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Magnetize Presentation English

  1. 1. "Attracting skilled individuals"
  2. 2. Attracting skilled individuals Ensuring you attract, identify and select the best talent by integrating competency, motivational fit and culture requirements into the recruitment process will keep your organisation ahead of the competition. MAGNETIZE will help your business grow through best practice Recruitment procedures. Our solutions have been designed to assist you in making accurate and objective selection decisions to build a talented workforce.
  3. 3. <ul>Contingency Recruitment </ul>The contingency recruitment model is normally used for ongoing permanent openings. We will agree terms and conditions with you, and are supplying you with people on an “ad hoc” and as needed basis. We will focus our search on our network of candidates and extensive database to source suitable people for your positions. When engaged on a contingent model, we will charge the fee only upon the signature of an employment agreement.
  4. 4. Retained Recruitment Retained search is a highly effective permanent recruitment methodology, which is being increasingly used in sourcing talents, those with rare skill sets and in highly competitive markets. With a retained assignment, you will pay one portion of the fee at commencement of the assignment; another portion upon delivery of a candidate ´short-list´; and the balance upon successful placement of the ideal candidate. In this way, you as the client, are paying for a ‘service’ in recognition of the time and materials that are expended in conducting the assignment. Headhunting and Executive Search & Selection, are normally always conducted as Retained Recruitment assignements.
  5. 5. <ul>Recruitment Campagne Management </ul>When it comes to recruitment campaigns, MAGNETIZE can offer you a tailor-made recruitment service to handle any requirement you may have, be it high volume recruitment campaigns, specialist recruitment, graduate recruitment campaigns or senior appointments. If you're looking to attract the best talent and promote your organisation our experienced in-house team can offer creative development services to attract candidates through a variety of media - be it online, SMS, press, radio or even TV. MAGNETIZE has extended experience in managing jobfairs both regional as well as international.
  6. 6. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) MAGNETIZE outsourced recruitment model is designed to offer savings and efficiency in the recruitment process, to all companies, irrespective of size or number of hires. You can outsource all your recruitment process or selected parts: <ul><li>Advertising
  7. 7. Applicant Processing
  8. 8. Candidate Screening
  9. 9. Candidate Assessment & Testing
  10. 10. Managing Candidate Contacts
  11. 11. Interview Processing
  12. 12. Shortlisting of Candidates
  13. 13. Communication & negotiation of offers </li></ul>
  14. 14. Recruitment Audit Recruitment Audits allows organisations to evaluate their entire recruitment process and strategy against global best practice. We can also audit your preferred recruitment suppliers. It ensures that the business is in the best possible position to attract, identify and select talent. MAGNETIZE will review your existing recruitment processes, produce an overview and a set of recommendations that will identify: <ul><li>Potential cost savings
  15. 15. Improvements to reduce time to hire
  16. 16. Methods of reducing the amount of time required from interviewers and hiring managers, thus improving the stakeholder experience
  17. 17. Recommendations to increase the volume of direct applicants
  18. 18. Ways to improve the quality of hires </li></ul>
  19. 19. Assessment & Testing The quality of the people you hire and retain is more important today that ever before. Traditionally companies only use assessments in the recruitment phase for senior roles. Now you can use the best of breed assessments and skills tests to evaluate everyone who applies for a position in your company at a fraction of the cost traditionally paid. MAGNETIZE use o nline assessments are delivered in conjunction with our partner* who is a market leader in this area. <ul><li>These tests are used extensively in recruitment, career planning, personal development, team building, talent management,culture change initiatives, and in any other proceses that require an insight into personal preferences and potential strengths.
  20. 20. Successful companies understand and make the most of their employee traits and competencies. Being able to identify these competencies will give you the knowledge to tap into your company's strength. </li></ul>*Master Person Analyse (MPA)has been certified by &quot;Det Norske Veritas&quot; (DNV) since 2009.
  21. 21.