround: M&M company having a conference at SD Convention Center every year. G ood company cares about their guests and invited them to a sponsored welcome pary at a local night club in Gaslamp Quarter after their meeting . They did not want their guest to walk to night club. Objective: -Transport 90% of 150 guests with the branded 20 bike cabs in 2 hours. Results: - All their guests were successfully transported in a delightfully way with branded bike cabs. - Visible mode of transport stood out in the crowd. - Due to our success, M&M Company has already booked us again for their next event. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  11. 11. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company Case Studies Summary: Denali contacted us to sponsor 20 of our bike cabs and drivers for their upcoming convention in San Diego. They wanted us to highly expose their brand name around the convention center for 3 days. They were also sponsoring a major party at a night club in Gaslamp Q uarter and they wanted us to take their guest home from the club at night. Brief: - Make sure all the convention attendees see the brand name on the bike cabs and drivers’ t-shirts. - Increase name recognition and impact on primary target. - To source new sales leads. Result: Campaign successfully ran for 3 days. Raised the profile of Denali with style and humour. Their customers and prospects were transported to their hotels from the night club till 2.00am. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  12. 12. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company Art Work Specificati on Requirements: As a part of our service we make things hassle free. All you need to do is to e-mail the art work design. We work with a local printing company and they are doing a great job on production of the materials. We mostly use high-resolution, full color coroplast or vinyl material. We offer free instillation for the front and back panel signs. Our fully wrapped super 4 sheet bike cabs require a fee for the instillation and labor cost. -Images should be provided at a minimum of 300 resolution and saved in CMYK format. -We accept images in many formats including JPEG, G IF, PDF and PSD. 10” 4” 4” 10” B B E E N N D D I I N N 4 G G 4 A A R R E E A A 20” 4” 4” 20” YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb
  13. 13. A Nontraditional Outdoor Advertising Company Bikecab Routes During a Convention&Trade Show ad campaign our bikecabs are used and located around the high traffic areas to provide the most exposure and impact on client’s primary target audience. We expose and promote your business or products by the Convention Center, Gaslamp Quarter and major hotels for the maximum awareness. Regular route: Major route: We go everywhere in downtown; however, red streets are the most crowded and where you find major number of Bikecabs. YellowBikeCab | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. Ph: (619)200-8495 | info@yellowb